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  poor product
Reviewed by: wet basement from Kentucky

I Bought one and it lasted 4 months. They warrentied it. the second unit lasted 1 year, and quit
  lasted 3 years, easy to use knob
Reviewed by: person with MCS/Environmental Illness from Buffalo, NY

Our HDN455 lasted 3 years and then it shut itself off and would not light up. There is a 5 yr. warranty on the compressor but installing a compressor costs $150-$250-and who knows if that is the problem? So we are going to buy a different brand. In fairness we forgot there was an air filter to clean, but neither of our previous dehumidifiers even had air filters and they lasted about 15 years each. We DID like that it had an easy mechanical knob to turn up/down when we played the basement-located piano that its purpose was to protect, and compared to other models it wasn't noisy and didn't overheat the room.
  lasted one year & one week
Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin

buyer beware
  HAIER Failed after 14 months
Reviewed by:  from Iowa

14 months of use and the electronic system failed. No electricity in the unit, except briefly when case was jostled. System powered on then quit when case wiggled again. Guess who will work on it? NOBODY.
  failed just after warranty
Reviewed by: Peter from Toronto Canada

Yes, mine too, failed after 1 year, actually only one season of moderate/light use. Unbelievable, I came across another person giving away his Haier dehumidifier because it also failed in the same way in 1 year. The compressor just cycles on and off, while the fan blows, and of course no water is extracted from the air. Poor quality.
  failed in one year
Reviewed by: Peter, frustrated consumer from Toronto

It worked well for a year... just long enough for the warranty to expire. The compressor constantly cycles on for a few seconds, then off for 15-20 seconds. I have tried all solutions, except the expensive repair. If something can't last much longer than a year of occasional use, then it is only expensive junk. Not a quality product.
  Dryer air
Reviewed by: No longer sailing inside from Rochester, NY

We have a rather large family room built over a crawl space with a minimum of ventilation. This room has proven to be a problem with humdity and general feelings of discomfort due to the humidity levels. We purchased the Haier dehumdifier HDN655E to control this room and help with the rest of the house (neede to be easily moved to different areas). Wihtin a couple of days the entire house humidity was lowere to a comfortable level and is maintined by running the unit only at night and part of the mornings. Overall we are very satisfied with the price and performance and portability of this unit.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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