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  Clean Hair
Reviewed by: A Little Girl's Daddy from Santa Rosa Beach FL.

This is just what my littl girl's Dr. ordered for her dry skin. It is very mild and does not leave a residue.
Reviewed by: Janell from Perrysburg, Ohio

My 8 year old daughter has eczema. Since changing her shampoo and conditioner as well as her soap to Free and Clear, her eczema is gone. I also had to change her laundry detergent to Dreft and fabric softener to Bounce Free and Sensitive I won''t put anything else on her skin except Free and Clear. Thanks Achoo Allergy for making such wonderful products!
  Free and Clear
Reviewed by: chemical sensitivity sufferer from Las Vegas, NV

The Free and Clear Shampoo is the best I have found anywhere. It is absolutely fragrance free, which many products proclaiming this are not. Some just do not add additional "fragrance". It also leaves my hair clean and free of residues. I love it. The conditioner is good too, but like every fragrance free conditioner I have ever tried, there is a slight scent. However, it is tolerable, even for a person with chemical sensitivity like myself. I''m quite happy with the pair. :O
  No review title given
Reviewed by: eczema sufferer from Perrysburg, ohio

Free and clear shampoo and conditioner is the only product I found that doesn't aggravate the symptoms of eczema on my daughters back. Wow, what a difference. Wish I would have tried this sooner.
Reviewed by: Sylvia G, An Allergy Sufferer. from Virginia

I have been searching for a shampoo and conditioner for years that is really "FREE AND CLEAR'. I have suffered with allergies to fragrances and other things all my life not only skin allergies but sinus and ear infections, Vertigo, and have been searching for a fragrance free, mild shampoo and conditioner for years. Some say fragrance free but when I used it, it broke out my scalp, irritated it, and come to find out was made with some plant derivative I must have been allergic too. I was skeptical at first but ordered Free and Clear shampoo and conditioner anyway. I was overjoyed I did not have to get up in the middle of the night to wash it out. I have been using it about 2 months now with no irritating reactions to skin or Sinus and other allergies at all! I will be sure to tell my oldest son who suffers the same as I do about FREE and CLEAR now that I know for sure it really works on severly sensitive people. Thank you FREE AND CLEAR! Sylvia G
Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh, Pa

I am so pleased with the free and clear shampoo and conditioner. My boyfriend and I both have terrible allergies to fragrances and I am so happy that this product is fragrance free and actually leaves my hair soft and clean.
  Finally haircare with no fragrance!
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Las Vegas, NV

After having my hair colored with dye containing botanicals, I developed an allergy to virtually all shampoos and conditioners, even very expensive ones purchased from a salon. Finally, and desperately, I found this fragrance free product that seems to work well on my hair. It is soft and very gentle not drying.
  no pain
Reviewed by:  from Iowa

My wife recently bought some of you shampoo and conditioner. She suffers from allergy to perfumes and after shave as well as other fragrences and so she is always looking for something that is odor free. Your product was odor free and also it didn't burn when using it which is another symtom she gets from some shampoos. Thanks a lot. D. Jennings
  Pure Cleansing
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This like the Free and Clear liquid are the very best for anyone with chemical sensitivities - very glad to find this kind of product and will continue to use it.
  Fragrance Free
Reviewed by: a major allergy sufferer from California

As a chemically sensitive person, I have looked high and low to find a shampoo and conditioner that are fragrance free that actually clean and moisturize your hair. This stuff is fantastic. No smells and chemicals that make you sick, just luxurious healthy hair.
  Love it!
Reviewed by: A Happy User from Orlando, FL

I ordered this product after years of suffering with horrible and painful breakouts on my chest, shoulders, arms....anywhere shampoo touched. Within just a few days I noticed no more breakouts and I was able to wear a v-neck blouse to work! It's also made my hair feel wonderful and style so easily! I highly suggest this product to everyone!
  no more cough spasms in the shower!
Reviewed by: relieved sufferer from Ventura, CA

I have long hair and have always used "top of the line" products for my hair, until recently when I started to suffer from allergies to anything with a fragrance, then did I realize that all those brand name shampoos are loaded with chemicals that irriate my lungs. Free & Clear has no scent AT ALL so I can finally breath without coughing while I'm in the shower. I love that is has no irritants and that I'm paying for a good product that is helping me stay healthy.
  The Perfect Shampoo
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Knoxville, TN

Due to skin allergies, I cannot use regular shampoos. Regular shampoos have too many harsh chemicals. Free & Clear is perfect for my allergy situation and for my hair. It cleans my hair well and leaves it shiny and bouncy when dry. The shampoo cap is easy to use and the product lathers just fine. One bottle lasts a long time too.
  No more breakouts
Reviewed by: Sensitive Skin from Alabama

The reason I purchased shampoo is because I had breakouts on my neck, middle of my back down my spine and some on my chest. I couldn't figure out what was causing it... until I figured out it was everywhere Shampoo travels when rinsing. Before using this shampoo, I had tried everything from regular shampoo brands to ones labeled as "natural" or "organic" but it still broke me out. I know I have reactions to formaldahyde and fragrance. So when I searched online relentlessly, I discovered Free & Clear. My skin is soooo much better!!! The breakouts are disappearing. Even my family noticed without me saying anything.
  top of the line
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Lynchburg, Va.

I have had multiple problems for many months. This shampoo leaves my hair soft and manageable. The itching has stopped using all the products in this line. Relief at last!
  Love IT!!
Reviewed by: Nina from California

This is the only product prescribed to me that I use due to my allergies. Very mild yet it works great for my sensitive scalp. I am just so glad this Free & Clear product exists.
  No More Itching
Reviewed by: no longer itchy from Hopewell, Virginia

It took half a century, so imagine my surprise to find out that the "GOOD" products I was using were making me uncomfortable. The problem turned out to be a sensitivity to fragrance. One sample from the dermatologist convinced me that Free & Clear was the way to go. I was extra happy to find the deal on Achoo Allergy - buy 3 sets of shampoo and hair conditioner for $15.99. Even with paying shipping, that's the best price I've found so far. I am thankful for this product - and for Achoo Allergy's price!
  Finally free & clear & clean
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from  Watertown, NY

This is the first product that does what it says. Most aren't really free of allergens. I had found one other but it didn't actually clean well. This product did all three! Thank you.
  Finally Scent Free
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Wasilla, AK

My wife has had troubles with scented products for so many years. After the first use without any reactions, she was filled with so much joy. Thank You!
  Finally something that works!
Reviewed by: Multiple Allergy Sufferer from Texas

With multiple sensitivities of lungs and skin, I am very difficult to please. For years, I have dealt with shampoos that irritate my sinuses and break out my skin. Free and Clear is finally the perfect solution. No more gloves necessary, and my hair smells clean without leaving the perfume and chemical smells that irritate my breathing. As a bonus, my hair looks and feels much better than it ever has. Thank you, Free and Clear!
  Hair Care for sensitive skin
Reviewed by: D. Fitzgerald from Texarkana, Arkansas

I have very sensitive skin and have an allergy to certain substances commonly found in personal care products like cosmetics and hair care products. I have searched for shampoos and conditioners for sensitive skin in stores and have found virtually none. After doing a search on Google, I found this site that sold the shampoo and conditioner I needed. Now I have no more problems and my hair feels and looks great! Thanks for an excellent product for those of us who need it.
Reviewed by:  from Sunny California

After becoming allergic to all shampoo's in the store'' except baby shampoo, which really dried my hair out. I finally found a great shampoo that I could use and a great conditioner. Thank you for this product!
  Great products for allergy sufferers
Reviewed by:  from Bethesda, Maryland

At last a shampoo and conditioner for allergy sufferers! I am allergic to dyes and perfumes and have searched for years to find products for my use. These products leave my hair soft and shiny.It is wonderful to find hair products without the strong perfumes that really work!
  Super Shampoo and Conditioner
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from USA

The Shampoo has a nice rich lather and conditioner is creamy enough for long thick hair. I tested positive for a contact allergy to fragrances at my allergist office and this product has helped improve the condition of the skin on my hands.
  2 pack what a deal
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer for years from Oak Forest, Il

I now have shampoo and conditioner I can use without my back itching in the shower. Some people do not know that conditioners can cause back hives. So this item is great because I have long hair and like to wash it in the shower, so I can rinse it well. Now I can do this again. Again, thank you so much for this product.
Reviewed by: A couple with different allergies  from Littlestown,PA

My husband and I were surprised by this product. After searching every isle of every store we could for a shampoo that would not contaminate our lives we can stop. I was surprised by the small amount it took to get luxurious suds and the nice way my hair feels after using it. This one is safe, it works well and in a world where everything has a high content of perfume this company is our oasis. We received our order super fast and used it that day with high hopes. The hopes we set were met and more.
  shampoo and conditioner
Reviewed by: allergy sufferers mom from WI

This shampoo and conditioner was recommended by my daughters dermatologist. This is a great product. It even gets the tangles out!
  MCS/ Allergy sufferer
Reviewed by: MCS sufferer from New York

As a person with allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities,I am always on the look out for good fragrance free personal care products. While it's true that this shampoo is fragrance free, I had a hard time tolerating the strong "other " smell that seemed to appear with lathering. There may just be a few too many chemicals in this shampoo for me. On the other hand, I seem to be able to tolerate the conditioner. I'm glad I tried both products, but I don't think I would purchase them again.
  hair care products
Reviewed by: MCS from Redmond, WA

Very satisfied. No chemical smell yet leaves my hair soft and clean. Does not dry my hair out like some chemical free products.
  Conditioner I Can use
Reviewed by: Pleased customer from Texas

My dermatologist told me NOT to use any shampoos/conditioners with perfumes in them. It was making my scalp & forehead break out. Found your product on your website & ordered it. Hurray! Wonderful product, easy to use, works great. This is my 4th order. Keep up the good work.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Allergice to everything from Lansing, MI

My three year old some has multiple food and environmental allergies. When I tried this product on my son I was extremely pleased that he finally did not have a reaction to its contents. I definitely recommend this product to anyone that is sensitive to fragrances and dyes and who knows what else is included in other products.
  Shampoo and conditioner
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Tomah, WI

The Free and Clear shampoo and conditioner works well for my daughter who has allergies and eczema.
  Move over Nexus!
Reviewed by: Big Time Fragance Allergy Sufferer from Syracuse, NY

I have tried so many shampoos and conditioners, but they all want to load up on the fragances. I was told about this product from a friend whose mother suffers awful allergies. I bought this pack about 3 weeks ago and I no longer have to rely on my allergy pills to get me through the day. My hair feels soft, looks great, and I don't have any fragances to compete with just being me!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Houston, TX

The best stuff ever! I spent months trying to find wheat and soy free shampoo and conditioner and couldn't. My hair is not falling out as bad now...Thanks soo much!!
  Great for VERY Sensitive Skin
Reviewed by: Allergic to Preservatives from Southern California

I am highly allergic to formaldehyde and other preservatives and I have had a very hard time finding shampoo and conditioners that I can use, but this is one brand that I know I can use. It isn't the best smelling stuff it smells kind of clinically clean and it can leave a subtle residue on your hair if you use it for a long time, so some people use a stripping shampoo once a week to make their hair feel extra clean. But despite those downsides this is a great option for people who have allergies to many things - even "all natural" products.
  The best shampoo I have ever used
Reviewed by: Dena H from Sunnyvale, California

I have been having scalp problems for the past 3 years. All this time, I have been having dry, inflammed, and tender to touch scalp with pimples. Finally, I read about the free and clear shampoo and conditioner and decided to try it. I have been using it for a week now and after only three days of using it I noticed a diffrence. Now my scalp is much better. All of my scalp symptoms are almost gone. The shampoo cleared my dandruff and my scalp pain is vanishing. I also have healthier and shinier hair now. This product is a miracle. I love it. Thank you Free and Clear.
  Scalp relief in a bottle
Reviewed by: DH  from Oregon

I was having a terrible time with my scalp itching. It became red, and I had significant dandruff. Even a strong dandruff shampoo did not seem to help. After reading the product description and a couple of reviews on your website, I decided to give the Free & Clear products a try. I could tell they were helping right away. It has now been two weeks and all the symptoms are essentially gone. The shampoo/conditioner combo also leaves my hair feeling soft, not stripped. I will be buying this again.
  Skunk-Free and Beautiful
Reviewed by: Sensitive Snoot from Alameda, California

I am so happy to have found this wonderful product. It seems that every other hair care products I have tried to use smell beautiful to someone, but not to me! I'm grateful to find products that keep my hair soft, manageable, clean, and good looking without the stench I am forced to live with after using other products in the mainstream. Thank goodness I can breathe easy after a refreshing shower with Free & Clear Shampoo and conditioner.
  Great product
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Minnesota

This is the only kind of shampoo and conditioner I have been able to use for a couple years now. Other shampoos and conditioners cause me to get a rash on my throat and neck area and some make my scalp itch and burn. So I am very happy that I found this. I don't have any allergic reactions to this at all. I do wish it came in bigger bottles though.
  best products
Reviewed by: hair problems from WOODLYN

  No More Tears
Reviewed by: Mom from 

My son has hated having shampoo in his hair since he was an infant, seriously. This is the first time I have found a product that he will use willingly and he doesn't complain about it hurting his skin or burning his eyes. He will actually wash his own hair now and he no longer screams during bath time. I use this with the body cleanser and the lotion (which we apply after his bath). This shampoo does not irritate his skin at all and he no longer has itchy irritated skin on his head caused by other shampoos. Thank goodness!
  No fragrance and minimal odor
Reviewed by: living with MCS/CFS Michelle from Elmwood Park, New Jersey

I am so thankful you carry these high quality, fragrance free hair products. It does have a light odor, but no perfume fragrance to irritate me and the products don't strip colored hair! They clean my scalp and hair without leaving a residue. Thank You for carrying Psico products.
  Really works for all hair types!
Reviewed by: Michelle  from Bergen County, New Jersey

I need as many fragrance free products as possible, which is what first sparked my interest in this product. To my surprise, it cleans an oily scalp and doesn't strip colored hair either! The conditioner rinses clean and doesn't leave a heavy residue. Thank you for carrying these products.
  Superior Product
Reviewed by: Environmental Illness sufferer from Elmwood Park, New Jersey

I have Environmental Illness and need as many odor free products as possible. Free&Clear is a high quality product that has no perfume scent and minimal odor in and of itself. Everyone in my household uses it. A big advantage is that it does not strip hair color, even the natural hair color my mom now uses.
  Shampoo & Conditioner
Reviewed by: Laurie from Bay Area, California

This shampoo & conditioner is wonderful! The first "free and clear" that really is. No perfumes, yet leaves hair smelling fresh and feeling clean and soft. I will be buying this again! Thank you!

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