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  love my dyson
Reviewed by: Laurie from Pylesville, MD

best vac I ever owned and I have always been a canister vac girl. It is heavy and I wish the cord retracted but I still love it. I sucked up a tie with it and the belt broke but one call to Dyson and they sent me a new belt and beater bar free and it was easy to change them out.
Reviewed by: Happy Owner from Las Vegas

The belts or belt is covered for the life of the vac as is everything else.. Call them and they will send you a new one or replacement vac if you have bigger issues. NUMBER IS ON THE HANDLE..
  Great vacuum - does need belt!
Reviewed by: Dog Enthusiast from South-Central NC

This is by far the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned, and I've owned a LOT. We have five dogs - all in the house, and this is the first vacuum that's been able to keep up. I do, however, have to agree with DH from Florida - our belt has broken and the most annoying thing is I can't find a replacement?? No answer from Dyson and the 'numbers' on the belt are completely worn off??
  Great Vacuum
Reviewed by: Ryan, An Allergy Sufferer from Indianapolis, IN

My wife and I love this vacuum. We have two daughters, two cats and a few allergies among the 4 of us and the DC17 has made a huge difference in our home. The only time the DC17 loses suction power is if we forget to clean the filter at the appropriate intervals. With a properly cleaned filter, this vacuum has enough suction power to turn carpeted floors into hardwoods. ;o)
  There ARE belts????
Reviewed by: DH from Florida

Why does this review say 'no belts to replace'? The brush roller IS driven by a belt, we've had to replace it twice in a year. The vacuum does work better than any we've had when it works, but the broken belt is very irritating.
  Best Vacuum Ever!
Reviewed by: Nancy from Ohio

I had been through many vaccuum cleaners. When my husband brought home a second dog, I said the only way he could keep it was if he bought me the Dyson Animal. Neither one of us has been sorry! It picks up so much hair but not only that, the amount of dust that I collect in the canister is unbelievable. I still have to use it every day but it is so wonderful, I look forward to it. It will bring tears to your eyes!
Reviewed by: jessica S. from Big Bear, California

I have gone through so many vacuums. I cannot believe the dirt (not just hair and rug fuzz, but the dirt that has lived in the nooks and crannies of my carpet were sucked up into this vacuum. Worth every dollar.
  Monster of Vacuum's
Reviewed by: An Allergy Sufferer from Chicago, Il

My mother who has extremely bad allergies had just purchased the Dyson Animal. I put it together for her and decided to put this vacuum to the test since everyone who owns one says what a great machine this is. We were extremely amazed at how well this vacuum realy works and does what it says it will do. I had to empty the bin 3 times just from vacuuming my mothers living room! And she had just vacuumed with her old vacuum 2 days prior to me using the Dyson. It was amazing to see what her old vacuum wasn't picking up...dirt, a ton of dust, dog hair and dander. Since she has had her Dyson and uses it regularly her allergies have subsided tremendously and she doesn't wake up with a headache and stuffy nose. I highly recommend this incredible vacuum to anyone who has allergies or pets. A truly great investment! I forgot to mention that I was so impressed with my mother's Dyson that I went out and purchased one for myself... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! The Dyson truly puts the other vacuums to shame. Sincerely, One happy customer
Reviewed by: Dog Mom Extraordinaire from Chandler, AZ

So this is pretty much the best vacuum ever. It picks up all of the hair in my house.l I have 2 dogs that shed more than an average animal and this vacuum has been my savior :)The only thing I don't love is the mini turbine head because it doesn;t work that great, but oh well, the upright part rocks
  an animal
Reviewed by: cleaning more often from NJ

The dyson DC17 is an animal. The vacuum is wonderful it really does make the carpet look new again. One disapointing feature the mini brush bar for the steps just doesn't deep cleans like I thought it would. But with the handle in the middle of the vacuum I can manage using the upright vacuum on the steps and it seems to work well. The mini brush would have been nice. It is really for a lighter job. The vacuum is so nice I fing myself vacuuming more often.

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