Dyson Root 6 Handheld Vacuum Customer Reviews

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  Poor service
Reviewed by:  from Toronto Canada

The vacuum has good suction but the battery gives only 3+ minutes of operation. Dyson admits this is too short, but won't send me a new battery.
  Battery Problem
Reviewed by: Mary Ann from Jeffrey, WV

Great Functional Cleaner for Allergies. Teaser for a big one. DC 16 battery pack only gives 3-5 min. of service when fully charged. Unit has good suction and works great and design is great for blinds, car, base boards etc. Easy to handle and hands free dumping of dirt. Love it but aggravated by battery problem.
Reviewed by:  from 

i love this vacuum!
  battery only last 5 min's
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Halifax, N.S

It does live up to what it can do. But, I couldn't beleive when charged it only last "5 min's" and take 3 hours to charge. That makes it a tade useless. Alot of money for something with only a 5 min life spand. My 19 volt power tools do more work and last 50 times longer. Have returned. Two thumbs down!
  Battery is a problem
Reviewed by:  from Ottawa, Canada

I purchased the unit and while it is form fitting, powerful and handy for light dusting, the fact that I get 2.5 minutes with the battery fully charged (I timed it) maked this a poor acquisition. Most people like to get their house cleaning done quickly and not in multiple sessions between battery charges. This is the single worse problem with the unit and I would not be surprized if Dyson does not come out with an optionnal larger capacity battery ot a plug in adapter that will replace the battery for larger jobs. The latter should have come with the unit for the price ($180.00 canadian). As is now, I would not buy another Root 6.
  Dyson Root 6
Reviewed by: Vacuum Enthusiast from San Francisco

Dyson is a well known company in America. My first impressions of this hand-held vacuum cleaner were beastly and powerful. The design isn't too great. It's not really form fitting. The weight distribution from holding the object was horrible. My wrists were sore after holding it for about 5 minutes. The suction is just right. The battery lasts for 5 minutes fully charged. Yes it's portable, but I only cleaned half of the interior of my Mercedes with it fully charged. The battery would overheat and it would stop abruptly. The Dyson Root 6 is a breeze to clean up. Has a 2 year manufactures warranty. It's simple to use. I had the money to purchase it. If you feel like spending a lot of money on a brand name product, go for it. If not, there are other inexpensive and much better brands in the market. Judge my review as you wish. But go out and try the product for yourself.
  Works Well, as Advertised!
Reviewed by: Allergic to Kitty Litter and Dust from Bellevue, WA. 98006

After having tried nearly ALL of the hand-held vacuums (which have a base unit, for recharging,) I am delighted with this Dyson, which doesn't lose it's suction, as promised. Because I have a cat who loves to scatter her litter, this is the simplest solution to keeping my carpets always clean. (I cannot bear stepping on little bits of grit with my bare feet!) The sounds this Dyson makes are also more tolerable, not so high-pitched and whiny. I recommend this Dyson hand-held vacuum for most small dry cleaning jobs. Also, because I'm allergic to so many things, the suction and disposal methods associated with this vacuum are much more tolerable.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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