Reliable Steamboy T1 Customer Reviews

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  My Father In Law Noticed!
Reviewed by: TWK from Dawsonville, GA

What can I say but no chemicals, easy cleanup, environmentally and Allergy friendly...and Big Frank noticed how clean my floors were! With pride, I showed it to a friend, and she bought one on the internet while still at my house!
  second time is the charm
Reviewed by: L.Fuller from Richmond,Va

After reading reviews on several steam mops,I chose Steamboy.It was easy to assemble but when I filled the water tank, I noticed water leaked out for a few seconds when I turned the tank over to place it in the machine.As instructed, for first time use,I held the trigger in to allow the steam to build up.The pad became soaked,there was very little steam and I found I was just mopping the floor with warm water,which I had to wipe up with a large towel.In the shipping box was a package of 3 gaskets:2small and 1 tiny.The next day,I placed the tiny gasket over the screw where the water tank connects to the machine-then I let the machine warm up for at least 10 minutes.This time I gently squeezed the trigger once or twice and the steam started rolling.My linoleum floors are spotless and look like they've just been waxed.Once you get the hang of it, Steamboy gets easier to use.I believe I'm going to enjoy using this mop very much-I love the way my floors look and how clean they feel on bare feet!
  glad to have it
Reviewed by:  from Gulf Coast Florida

I purchased this steamer this week and have used it twice. Have ceramic tile floors throughout and have noticed the white floors "brightened" with each use. Basically, I really like this mop, but wish the cord was longer and that the pads were "thicker" I can hear them scrape against the tile as I use it.
  Takes time......but cleans well
Reviewed by: Daily mopper! from Nevada

I have laminated and travertine flooring, about 1500 sq feet. I mop daily and it does a great job. I am not sure how it would do on floors that are only cleaned once a week or are heavy with soil or dirt. You would have to change the pad often or rinse the one out. The cord is too short and I have to keep unplugging it and moving it. I had to put an extension cord on it to expedite the cleaning time. My second problem is after steaming a 5x3 foot area there is a definate lack of steam, so I have to prop it up and wait for the steam to build up. It does not have 30 minutes continuous steam. You can tell the steam is not hot because of the sound and there is more water on the floor thus taking longer to dry. I use distilled water and noticed that it works a little better if I do not let the water lever go below the halfway mark. The spongy like filter is encased in hard plastic casing. I am not sure what would happen after a couple of weeks. Would it develope a smell? You cannot get to it to air it out and squeeze it to release any excess water. The reason for the purchase of this product was to expedited my daily cleaning. Unforunately, it takes longer with this mop. The positive side it that it does clean well for me. But I do not have the time to utilize it.
  Easy & Gets the Dirt Up
Reviewed by: Dog Lover from Texas Hill Country

We have 7 large dogs with plenty of dirt so I bought this steam cleaner to be gentle on our wood floors. It did a great job and the wood floors are clean with a shine -- it also gets the dirt up amazingly from the tile floors. My husband loves to use it also because it is fun -- you feel like you are doing "ironing". It is lightweight and compact.
  I love this steamer! Great for laminate floors
Reviewed by: Ruthann Leonard from West Jefferson, OH

This little steamer has made my life so much easier. You will never mop again. It is simple to use and works great. I will never use anything else to clean my laminate wood floors. I vacuum with my hard surface vacuum and then clean them with the steamboy. My entire first floor is wood and tile about 2000 sq ft and it only takes 30 minutes to clean the entire floor. The only thing I would change is the cord needs to be longer and the pad could be easier to put on the steamer. I recomend this to everyone.

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