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Reviewed by: joshua from Washington

I wrote an earlier review that I would like to take back. I actually recieved the the home test kit for the second time the first did not work. the second was explained much better and thier customer service specialists actually helped a lot too. Operator Error I suppose. If you buy this test kit make sure and call for specifics if you are confused in any way, it helps
  finger prick not always simple
Reviewed by: slm from texas

Attempted the home test. Finger stick did not produce amt of blood required. I called ALCAT who is sending me a 2nd test to try. Representative on the phone said that sometimes that does occur. It takes about nine droplets to fill the vial. They also offered to credit the finger stick test toward a larger panel. I think the test price is most reasonable and while not extensive it does test some of the common culprits like gluten and corn.
  Excellent test
Reviewed by: Dr. Matt from RI

The ALCAT test is an excellent way to determine if you have underlying or delayed hypersensitivity allergies to foods you regularly eat. It is an expensive test however, and while this home test is only $99, it only tests 20 foods. I offer this to my patients with a minimum of 50 foods tested and have seen amazing results.
  a better value than you realize
Reviewed by: Parent of an allergy sufferer from Portland, Oregon

I have not tried the home test yet, but wanted to make this observation. The only reviews here so far mention the $99 processing fee as a problem. My naturopath offers the ALCAT test through her office for $320! It does test for a greater number of foods than does this home test, but folks do need to understand that food allergy testing is not cheap and so this "home" test is a bargain of sorts.
  cost $99 plus the price here
Reviewed by:  from 

great idea... however, you have to take the sample then send it into their lab and pay an extra $99 processing fee... not the bargain we'd hoped for.
  NOT a home test
Reviewed by: retired R.N. from Kansas

Thought I was getting a test that could be done in the home, getting the results at the time it was done. Am returning as I do not wish to spend an additional fee for shipping and the $99.00 for the test results. May be bolder print on the add would prevent others from making the same mistake.

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