Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers Customer Reviews

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  Very helpful
Reviewed by: Stephanie  from Florida

This pillow cover is comfortable and helps me with my allergies
  Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Cover
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Alexandria, Virginia

This zippered pillow cover works very well. I bought a new pillow because my doctor suggested that I use 2 pillows because I drool ugh. I drool because of allergies.
  Excellent low cost management
Reviewed by: Stephanie L. from Oakland, CA

I haven't been able to afford to completely outfit my bedding, but this pillow cover is making a difference in how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I'm not coughing nearly as much as before - used to cough for about an hour after waking, now I have a few coughs and then I'm done! So much less congestion now.
  Very soft and comfortable
Reviewed by: AG from San Francisco, CA

I was nervous about buying pillow covers because I didn't want them to be crinkly or uncomfortable. i'm pleased to report that these somehow make the pillow even smoother and more pleasant! I'm trying a bunch of different things for my allergies so it's hard to pinpoint if the pillow covers work but I know that it's very important to protect against dust mites! I'll be buying the duvet cover and mattress pad soon. My only complaint is that they are a bit too big for the pillows. It's fine in my regular pillows but they can look a little crinkly in the shams if you don't fuss with them.
  love this cover!
Reviewed by: Corrin from Laguna Beach, CA

This is now my 2nd bed that I am covering with Achoo Allergy Ultra pillow cases. I love them. They are soft, easy to wash and work very well. Both my son's and my dust allergies are better by using the complete system, pillow cover and mattress cover. I even take them with me when I travel so my hotel pillow is covered.
  Ultra Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from texas

I purchased these to go with the bedding set. They are easy to put on. Soft and cool. I do not feel like I am sleeping on plastic, and they are quiet hence not sleeping on plastic. I have washed them with no problem. I recommend these covers to everyone
Reviewed by: Fran from San Diego, CA

These ultra pillow covers have made my sleep most comfortable. No more waking up with a headache and stuffy nose. thank you!
Reviewed by: Dust mite Amor from Florida

The covers are good and fit the pillow well and feel realy sturdy. I would recomend them for the dust mite allergy sufferers!!!
  Relief at last
Reviewed by:  from Ramona, Californa

I have been allergic to dust for most of my life and nothing has helped me. I recently purchased Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers. The relief I experienced---finally being able to breathe without gasping for breath upon awakening in the morning---is worth hundreds of dollars to me!
  Excellent pillow covers
Reviewed by: Cristal V from Fontana, CA

I really enjoy sleeping every night on these pillow covers the covers make me feel secure about nothing messy or dirty being on my cover because this cover allows many things to not stick to it, so it makes me feel good when sleeping, dust free, insect free, covers!!!
Reviewed by: C. Miller from Tampa, FL

These covers are nice and quite, not like the cheap ones that I used to buy. They have helped with my allergies.
  Good covers
Reviewed by:  from California

I have been using these covers for the past couple weeks and so far we love it.
  Top quality pillow coverings
Reviewed by: Year round allergy sufferer from Framingham, MA

These Allergy Armor "Ultra" pillow covers are durable yet extremely comfortable and breathable. They hold up after many hot washes & do not lose their effectiveness. I swear by these and will not ever be without them. My allergist recommended these to me.
  Sweet Dreams
Reviewed by: A grateful customer from Tennessee

These pillow covers are the best ones I have found so far. I have used pillow covers for 10 years due to allergies. They help tremendously! I have had several brands of them over the years and the quality of these are much better than the previous brands I have tried. Will definitely be buying more to replace some of the older ones I have and for guest pillow.
  Soft and quiet
Reviewed by: Berkeley girl from SF Bay area

I liked how soft and quiet the material was. I didn't like as much that the tag was on the outside but it doesn't really matter since you put another pillow case over it and the tag let's you easily see that the protective case is an allergy-preventative one.
Reviewed by: K. Abbott from Jacksonville, Texas

I love the Ultra covers for the travel size pillow. I sleep with one under my arm and one under my knee. The fabric is so comfortable that I don't put any other type of cover on the pillows. My dust mite allergies have improved greatly since using the Allergy Armor Ultra pillow covers. This product has made a big difference in my health!
  I got my mornings back!
Reviewed by: Julie B from Los Angeles

I was skeptical something so simple would do much but these have given me my mornings back. I used to start every day with about a dozen sneezes, itchy eyes, hives, and tissues. No more! I no longer have to wake up feeling crappy every morning, I can breathe again. Now that I know they work, I want to stock up so I can travel with one, too.
  Adds to quality of life
Reviewed by:  from Chapel Hill,NC

Pillow protectors at home allow for a dust free rest, so necessary. I also bring one, with a pillow case, when I travel, put on hotel pillow and sleep much better. Thanks for this great product.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer  from Key West

Comfortable product. I was concerned about it feeling like a plastic bag on my pillow - but it actually feels luxurious. It feels like a thicker pillow cover with a high thread count. Very pleased.
  Exceptional product. Well worth the money.
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer / Snorer from South Louisiana

These are wonderful for anyone with allergies. I virtually stopped snoring when I started using these pillow covers. I bought extra and never travel without 2 of them in the suitcase. Well worth the money.
  Love them!!!
Reviewed by: KathyCozort from Raleigh, NC

Love them...and Euro Square size are difficult to find! Thanks Achoo Allergy!!!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: just me from Utah

I expect this will do the job of keeping bugs at bay. The size of my body pillow and the size of this cover are very different. I just saw 'body pillow' and did not check measurements. This is about 15 inches longer than my pillow. Also it is kind of stiff. I purchased one from another company several years ago I like the feel of better. But as I said, I'm sure it works and once in the pillow case it works fine.
  Ultra Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: J J Bridges from Waynesville, NC

I really like these covers. Very easy to put on. The covers are comfortable and no odor. Most importantly they do the job of reducing allergens. I highly recommend them.
  Stopped My Snoring
Reviewed by: Carol Ann C. - snoring less from South Louisiana

These are WONDERFUL. I purchased these Ultra pillow covers hoping they would ease stuffiness during the night, which they did. An added bonus is that I hardly ever snore anymore, unless I am sick or fighting something off. They are well worth the price.
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from FL

These are nice and thick!
  pillow covers
Reviewed by: eczema/allergy sufferer from Chicago,Il

These pillow covers are great for allergy sufferers. It helps to keep the pillows fresh and clean. They can be washed.
  Feels like a luxury hotel pillow cover
Reviewed by: Allergy pin cushion from Tacoma, Wa

I purchased these along with the mattress cover. I have to be honest, I understood the concept, I was sceptical. I get allergy shots, take pills, etc- to be blunt, my allergies are horrid. When I put these on my freshly washed pillow, and put a clean pillow case over it, I got a great night sleep! I didn't wake up in the middle of the night all stuffed up. The cover itself, in my opinion, can be used without a pillow case, but I would just for added comfort and barrier. I am a true advocate for these! If anyone is allergic to dust mites most are, get these pillow covers! Protect what you put your head on night after night, and you will protect yourself and have a much better sleep.
  Best pillow covers ever
Reviewed by: puppy's  from San Tan Valley, Arizona

Our small puppy suffers with allergies. Little would we know that these covers not only help her sleep through the night without itching, but we actually breathe better because we are protected from dust mites which EVERYONE has! We purchased more for our guest bedrooms also! Love them!
  Ultra Pilllow covers
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Pennsylvania

Same great quality and design as the Ultra bedding set. Fits queen size memory foam pillows perfectly!
  Comfort for beds
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Pennsylvania

Comfortable and soft. No crinkle sounds like the plastic covers. I needed extra pillow covers for my bed pillows and for the spare bed where I sometimes need to sleep so to protect those pillows. I got 4 extra. Guests will also enjoy them.
  Allergy Sufferer
Reviewed by:  from Punta Gorda, FL

We have been using these bedding covers for over 10 years. I wash them with the sheets and put them back on my bed and pillows. I would not buy any other brand.
  Sleep at last
Reviewed by: Minor allergy sufferer from Seattle

I bought these covers per my doctor's order. I'm allergic to dust mites, mold spores and pet dander. I also bought a purifier for the bedroom and so far I'm sleeping better without waking up during the night from stuffy nose.
  Quiet Case
Reviewed by: Severe Allergy Sufferer from Virginia

This pillow case is quiet as compared to vinyl ones. The fit is good but I'm not sure there's a lot of air flow through it which has caused some of my pillows to lose their fluff.

  These are comfy
Reviewed by: The allergy sufferer''s wife from Boston

My husband has just been diagnosed with a dust-mite allergy. We were told to encase everything, but as a very light sleeper, I was afraid the coverings would be hot or cold or clammy or make noise and keep me up. These are lovely and quiet, a nice pleasing material, not plastic-like as I had feared.
  Great pillow covers
Reviewed by: Sound Sleeper from Akron, Ohio

Recently I purchased three Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow covers. I had new down pillows that I wanted to cover before using them. These covers block any allergenic dust coming from the new pillows, and also protect the contents from developing dust mites. They are superior to older style covers with thick, noisy membranes. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a good night's sleep.
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Allergy Sufferer from South Florida

These pillow covers make my pillows stay cool, repel dust, and smell clean and fresh. Truly a great product. My dust mite allergies are greatly reduced!
  Very comfortable
Reviewed by:  from Ventura, California

I was expecting this cover to be stiff like previous allergy pillow covers I've purchased. But this is flexible and I don't even notice it under my cotton pillowcase. I can't say whether it has helped my allergies since I have to take allergy medication every day, but I'm comforted to know that many allergens/pathogens are blocked from my exposure while I sleep.
  Works wonderfully!
Reviewed by: Allergic, even in the Sub Arctic from Fairbanks, AK

I'm on a "mission" to make sure all our pillows and mattresses at the house are properly allergy proofed, including the guest bed, too. Thus I purchased a number of these Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers. I also purchased all new pillows for all of the beds. After my first night sleeping on the new pillow with the new Ultra Pillow Cover I was amazed that I didn't wake up stuffed up and congested. Now each morning it is a pleasure to wake up! I highly recommend these covers--and if you have the money, change your pillows, too. I think that with the Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers your pillows will last much, much longer than in the past. And a few more comments: these slide on easily and pillow cases slide on top easily--nice material finish. Also, the air circulates when you lay on your pillow, unlike the old plastic coated covers where it feels like you're laying down on a balloon!
  Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding
Reviewed by: Amy from Orlando. Florida

I recently purchased the entire bedding package and I liked it so much I bought an extra set of pillowcase covers to take with me everywhere. They make a big difference while traveling, especially in hotels!
  Sweet Dreams
Reviewed by: Thankful Mommy from Indiana

After our little one was tested for allergies, it became clear that we would need to do something to control the dust mite problem that everyone has if they sleep on a bed. Those who suffer though with intense dust mite allergies have uncomfortable sleep. Congested, sneezing, coughing, snoring - all through the night. Children with allergies to dust mites do not receive the deep sleep they deserve. Little did I know when I purchased these pillow covers how they would affect my own sleep patterns. After reading the description, I decided to get a cover for each of us in my family. The very first night of having this cover on my pillow I could actually BREATHE all night long. I didn't wake to blow my nose and I can only attribute that to the Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers. My husband had the same experience. We were SOLD! We have continued to have sweet dreams for several weeks now, and our children are sleeping great too. Such a small investment when you consider how much time we spend sleeping each day/night. I was stuffy most mornings and would occasionally use vapor rubs to clear congestion at night - no more! Laying my head down on the pillow is a joy now, and I feel so great about giving my children the gift of sleep too. The covers are soft and not plastic like others - they are well made and I don't really even know they are on my pillow - except for the fact that I can now breathe through the night. I will be ordering my little one who suffers from allergies the mattress cover once we move up to a "big bed". And of course, saving to order covers for all of us. Just wish I wouldn't have waited so long to try these!
  Amazing relief!
Reviewed by: Deanna from Minneola, FL

First day, washed in warm water no bleach or fabric softner, as required and used it the same night. First morning to wake up without sneezing! Amazing relief! Very comfortable, no noise or odor like some other cases appear to have. This one is perfect! Pillow stays cool, too!
  Very Comfy, works great!
Reviewed by: Relentless Allergies from Upstate NY

I was afraid these covers were going to be to stiff...they're not! I love them and they really do work. After about a week of covering everything in my room, my allergies have really slowed down and I feel much better!
  No More Headaches!
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I finally decided, after getting terrible headaches when I woke up each morning, that it was time to get an Allergy Pillow Cover. I can be stubborn and refused for years to admit that I could possibly react to my dust allergies. The cases are AMAZING. I'm totally headache free, AND I don't have red eyeballs in the morning, either!
  Not plastic-like at all!
Reviewed by: Happy not Sneezy, Sleepy or Dopey anymore from West Tennessee

I thought that all allergy bedding covers were icky, sticky, stinky plastic. I've tried the cheap vinyl ones in the past and just ended up throwing them away. I had given up on the idea of pillow covers until last month when my doctor prescribed 2 new allergy medications- making that a total of 3 every day- all because I'm allergic to dust. I immediately decided to start my own preventative allergy plan by purchasing 4 of these. If you ever had a doubt about purchasing these- don't. Just do it. I'm very picky about my pillows to begin with and was afraid that I was wasting my money again. I was soooo excited when I opened the package and felt how soft they were. They feel like luxury sheets to me. I can't even tell they are on. They definitely have no odor whatsoever. They don't make noise or feel stiff. They are super deal for the price in comparison to the yucky plastic ones. I have been using these for about 3 weeks- in conjunction with the mattress cover. I don't wake up with throbbing headaches around my eyes anymore. I can sleep through the night without choking on drainage. I have been able to stop taking one of my medications this past week, too. I feel so much better already! Wish I would have found these a long time ago.
  It really works!
Reviewed by: Seasonal and yearly allergy sufferer from New York

As a year round allergy sufferer these pillow covers really made a difference. They are so smooth and silky. When I wake up in the morning I can breath much easier and my throat doesn't hurt as much.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: a relieved allergy sufferer from Kentucky

These pillow covers were like a miracle to me. For years I would wake up with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose from my allergies. The morning after I used this pillow cover, I woke up without being stuffy for the first time in as long as I could remember. I'm so grateful that my doctor suggested I buy from this website!
  Cozy with peace of mind
Reviewed by: B. in Burlington, WA from Burlington, WA

I ordered 4 of these pillow covers. It's worth the expense to know I'm protected from dust mite issues. I sleep very well with these. I have no regrets on this purchase and would encourage anyone concerned with their health and environment to buy them.
  Excellent product
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA

It's smooth and light. Now I am protected from dust mite. No more allergy.
  Great Barrier + Nice and Soft
Reviewed by: Discriminating Consumer from California

I've tried other Anti-Allergy pillow covers .. and all of them were very noisy and "crinkly". This pillow cover actually remains relatively quiet. I use a pillow case over it, and it is fantastic.
  My son is doing better in school
Reviewed by: dust mites from New York

My son's kindergarten teacher asked that we have him checked for allergies because he was having trouble concentrating in class and was falling far behind his classmates. He tested positive for dust mites and we tried other, cheaper covers but they were noisy and he wouldn't use the pillow. This is cover is comfortable and quiet and we've seen a great improvement in his symptoms.
  Good Covers
Reviewed by: concerned mom from treasure coast, fl

We are very satisfied with the quality of the product. Our daughter is not stuffy anymore, due to a dustmite allergy. We seem to have contained the enemy!
  Amazing Improvement
Reviewed by: Kelly from Western New York

As a life-long allergy sufferer, I have been using dust mite covers for 20 years now, and I purchased the Ultra pillow cover to test it before buying a full bed set. I am amazed at the improvements in the technology! I don't even notice they are there - they are quiet, I don't get overheated and unlike the previous covers I bought these don't cause my pillow cases to slide off in the night! I will definitely be buying the full bed set!
  So comfortable
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from MN

We love our pillow encasements. They are very comfortable!!! They are working wonders for my allergies!
  Ultra pillow cover
Reviewed by: asthma from nj

I purchased the ultra pillow cover for our new Tempurpedic pillows.. They arrived I opened it, inspected the entire piece and then slipped it onto the pillow...Very easy...The fabric is tightly woven and almost has a silky feel, not noisy when you lay on it..I''m been using pillow covers for over 20 years, take them when I travel and must say I like this best :- I arise feeling "fab"!
Reviewed by:  from 

  high quality but fabric not supple
Reviewed by: still searching from Portland, OR

I was hoping the top of the line product would be the mite proof pillowcases I had found somewhere years ago - the fabric on those was tightly woven microfiber with a wonderful sheen and a soft, supple feel. These are high quality but the fabric is very stiff.
  Very nice pillow covers
Reviewed by: mom of allergy sufferers from Ellicott City, Maryland

We bought these for my 3 year-old and 5 year-old who are allergic to our dogs and to dustmites. These are very nice compared to the old ones they had. The old covers made them hot and sweaty, but these are very soft and much more comfortable for them. We bought an extra cover for each bed so that it would be easier to wash them and not have to worry about getting them back on the pillows the same day before their bedtime.
  Great, Effective Product
Reviewed by: Now Smiling in my Sleep! from Virginia

These pillow covers are extremely effective. I use mine over a feather pillow! They don't make you feel hot, and they don't trap air -- two problems I've had with other covers. And they are generously sized so that even an overstuffed pillow will easily fit! All in all, the best allergy pillow cover I've tried.
  Comfortable and effective!
Reviewed by: Happy with this Product! from Virginia

I've tried other allergy pillow covers, but they either felt hot or they didn't allow air to escape which causes a big air bubble when you first lie down. This pillow cover has neither of those problems. And it actually works, as I use mine over a feather pillow with absolutely no problems! I can't stop sneezing without the cover. In fact, this is the only allergy pillow cover I will ever buy again! Thanks for making a comfortable, affordable, effective product!
  Made a difference the first night
Reviewed by:  from Somerset, NJ

I washed and put the pillow protectors on the day they arrived. I noticed a difference immediately. Pillows were more comfortable, cooler and I just felt better knowing my very comfortable, old pillows weren't releasing anymore dust mites. I purchased the mattress protector and the boxspring protector for a new set that's arriving next week. I'll definitely order from you again. It's a great product.
Reviewed by:  from 

Provided needed relief at night. The texture is a bit noisy but overall, not bad at all.
  My search is over!
Reviewed by: allergy and asthma sufferer from Atlanta, GA

I have had to sleep with a body pillow ever since I had my first child. It was almost impossible for me to find a pillow cover for it let alone one that helped my allergies. I am so pleased with this product. It is very comfortable and reasonably priced. I'm happy to say that I will purchase the rest of this line of product for better sleeping.
  Excellent product
Reviewed by: Shay from Dothan, AL

I bought this product for a friend of mine in Dubai since his family has allergy problems. This is the second time he has asked me to buy the product and ship it to him. He raves about the product and has seen significant improvement in how the family's allergies seems to have been eliminated.
  What Allergies?
Reviewed by: A former allergy sufferer! from Virginia

When I finally went to an allergist to find out why my seasonal allergies had become a daily problem, I was surprised to learn of my dust mite allery....and how those little critters accumulate in bedding. No wonder I was constantly dripping and sneezing and popping allergy meds. So I thoroughly cleaned my bedroom and put the Ultra pillow and mattress covers on my bed, and an amazing thing more allergies and no more meds! I would never have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself!!
  Wonderful Products
Reviewed by: Allergy/Asthma sufferer from Bakersfield, CA

We have ordered mattress, box spring and pillow covers from Achoo Allergy and they are all Top Notch materials. Now I don't have to worry about dust mites in my bed. Thank you. Lou Ann W.
  Surprisingly Cool and Comfy
Reviewed by: Sherry B from Florida

I was worried that these pillow covers would be too hot and "plastic-like", but they are very comfortable to sleep on. Also, they don't make noise when you move, like some anti-allergy covers do.
Reviewed by: Kelloggs from LA

Very comfortable! We have these on our pillows and we purchased one for our son's toddler pillow travel size fits great!
  Sleeping Peacefully
Reviewed by: Sneezy Linda from Mandeville, LA

I love my Allergy Armor Pillow covers and the mattress covers as well! No coughing or stuffy nose at night and a comfortable peaceful night's sleep! They are comfortable and launder well. I wouldn't be without them!
  Great product!
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from New Jersey

Great microfiber material! Cool and breathable and makes only very little noise.
  Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: Long time allergy sufferer from Louisiana

These are really really nice. I have used other pillow covers that did not come close to the quality of this product. You do not even know they are on your pillows and they keep all of those pesky little dust mites under control.
  It May be Square But I Love It
Reviewed by: Edith Springer, Allergic Senior Citizen from Brooklyn, New York

Alas, I had to put my Euro Square pillow aside like an old boyfriend because with the onset of allergies in my senior years I could not find an allergy protective pillow cover for its non-standard shape. I missed it very much. The regular pillows are okay and I have found good, inexpensive covers for them easily, but since my sinus problems prefer it if I sleep sitting up, the big square pillow was my fave. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found the Euro square pillow cover on the website. I wasn't looking for it, I was just looking for regular sized pillow covers, but there it was. Now I'm back with my best pillow resting on the bedstead and keeping me happily sitting up all night long and breathing easily. Thank You, Achoo. I recommend this pillow cover to everyone who has a European Square large pillow.
  Even for the Allergy Free
Reviewed by: Married to an allergy sufferer from Alaska

My husband has problems with allergies, I do not. When purchasing our first set of pillow covers I decided to get them for mine as well. I was afraid the dust mites from my pillows would bother him. The thought of this purchase did not excite me, and I was worried I would loose the feel of my favorite pillow for allergies I did not have. The first night I did notice a slight change in texture, but after two weeks I don't even notice the covers. I sleep great, and now my husband does too.
  If it keeps my son from sneezing then I can SLEEP!
Reviewed by: Thank you so much for selling this product!!! from Girard, Ohio

I think this product is beyond what I think or -thought- a pillow cover could do for severe allergies. My son is allergic to dust, dust mites, and mold. Our home has all of these, but with the help of this Armor Pillow Cover and the Allergy Armor Ultra Mattress Cover, I have not heard my son suffer from any of his symptoms that kept him and his sister and me awake for hours while trying to go to sleep. Since he has a twin sister sleep in the same room I also covered her bed and pillow, and I believe my son sleeps great NOW. That is, until he comes to my bed which doesn't have a Allergy Armor pillow cover or mattress cover on it, and his symptoms return. I think I now have to now buy one for my for my bed so that if he has another bad dream and runs into my room, he can sleep blissfully again! - OH, I mean So I CAN SLEEP BLISSFULLY AGAIN :-!
  Great Products and Information
Reviewed by: Satisfied Customer from Rockville, MD

Achoo Allergy provides great information in an easily navigated site. They offer the best products at great prices and provided outstanding service.
  Less nighttime sniffles/cackling
Reviewed by: nyjetskiers from Yuma AZ, moved from NY

she suffers really bad from all forms of allergies and has sever asthma. Since using the Allergy Armour bedding she sleeps much more soundly and has less attacks and sniffling. Easy to install and clean and highly recommended. I even noticed less sniffling from myself since we have been using these products and i don't suffer that bad from allergies. Well worth it for getting a good nights rest
  good for toddlers
Reviewed by: ezcema toddler from NY Long Island

I had been searching for a pillow case for my toddler and couldn't find anything on the market. I am glad that I found this in travel size and it fit the pillow. My toddler is happy sleeping on it and wakes up less and less to scratch!
  Great Pillow Cover
Reviewed by: Dar Fab from Tampa, FL

As soon as the cover arrived I put it over my pillow and was in heaven with it. I slept like a baby that night and ever since. No more allergy issues like I had before. It was well worth the purchase.
  Child suffering from dust mites
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Miami

My daughter would cough all night long from allergy to dust mites. I purchase this product and it has been the best thing that I have eve done. She has never had that cough again.
  A better night sleep
Reviewed by: Night time allergy sufferer from Colorado

We banned the animals from our bed room, bought new bedding, and even invested in a Dyson, but I was still having trouble breathing at night. The dry air and dry nasal passages were helped when I put a small humidifer on my night stand. Now the last thing that I felt I should do, which I had been putting off, was to get rid of my favorite pillow, buy a new one and find a allergy cover. So I began looking online and I'm pleased to say that my searched ended quickly at achoo allergy. I've been using the new cover on a new pillow for a couple of weeks now and my breathing during sleep has drastically improved. I was a little afraid of what the texture of the cover would be like, but I worried for no reason. It is soft, and I cant even feel that it is there. It is a great product for a reasonable price.
  Allergy Pillow Cover
Reviewed by: son is an allergy sufferer from North Carolina

I am happy with this product. It is well made and soft. I believe has helped my son with his allergy problems at night.
  Travel Pillow Allergy Cover
Reviewed by: son is an allergy sufferer from North Carolina

I am very pleased with this product. It is very well made and soft. I believe has helped my son with his allergy problems at night.
  Body pillow cover is excellent
Reviewed by: son is an allergy sufferer from North Carolina

Allergy relief body pillow covers are hard to find. I am very pleased with this product. The quality is excellent and I believe has helped my son with allergy problems at night.
  pillow covers
Reviewed by: allergy suffer from Marietta, Ga

These pillow covers are very comfortable and I wake up with no headache or sinus problems
  pillow covers
Reviewed by: mite issue from nyc, ny

love the product,same as the other items, i ordered very satisfied.
  pillow covers
Reviewed by: mite issue from nyc, ny

I feel not only was the web site extremely helpful, but i received exactly what i ordered.
  Allergy Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: Sara from CT

I couldn't afford to buy new pillows, and it's not convenient to regularly wash my old pillows, so these have been an excellent investment for me. At first, they are a little noisey and crinkly, but they loosen up after awhile. I feel better with these between my head and the pillow.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Scott from Scottsdale, AZ

We bought these pillow cases for all our pillows in our house. Very glad we did, they seem to really cut down on allergies at bedtime.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Scott from Scottsdale, AZ

We bought these pillow cases for all our pillows in our house. Very glad we did, they seem to really cut down on allergies at bedtime.
  Ultra Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: Tim Koeller, Dust Mite Warrior from New Richmond, WI.

Awesome! I was skeptical when I ordered them, thinking that they would make sleeping uncomfortable due to being noisy, but they're not at all, in fact unless I thik about it, I don't even know they're on my pillows! I liked them so much I got some more for my extra pillows! If you listen really cloase you can hear grumbling from under the bed....
  Would like these even without allergies
Reviewed by: Sleeping better now from New York, NY

I bought these for my husband's allergies, which he says have improved since we put them on (along with the mattress and duvet covers). Although I do not suffer from allergies, I find that I like my pillow better with these on. The material is just sturdy enough to prevent my pillow from developing flat spots so easily overnight. It's an unplanned bonus as far as I'm concerned!
Reviewed by: Jennifer N., Ohio from Ohio

I purchased the pillow covers because my two guys suffer from allergies. And I have a feather pillow that is really old, but I love it. What a difference the pillow covers made for our sleep and health. I feel better and the guys have more energy. Unbelievable!
  traveling pillows
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer & her son from Leland, NC

My son & I both have asthma/allergies. I ordered the covers, placed them on our pillows & decided to carry our pillows with us on a beach vacation. We slept well even in a stuffy old house that is used sporadically & in a high humidity environment. No sneezing, stuffy noses, or itchy/watery eyes. Just great sleep and even better awakenings.
  I forgot about my Asthma, and Sneezing
Reviewed by: Lisa from Israel

My friend was going to the States, and she told me she wanted to get me pillow cases that are made to prevent Sneezing and asthma. After many time in the ER, and I though about have a create of tissues delivered to my house directly from the factory. I told her thank you. The first night I used the pillow cases. I went to sleep, and woke up in the morning. I didn't even sneeze one time. I found a dog, all beaten up, I took him home, I put him in my bed. My friend asked me, if the dog bothered my nose. I said, "What" I didn't even understand what she was taking about. Then she said, You sneeze at night. I totally forgot about my sneezing, and asthma. Thank You and my 3 dogs thank you, especially the new dog that I found all beaten up.
  No more stuffy nose
Reviewed by: Candice from Huntingburg

Both my husband and I awoke most mornings with a stuffy nose. I researched some possible reasons for this and found that dust mites in our pillows could be the culprits. So I ordered the Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers. And that was it! No more stuffy noses upon arising. It was that simple! The feel of the material under the pillow case needs some getting used to. My husband says it feels like a cool, stiff sheet that's been dried out of doors and he really liked it right away. I had to get used to the feel --- just because it was different. But ultimately, we now know we're not inhaling dust mite body parts all night, and that alone feels GREAT!
  This is great
Reviewed by: Drew's Mom from Overland Park, KS

My son's Dr. reccommended this. My son is very picky to touch and feel. I didn't tell him I was putting it on, and so far he hasn't noticed. this is great!
  Good, thick comfortable covers
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from North Carolina.

I've been dissapointed with paper barriers and 'allergen protectors' that only protect from the growth of mildew or whatever. These on the other hand have weaving dense enough that I'm confident will help with dust mites. My sinuses seem to feel better too! Zippers are good quality also
  sleepless nights
Reviewed by: wife of Asthma sufferer from Maine

My husband has not slept well for years, bothered by asthma symptoms that were only somewhat relieved by inhalers and other medications. HIs doctor recommended mattress and pillow coverings. We have had the Allergy Armor Ultra Pillow Covers and ths Allersoft Mattress Encasing on the bed for just two nights, and the change has been instantaneous. My husband has experienced two nights of wonderful restful sleep, breathing comfortably. Finally, some real relief without more medication! It really works. And the pillows and bed feel really nice and smooth, too. Great Product!
   a little too sweaty
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer looking for a better product from Toronto, Canada

The pillow cover feels nice, but having slept on it a few nights now, it feels a little sweaty. I was disappointed that even such a high level of pillow protector still makes you sweat like a plastic one.
Reviewed by: Much Improved from Stafford, Virginia

After having allergy testing, I was told that my worst allergy was to dust mites. I can't believe the difference these covers have made. No more bloody, stuffy nose every night. No more sleeping with cough drops just to be able to breathe. I will be purchasing them for my children too, great product!
Reviewed by: Much Improved from Stafford, Virginia

After having allergy testing, I was told that my worst allergy was to dust mites. I can't believe the difference these covers have made. No more bloody, stuffy nose every night. No more sleeping with cough drops just to be able to breathe. I will be purchasing them for my children too, great product!

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