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Reviewed by: Ending a chronic cough! from PA

Quality product, prompt delivery, professional all around service!
  Allergy Armor Ultra
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Texas

After having been diagnosed with severe allergies to dust mites, I needed to purchase bedding covers. I wanted something that would protect me from my allergies but also be comfortable to sleep on, and not be hot or feel like I was sleeping on plastic. This bedding package has lived up to everything that is says it will. It was easy to put on by myself, my sheets to do not shift around on the cover. I do not get hot at night, nor do I feel like I am sleeping on plastic. These are a great price, and would buy them again in an instant.
Reviewed by: C. Miller from Tampa, FL

This was a very easy way to order the whole set. Hubby was able to put the whole set on the king sized bed all by himself. They have helped with my allergies.
  5+ dust mite relief
Reviewed by: Happy allergy sleeper from San Antonio, TX

I slept for the first time in decades without a headache! I've also shopped for dust mite covers for years and these are by far the best. Pros - no stuffy, congested nights. Cons - The pillow cases aren't as soft as others. Still wonderful to sleep without pain.
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Reviewed by:  from 

I ordered a set of the Allergy Armor Advanced bedding sets for a king and queen sized bed. The King size shipped out very quickly and arrived in good condition. The product seems very top notch and my wife's allergy symptoms have decreased after using this product. The Queen size set was backordered however. After a week, I emailed customer service asking how long the product would be backordered. They responded that they thought it would be another 7-10 days, but they would ship out the Allergy Armor Ultra set as a complimentary upgrade right away if I wanted! That is top notch customer service!! The product arrived quickly and in good condition and my allergy symptoms have decreased since using this product as well. Would highly recommend these products and this company to anyone!
  Overall a good product
Reviewed by:  from California

I ordered two of these products for both my daughters and one of the covers for the box spring was defective ... the zipper broke while I was putting it on. Will try and return it and get another one if possible
  Soft and quiet
Reviewed by: Berkeley girl from SF Bay area

The allergy sheets were a lot softer and quieter than I expected, especially compared to cheaper products. I accidentally tore the vinyl box spring cover a few inches by the zipper while initially trying to get the box spring into the case, but it wasn't that bad. The extra pillow case is nice.
  Great Product!
Reviewed by: allergies sufferer from TX

This product has greatly helped me. The mattress cover was a little uncomfortable to me, so I put a thin blanket between the cover & my sheet & haven't had a problem since.
  Ok- I''m WOW'd
Reviewed by: Little Miss  from Ardmore, AL

So, after living with seasonal allergies my whole life, I finally get tested. If there was a category called VIOLENTLY allergic- that would be me and dust mites and many other things. I knew I had to get some relief. My allergist gave me a heads up about achoo!allergy. I am SOOOOO happy I purchased the ultra allergy armor. I am not as snotty, red,& weepy...You know the itchy, watery eyes and runny, itchy, stuffy nose with sneezing thrown in. I never realized how bad it was until I used ultra. I wanted the best and I feel I got it. It is comfortable. I thought it might be "crinkly" but it is not. I highly recommend the product because of the positive effects it's made in my life. It REALLY helps. I gave it 4 stars out of 5 only because I want to see how it stands up over time.
  Can now sleep!
Reviewed by: Allergic to Dust & Dander from Bradley, IL

I never had allergies until I started remodeling my old house plaster dust, along with the dust of the ages!& my sinuses were overwhelmed now, any dust or cat dander gives me problems. I had been sleeping on my leather sofa in the living room because the bed seemed to set off an attack, even with all the vacuuming & steam cleaning I did to it. At my allergist's recommendation, I bought Achoo Allergy Ultra. It was easy to put on even a king-size mattress and, a month later, I can sleep through the night. My husband & cats are happy, too!
  very nice!
Reviewed by: allergy mom from Atlanta, Ga

I'm glad I splurged for the Ultra. The mattress cover is very breathable and quiet. I feel like I'm doing the best for my daughter's allergy. Very Happy.
  I feel better
Reviewed by: Mold is bad from Rochester, NY

I'm allergic to mold, and my allergist and I have yet to manage my symptoms well. I live in an apartment, so I can't get rid of the carpet in the bedroom. So he suggested the allergy bedding. This is not the allergy bedding we had when I was a kid! I was cringing, thinking of that horrible plasticy-feeling, crinkly, loud, hot stuff of 20 years ago. Not so! This is smooth, not noisy, not hot--it feels like there's an extra sheet on the bed/pillows. That's it. While hubby and I haven't noticed a huge change in sleep quality over the past month, we DO feel like there's some change. I don't wake up coughing anymore that used to happen about 2x/night. And any improvement is a good thing. I like knowing I'm breathing cleaner air, if nothing else. The pillow covers are too large for our contour pillows I wish they fit snugger because wrinkles don't feel great. However, the one standard pillow we have it fits fine. Also, there's certainly excess on the mattress cover, but it was easy to tuck in. With two people the set-up process was pretty easy. We have a king bed and it took us about 10 minutes to install the box spring covers and mattress cover. Allergy bedding is expensive, but it's helping us, and over the long run it's a lot cheaper than medication. I'm a believer in "do it right the first time." So even though it's expensive, we bought the ultra because it had such great reviews, and Achoo's generous guarantee/return policy. I have nothing to compare Ultra to, except no allergy bedding at all. One extra note--I had to call because it's unclear on the website whether you get two twin box spring covers or a single king one with the king set. You get twins, unless you request otherwise.
  Very nice..yet
Reviewed by:  from OKC, OK

I purchased this set for my husband as he suffers from severe allergies. I am very pleased with the mattress and pillow covers. They seem to be very good quality and fit well. The mattress cover is a little loose on our 18" mattress, but that is nice in that it made it easier to put on, and the extra just tucks under the mattress. It was slightly cruch as first, but that stopped after a few nights. The only thing I didn't like is the box spring cover. I hadn't realized in advance that it was vinyl, which wasn't a problem EXCEPT it is super snug. We got it on, but as much as we tried to gently stretch it the zipper kept popping apart from the stress as we tried to zip it on as it wasn't quite as long as it should have been. Eventually we got it zippered up, and I'm hoping the fact that we very rarely move it will prevent it from popping open. It seems incredibly cheap that it wasn't made an inch or two longer as vinyl doesn't have a lot of give, nor do zippers. I hope it holds up, but thats the reason I gave this a 3 instead of 5 stars. &ltbr&gt&ltbr&gt [Editor's Note: The vinyl box spring covers are something we've been working on making just a bit larger, particularly in the queen size as the current size, as the customer states, is very snug. Look for that problem to wane as the new, slightly larger size, comes into production.]
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Reviewed by: all year allergy sufferer from Seattle, WA

LOVE that I wake up breathing clear. The only complaint I have is the poorly made spring mattress cover. The zipper split open it's thin and delicate compared to what comes on the mattress cover and the vinyl tends to tear if you aren't careful. Other than that, it's the best purchase I've made for my allergies!!
  Awesome Product
Reviewed by: Asthma & Alllergy Sufferer from Jacksonville, FL

This product has been a huge help with the Dust Mite Allergy and Asthma that is triggered by the allergy. My wife can now sleep in bed all night without waking up. This is a miracle!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Pennsylvania

Product is well made, fits appropriately, is soft and washes well.
  Mattress covers
Reviewed by:  from Mansfield, OH

The material and size of the mattress covers was perfect. Both the mattress and box springs fit snugly without a lot of tugging and pulling.
  Ultra Armor Bedding
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Sufferer from Ashburn, Virginia

My parents gave us their like new mattress set for our guest room and I wanted to cover it with the "Ultra" Allergy Bedding and pillow covers the same as our bedding. The bedding is comfortable not crinkly as some other bedding, and our guests always claim to sleep better than in their own beds at home. When I tell them about the mattress and pillow covers they want to know where to buy them. They truly make a difference!
  Good Quality
Reviewed by: Severe Allergy Sufferer from Virginia

We bought the package for our queen-sized bed. It fit very well and appears to be very good quality. We bought extra pillow cases because we did not realize that the package actually comes with 3. Would highly recommend.
  Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding Packages
Reviewed by: Martin Willey from Bakersfield, CA

I have suffered from severe year round allergies all of my life and have terrible thick post nasal drainage. I have tried everything, including chiropractic care, allergy shots, CT scan, medication both oral and injection and an eastern-western medical procedure which involves injecting B12 into acupuncture points. My best relief so far has come from installing this allergy bedding on my beds in California and Oregon and flushing my sinuses with an irrigator using salt water with Neil Med SinuSurf Surfactant. The Allergy Armor Ultra mattress covers and pillow cases work and fit great. The mattress covers are true to size, unlike some sheet sets, so measure your mattress thickness and order within the size range. The queen size box spring covers are a different story. The two original were both too short. They are supposed to be 80" long and the mattresses measure 79." Both were over 2" short. Customer service was great and I have been sent a replacement for both. The only problem was they fit like the first two, short. Evidently there a manufacturing defect with the queen size vinyl box spring covers, so beware of this problem. My four star rating was based on the mattress cover and pillow cases. If the box spring covers would have fit, I would have rated them five stars.
Reviewed by: plagued by allergies and cough variant asthma  from Western PA

My 8 year old daughter has been PLAGUED, missed 6 days of school recently in one month with recurring cough-variant asthma spells always gets much worse at night! for 7 years. It always starts as an allergy/cold flare-up and goes downhill quickly. After years of frustration, too many medications and doctor office visits....I did a little research and found that maybe it could be dust/dustmite related. Thank you, also, to the previous written reviews at AchooAllergy Three weeks into using the complete bed covering set, this has been a total nighttime transformation!! She has always gone to bed, woke up about 20 minutes later coughing, and repeated through the night along with always only getting restless sleep. The first night had me convinced...never coughed and I checked in on her several times...she never moved. FINALLY...REST! It has been the same every night since! I've since bought for my 2 other children who also have allergies, but not the severity. Now that spring is here, I'm sure her seasonal allergies will flare up again, but at least we will all sleep better NO COUGHING! without the dustmites aggravating everyone's breathing. At first I was a little hesitant on the cost, but completely worth every penny! I ONLY WISH I HAD DONE THIS YEARS AGO!
  It really works!
Reviewed by:  from 

I love my new bedding package. I suffer from bad allergies and asthma. Before I had these I would start coughing as soon as I layed on my bed. But not anymore! Thanks!
  Go With Ultra
Reviewed by: Done Waking Up Congested from Madison, Wisconsin

I was really torn between the ultra and the other kinds because of the price jump, but I am really glad I did. It isn't hot when I am sleeping or any noisier than high thread-count sheets. I love it, and I am really glad that I make this purchase.
  Protective bedding
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Houston, Texas

The encasement was difficult to get on my king size theraputic mattress, but we do wake up with much less congestion. I enjoy the ease of getting the regular sheets on the mattress.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Brusca Family from michigan

We feel the bedding has helped our sleeping and allergies upon waking. It is a little noisy not disrupting but very happy to say it breathes well, no sweating.
  A Satisfied customer
Reviewed by: Better breather from Brooklyn NY

The package was a good deal and had every thing I needed. Thanks!
  Allergy Armor Ultra
Reviewed by: Amy from Orlando, Florida

I've recently been diagnosed with allergies and my first purchase was the Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding package. It arrived quickly and I can already tell a difference. The fabric is nice, not "plastic" and you can't even tell that your bedding is covered. I even ordered an extra set of pillowcases for travel. I love it!!
Reviewed by: Adam - Allergy Sufferer from California

Covers the bed nicely, and does not have the bad crinkling sound of plastic.
  great package
Reviewed by: Amy from Sylvania, OH

I had my daughter allergy tested and found out the she is allergic to dust mites, among other things. I ordered the queen bedding package and was very pleased with the quality. Also, she doesn't wake up with puffy eyes anymore. Great product, great quality.
  No More "achoos"!
Reviewed by: Former Suffer from North Georgia Mountains

I am so very pleased with this product. My air purifier died, so, instead of replacing it, I chose a more permanent and longer lasting solution - Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding Package! I'm thrilled with the imeediate results and recommend these products to everyone!
  hard to tell but easy
Reviewed by: allergies from WDC

I just got them and they were easy to put on but it's hard to tell if they are actually doing anything yet for my allergies. I was happy to see they are washable.
  Excellent Products
Reviewed by: PGH from New Bern, NC

We received our queen set w/extra pillowcase in a couple of days after the order, during the Christmas season. We noticed results the very same night we installed the set. We are happy with the feel and lack of noise.
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from 

Wonderful. I can't tell that the mattress cover or pillow cases are there. Doesn't make me overheat, and I can be a hot sleeper. I'm not waking up sneezing. Full size cover wasn't hard to put on alone, I just had to be careful to pull evenly on either side.
  Very good product
Reviewed by: Mary from San Diego

I recently discovered I have allergies to many different things that I didn't even know I had. I just just knew I felt bad all the time. My doctor told me to buy bedding that was "tightly woven" so I bought this and I have felt much better!
  Asthmatic Long Time Allergy Suffer - Nevada
Reviewed by: Lissy from Nevada

All I can say is it's been 2 years owning this bedding package and I can truly tell you it has made me sleep better breathe better. It truly makes a huge difference and I am so happy with it I refer so many that this is a must have Item!
  Armor Ultra Bedding Package
Reviewed by: Long time allery sufferer from Orange County California

I have used this product before so I knew what to expect. It was easy to get on but my bed delivery people ripped the box spring cover on the bed frame. I taped it up with heavy duty tape so I hope it works. The pillow covers were different than before but I got used to them.
  works, but noisy
Reviewed by: allergic to dust from 

Firstly, it works. I used to wake up with incredible dry skin around eyes, due to sudden onset of severe dust allergy. Using these sheets has cured 95% of my problems. But these don't in any way pass for normal sheets. They are noisy and sweaty. I really expected that choosing highest quality / most expensive type of sheets would mean they are queit. They are not. As well, the boxspring cover is basically a thick shower curtain. It smells quite strongly at first. I'm happy that these sheets work, but for this price, I'm a little disappointed with how they feel. There not "soft as silk".
  Excellent So Far
Reviewed by: Severe Dust Mite Allergen Sufferer from Cleveland, Ohio

Received product within 3 business days. Easy to put on queen size mattress so needed 2 people to move the mattress and box spring. No problems with tearing. Have DEFINITELY seen an improvement so far in sneezing in the morning.
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from 

Very nice product. Easy to manage to get on the bed and it is soft.
  Yahoo for achoo
Reviewed by: No more sinus infections from Austin , Texas

I recieved my order in just a few days. It was easy to put the product on my bedding. I can not tell it is even there. I was fearfull that it was going to be hot and noisy, but it is not hot nor does it make any crinkling noise when you move. It is wonderful. I do not even know it is there. Thank you for helping me stay well. Janie
  Excellent Value
Reviewed by: Mom of an allergy sufferer from North Carolina

I purchased this because the package came with the free box spring encasing. I was surprised that there were two pillow cases, I was excepting only one - that alone is a great value. The encasings in this package are excellent quality and soft, not that plastic feeling. My son noticed breathing improvements the 1st night. I'm very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone with allergies.
  Finally a full night of rest!
Reviewed by: Grateful Mother from Oxford, MS

Before we purchased the bedding package, my son coughed literally all night long every single night. Since we've started using the products, I haven't had to get up to give him treatments or anything! It's a complete turnaround and i'm so grateful that we found this product. They were easy to install and were shipped to us extremely fast. I would recommend this product to anyone who has children that suffers from severe allergies that affect the child's and the parents' quality of rest at night. We are sleeping much better thanks to achoo allergy!
  Restful Sleep
Reviewed by: Sneezy Linda  from Mandeville, LA

I love the mattress and box spring covers and the pillow cases. They easily slide right on to the pillows and mattresses and are comfortable to sleep on. No more coughing, sneezing and stuffy head at night. Just a restful night's sleep.
Reviewed by: Ann from California

I love this bedding, my friend helped me put it on my bed my husband is in Iraq right now and I noticed a BIG difference within a couple days, even with my cats still sleeping on my bed. The material is very comforting, the pillow cover took a couple days to get used to.
  Greal Deal
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from North Carolina

I searched many sites to find a bedding package for my queen bed, and this was the best deal I was able to find. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, and i've noticed a difference. At first the encasings made some noise, just a soft crinkling as I "broke it in", but now I'd never know I have it on my bed! Truly worth the price, best allergy bedding product I've used!
  Great product for a reasonable price
Reviewed by: Lacey from Columbia, MD

When my allergist told me I needed to completely cover my bedding in allergy bedding, I was shocked at how expensive the brand he recommended was. The more I looked though the more I realized that these bedding sets cost a small fortune and aren't even covered by my insurance! I stumbled across AchooAllergy and am so glad I did - this set is so affordable and is a great product. The material is soft, breathable and quiet, which was my biggest fear. Plus, ever since I put the covers on my bed I haven't had a single sinus problem or cold which is just amazing. Waking up with the ability to breathe and actually sleeping through the whole night again is so great. I love this bedding and am so glad I purchased it.
  Grandchildren Breathe
Reviewed by: Grandma with allergy suffering grandchildren from Whitsett, NC

Grandchildren could not breathe on old but never used mattresses. Both kids had running noses and coughing. I ordered the mattress & box spring cover, and pillow covers and had them rushed shipped. The kids spend the night with us again two weeks later, and slept soundly with no allergies what so ever. I am sold!
  No More Itchy Throat
Reviewed by: No longer sneezing! from Mesa, Arizona

I ordered the Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding package with the free pillowcase plus I ordered an extra pillowcase to cover all four of our pillows! What a difference the bedding made in our sleep....every night our throats would become scratchy and we would both be sneezing and now that has become a thing of the past, THANK YOU SO MUCH for our good nite sleeps! It said on the bedding package that it took two people to put on the cases for the foundation and the mattress but I was so excited about the bedding when it arrived, I went right down to the laurndromat, washed and dried them as directed on the package and proceeded to put the covers on took some manuvering but once I got the mattresses standing up on the floor and got out my footstool, it was easy as could be putting the casing on each piece, and much easier getting the two pieces back on the queen size frame than getting them out, and no mishaps, the covers are very sturdy and by the time Mark came home.....the bed was assembled and he could even notice that something in the bedroom was no longer making him sneeze. So thanks again from two very happy customers and I will be spreading the word about your WONDERFUL products and quick delivery.
  Yes Folks - It Really Works!
Reviewed by: A Long Suffering Allergy Person from Madison, WI

I saw a portion of an early morning news show where the person talked about the "bugs" that lie hidden in your mattress & pillows. They suggested getting allergen filters. After I checked the web, I wound up getting the complete set from Achoo Allergy. After my wife & I put them on, I swear from that night on I slept more soundly than ever. No waking up to blow my nose, sneeze, etc. Thank you to Achoo Allergy & their products
  comfortable !
Reviewed by: Bill Beiser from Seaford DE

bought this product for it's allergy relief properties and surprised with the comfortable fit and non-plastic feel
  Armor Ultra Bedding Package
Reviewed by: Tim Koeller, Dust mite Warrior from New Richmond, WI.

I was surprised at the quick shipping! I was also glad to get them installed after my Dr. told me about the dust mites! The directions suggested 2 people to install them, however, I was able to accomplish the feat by myself, and with a little patience it was easy! I'm surprised at how nicely they are made and how much better I actually do sleep! They're not noisy at all, and work beautifully! Thank you!
  Sleep Confident & Comfortable
Reviewed by: An Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding Believer from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I initially read about Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding in Women's Health. After visiting the website & reading through the vast amount of information regarding dust mites, mite fecal matter, bacteria, fungi, cat dander and most importantly bedding protector pore size comparisons I was sold! Not all mattress protectors are created equally! Pore size does matter! Shipping was quick & the products are awesome! We were able to slide the box spring cover & mattress cover on with ease. Of course I have protectors on my pillows also. I honestly have nothing negative to say about the protectors. They don't disturb the quality, comfort or integrity of the pillows or mattress & honestly I don't even know they are on! I sleep comfortably every night and remain confident I'm sleeping by myself without the company of uninvited and unwanted guests such as dust mites and bacteria!
  new bedding
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from turnersville,nj

After being newly diagnosed with multiple allergies including dust mites and mold my doctor felt that this product was definitely worth purchasing. The bedding was easy to put on and doesn't feel like plastic. In fact even the pillowcase is comfortable. My breathing has improved since encasing my mattress,boxspring and pillows.
Reviewed by: Kelly from Dallas, Texas

I have severe asthma, allergies and 2 cats & a dog! I bought the mattress cover, pillow cases and crib cover. I only put on the pillow cases the first night and the next morning I woke up and I could BREATH! I was amazed. Then I put the mattress covers on and the next morning was even better. I still cant believe how immediate the effects were. Get this; it really works.
  We love the way they feel!
Reviewed by: Sleeping like babies! from Virginia

Both my husband and I have allergies, and we had been having trouble sleeping, because we would get "stuffy" at night. Our allergist told us that since some of our allergies are to dust mites, we might want to think about getting mattress and pillow covers made expressly to protect against dust mites. We thought, "Well, anything is worth a try at this point," and we ordered your queen size bedding package, and an extra set of queen size pillow cases. The first thing that impressed me was how easy they were to put on the mattress and box spring. They slid on much more easily than I had expected!! The next thing I noticed was that the sheets fit so smoothly over top the covers and the texture of the sheets on the bed actually feels different. They feel smoother and wrinkle less than they did before. (My husband insists that they also feel cooler than they did before, and he likes that!) The most important thing though, is that I'm not waking up as stuffy anymore. HOOOORAY AND HALLELUJAH! Good Job!!
  Take THAT, Dust Mites!
Reviewed by: Ian's Papa from Alpharetta, GA

I've known for a while that my 3-year-old son was allergic to dust mites. He tested postive at the allergist. His symptoms were constantly sniffling and nasal congestion at night (and coughing) and a reddish rash on his neck. These symptoms seemed to present themselves only at night, when he went to bed. The first night that the allergen barriers were in place (box spring, mattress, and pillowcases), he could breathe easily, and the sniffles were gone. I also haven't seen the red rash on his neck. I'm sold!
  This is Just What I was Looking For
Reviewed by: Thankful mom from Redwood City, CAlifornia

After much research, I found the Achoo website. The Ultra Armor bedding package was exactly what I was looking for. My daughter has definitely been less sick since we put the encasings on the bed and pillows.
  Easy as 1,2,3
Reviewed by: Dust mites begone from Atascadero, California

My husband was diagnosed with dust mite allergies recently so I started looking for some help in combatting these critters. I found the Achoo Allergy site and reviewd what other people had said about the products. I felt like I was going to get a great product and I was not disappointed. I ordered the Ultra bedding and was totally happy with the product. It was so easy to put the cover on, (with a little help) and I can tell that my husband is breathing much eaier already. I was really impressed with the customer service too..I would definetly recommend this company to others when I get the chance.
  Excellent Quality-Perfect Fit-Nice price
Reviewed by: Allergy AJ from Oswego, NY

I purchased the bedding set for my son's bed. I had just returned a "top of the line" cover to a competitior; just the mattress cover was $100+, and it was designed with a large seam across the middle! This set was designed with comfort, fit and functionality all balance. We received it quickly and the fit was impeccable! If you need to cover your bedding, get this set NOW!
  Achoo! NO MORE!
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Atlanta, Georgia

These covers are GREAT! And I was totally surprised - and HAPPY! - at how easy they were to put on. I had read a lot about how difficult this was and so was prepared to struggle even with someone helping me. I am a tiny person and disabled - but I was able to get box spring and mattress covers on easily BY MYSELF! And - most important - I can breathe so much better now! I will recommend these to everyone! Oh, and I was also surprised at how very fast you shipped these to me - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  Zip tight those dust mites
Reviewed by: stopped up at night from Atlanta, GA

I think this is working. I'm sleeping without the usual congestion due to dust allergies. Thank you, Achoo!
  Finally, a full nights sleep
Reviewed by: Veronica ; Sleeping Beauty from North Carolina

Every night. All through the night. It started with a tickle in the back of my throat and turned into a severe coughing spell. I couldn't stand it any longer and I went to see the allergist. He said I might need to do the shots but first lets try mattress encasings. So I ordered them and they arrived super fast.I couldn't believe it, the first good nights rest in months. Allergy Armor saved me from weekly shots.I recommend them to anyone with a dustmite allergy.
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Decatur Georgia

After seeing a couple talk shows talk about dust mites and other things living in your bed i got a little freaked out. Not to mention i was always stuffy in the morning. I then investigated a little bit and found these covers. They are pefect. Not only can i rest easy knowing no dust mites can get through the cover, i'm not stuffy anymore. Perfect !

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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