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  good caliber
Reviewed by: Jenn N from BC, Canada

We received the duvets in the expected time frame and while they add a little weight it was less than expected, they seem well made and were easy to put on with tge full bottom zip. my only recommendation would be to add loops to the exterior for tying to the duvet cover...very satisfied
  Feels nice
Reviewed by: Jeannie from Belgrade, Montana

I like how the duvet cover feels. They are so slick that the down comforter moves around in it, more than the other duvet covers causing the comforter to bunch. I was just diagnosed with allergies, and noticed a difference right away. I sleep much better.
  Amazing Product - Changed My Life
Reviewed by: Sniffles from Santa Monica

I bought this duvet cover along with the Allergy Armor Cotton bedding package. I love it. It does not make any noise it did the first night, kind of like a sleeping bag, but that went away and the weight of it is perfect for a duvet cover. I'm very pleased with this purchase and felt that my allergies got better from the first night we used it. I really do wish I had bought this product earlier because it is one of the most effective things that I have come across to help my allergies.
  Son sounds clear!
Reviewed by: Mom of a Congested Son from Cleveland, Ohio

Whenever I called my son, who has begun his first job in another city, he would sound congested and exhausted. As a child, he never suffered from allergies. In a conversation, he noted that his down comforter seemed to have a "hole" somewhere, as random feathers were appearing in his room. He asked if he should replace his duvet cover, and I found your product. Not only did it arrive promptly, but within a few days his nasally "good morning" was gone! He describes the advanced duvet cover as "sweet" and he begins each day without congestion and exhaustion. I am now buying them for my other 3 kids... anything to help them get a great night sleep and excel at school or work!
  Relief from a duvet cover!
Reviewed by: Wesley Leach from Long Island, New York

I have severe allergies year round. I have purchased allergy covers in the past and found them to be bulky and uncomfortable. These were great, and I felt instant relief from my allergies!
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from Boston

My mite allergies have abated since using the Advanced Allergy Armor Duvet Cover. I have sensitive skin and the fabric is not offensive, unlike the a competitor's fabric. It is soft, breathable, has stayed a bright white and washes and drys beautifully. I need not search for another company to provide relief for mite allergies. One suggestion: ties on the inside, so the comforter doesn't slide inside.
  Dust free Duvet
Reviewed by: D. Myer from Boston

I needed allergy relief from dust mites. I was tired of washing not only the sheets, but the blankets and comforters every 2 weeks. Just too much laundry. So purchasing an allergen free duvet cover was the answer. The website allowed me to compare and contrast the different grades of bedding: classic, advanced, ultra etc. and I was able to determine what protection I needed and what fabric I would be comfortable sleeping with. I dislike polyester fabrics usually, but Advanced Armor feels soft and breathes. I awake without itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. The full/queen size is generous and inside ties to hold the ends of the comforter, so it doesn't bunch and slide around would be a great feature for future makes. If you need relief from dustmites, this product is a must!
  Excellent Product
Reviewed by: Mom of allergy sufferers from Huntington Beach, California

Using this duvet cover eliminates the hassle of a duvet, covered with a dust mite barrier, encased in a duvet cover that needed to be laundered weekly. Now, I have my favorite duvet that is protected by the new cover. The fabric is soft and cool to the touch. My son who has severe dust mite allergies hasn't had one reaction since using his new duvet cover. The only reason I didn't give this product 5 stars is because it doesn't come in a range of colors. We'll have to see how long a white duvet stays white with a little boy.
  I believe it works!
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Seattle, WA

I have been suffering allergy since I moved to my new house. I purchased several items from achoo allergy for dustmites control and my allergy is definitely subdued.
  Allergy Armor Advanced Duvet Covers
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Californis, USA

This duvet cover is fantastic. I originally had duvet cover that had feathers flying and this would make my allergies worst. Now doesn't bother me thanks to Allegy Armor Advanced Duvet Cover.
  Duvet Cover
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Denton, North Carolina

As soon as we received our cover we put it on our brand new Down Comforter. I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase of the Duvet Cover, not only does it help protect against dust mites, but it helps keep my hard to clean comforter clean. The price was wonderful, the customer service was A+, and the timely manner which we received our order was outstanding. Thanks Achoo Allergy, I feel I am safe from those nasty dust mites.
  Soft and Protective
Reviewed by: Sara from North Haven, CT

I'll quickly get the minor negatives out of the way: this duvet cover adds a lot of heat to your sleep. You might want to downgrade to a thinner comforter. At first, it's a little stiff and therefore a little loud when you move around, but that quickly goes away. Otherwise, this has been a great addition to my bed. It looks good, and it has definitely helped to keep my breathing clear at night. It has also made my bed maintenance easier--I only have to drop the decorative duvet cover in the wash instead of having to regularly have my comforter dry-cleaned. Very good investment.

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