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  Great Duvet Cover!
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from San Diego, CA

My husband and I have allergies. When our cat, who we are NOT allergic too started sneezing every time she got on our bed/comforter, I thought it was time to buy the duvet cover. It's good quality, looks nice on the bed and has helped decrease our allergy symptoms. Even the cat has stopped sneezing! It's a great investment!
  Too heavy and too hot
Reviewed by:  from California

Got this duvet cover for my daughter but it is just too heavy and makes her too hot at night. Going to return it.
  Loud Sleeper
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Sandy, Oregon

The company shipped my product to me without delay. I love my Allergy Armor Ultra!! The first thing I was impressed with is you can tie the duvet cover down in each corner to your comforter. This prevents my feather bed from bunching up. Secondly, my comforter no longer leaks feathers. The third benefit is my husband uses a c-pap machine, but sense I have put the duvet cover on the bed his snoring has improved, and we both are sleeping better. The duvet cover does make a little noise but it is hardly noticeable.
  Duvet Cover
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from California

I can't tell if the cover is helping my allergies yet. The cover definitely adds weight and warmth to the duvet. I'll have to decide if I'll put it onto my summer duvet.
  Would recommend this duvet cover!
Reviewed by: Lori from Washington, DC

I was worried about how stiff the fabric felt when I first took it out of the package, but it hasn't been a problem. I put another duvet cover over the allergy armor ultra duvet cover, and it's been great. I bought it for my down comforter which has been leaking feathers and I've been sleeping 100% better since.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: too noisy for a light sleeper from California

It seems to do a good job keeping out allergens and fits perfectly, but it's too noisy since I'm a light sleeper. It crinkles with every toss and turn throughout the night.
  Excellent product
Reviewed by: Multiple Allergies sufferer from Starkville. MS

The fabric is soft and easy to wash. I sleep better since we mite-proofed our bed my nose gets stuffy less, my eyes are much less itchy.
  Great protection
Reviewed by:  from 

The cover really helps me with my allergies, and I find it comfy. My husband isn't a fan but I don't mind it all.
  Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Cover
Reviewed by: Allergy Suffer from San Francisco

Excellent Product! I'm very pleased with the quality of this product. It makes such a big difference in being able to manage my allergies. Thank you! Thank You!
  Helpful but heavy
Reviewed by: Emily from Philadelphia

The duvet cover does seem to be helpful in reducing my exposure to allergens, but it adds significant weight to the comforter. It's also a bit difficult to keep everything smooth and lined up when you have a decorative duvet cover over the allergy armor one. But it's hard to imagine how one could design a dust mite proof cover without these problems.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from MN

We LOVE our duvet cover. It is SOOO comfortable and the perfect weight!
  Sweet Dreams
Reviewed by: Melanie, Super Cleaner from Palm desert, CA

I purchased a Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Cover and two covers for my traveling pillows. They are just as described which means a good night's sleep. The material is soft and did not feet like so many other styles.
  Simple, Effective Product
Reviewed by: King Rhinitis from New York

Very comfortable, quality materials.
  Cover for down duvet
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy from Southern CA

It's a soft well made cover. A little hard to put on because there are no openings in it, but that would defeat the purpose.
  Designed For Allergy Suffers
Reviewed by: Severe Allergy Sufferer from Lynchburg, VA

This product is simply the best there is, bottom line. If you are truly serious about allergy prevention, then this product is an absolute must have, in fact all of the allergy barriers Achoo offers for your bed are a must. I speak as an individual that suffers from MCS and extreme sensitivity to dust mites, this product has been a true life saver and has allowed me to sleep at night without sneezing, itching or wheezing like I used to. I've had sinus surgery and tons of sinus medication prescribed but this has been the only product that turned my health around for the better. I'm really glad someone invented the allergy armors for the box spring, mattress and for blankets.
  Awesome Achoo Allergy Product
Reviewed by: Rebekah with allergies from Southern California

I recently purchased an Allergy Armor Ultra Duvet Cover. I placed the order on Monday and it arrived on Thursday via Fed Ex. I placed it over my comforter, zipped it up and slept soundly all night. It is comfortable. I love it. It keeps out the dust and is great. I have had allergies for over 7 years, sneezing, stuffy nose, irritated eyes. I went to the allergist and he recommended Achoo Allergy! I have tried other allergy products and they are uncomfortable. These are the best allergy products on the market for a reasonable price and great value!
  Comfortable and Quiet
Reviewed by: Allergies in Atlanta from Atlanta, GA

I was worried this cover would make a lot of noise when we toss and turn during the night. I am happy to report it does not make any noise. My queen size down comforter fits in it just fine and actually with some room to spare. I would buy this product again.
  pillow covers
Reviewed by: allergy suffer from Marietta, Ga

Duvet cover is soft and quiet. Doesn't krinkle when you move and feels soft like sheets. I also wake up with no headache or stuffness
Reviewed by:  from connecticut

I love my Allergy Armour Duvet Cover. It's easy to wash, comfortable and has helped me tremendously with my allergies. Its wonderful to know that this encasement cover is doing its job against dust mites. All in all...what a wonderful nights sleep! A clean feeling for anyone!

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