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  Allergy Relief
Reviewed by: allergies gone from Phoenix, Arizona

I have been on prescription nasal sprays of various kinds for four months. I even took a series of Prednisone. Nothing worked until I used Sinol. I love the fact that it is not a prescription medicine. Thank you for selling this product.
  Fast Relief
Reviewed by: Hayfever Help from Boston, MA

Flushing your sinuses with a neti pot is an excellent way to get some relief. The only problem is that you cant use it everywhere. On a recent visit to my allergist she recommended a new "all natural" nasal spray called Sinol Allergy/Sinus nasal spray. For the last two months I have used this product and I love it. Sinol has no harsh side effects but it does a little bite to it when you first begin to use it. Like eating horseradish or wasabi but I like that nose clearing feeling. It will also keep your sinuses drained and bacteria free. I wish I found Sinol years ago.
  All-Natural Remedy That Works!
Reviewed by: Cathy Roper from St. Louis, MO

I have tried lots and lots of natural remedies but never experienced the fast-acting relief of the more chemical products like Afrin. This worked well for me but if you have low blood pressure, it can lower it enough to cause dizziness (because it opens the capillaries.) Conversely, if you suffer from high blood pressure, this product may allow you to kill two birds with one stone.
  I am a Pharmacist
Reviewed by: Allergy and Sinus sufferer from South Carolina

I am a registered pharmacist in Columbia, SC. I have been practicing pharmacy for 12 years now. I have suffered from nasal allergies since childhood, and I have had chronic sinusitis for years... probably 8-10 years when I think of all the infections I was treated for. In 2004, I had two sinus surgeries that did help with draining my sinuses, but then I had bronchitis and asthma issues in addition to chronic sinusitis. And I just kept getting worse. I attempted allergy shots later that year, because I was allergic to 65/79 of the things I was tested for, but I reacted so severely to the shots, that my allergist won't allow me to try allergy shots again. I am allergic to four classes of antibiotics. My allergist is concerned that if I take more antibiotics, I will become allergic to them as well- and so am I. Also, after the first sinus surgery in 2004, I continued having symptoms and was given more antibiotics for about 7 months. Finally, it was determined that maybe I had a fungal infection. When I took the antifungal, I got better, but then the bacterial infection came back. The most maddening thing was that the only antibiotics I could take interacted with the antifungals and could cause heart rhythm disorders, and I was taking that combination all the time as it was the only thing the doctors could do to get my symptoms temporarily under control. I was taking up to 8 prescription and over the counter drugs per day, and was not under control. The insomnia and asthma at night were the worst part for me. Finally, after spending $5,000 out of pocket myself in 8 months, I decided to find a treatment myself that would help my chronic sinusitis. I found acupuncture, which did help a lot with flare ups. But I had to go quite often to keep things under control. And I was doing saline nasal washes 2-3 times a day, and that helped some. But what REALLY got me under control was when I found a capsaicin based nasal spray. I was shocked! Within 3 days, I was able to get off of my antihistamines, decongestants, steroid nasal sprays, and all the other stuff I was taking. The first product I found had quite a kick to it, but it was worth it. It did clear up my symptoms. Then I found Sinol, and was able to get the help I needed without much burning sensation at all. I know that my condition is chronic, and there is no known cure. But I am so happy to report that I have been using Sinol now for over a year and a half and my symptoms are under control! Before 2 years ago, I could never go more than 3 weeks without being on an antibiotic or antifungal. And that was while I was taking so many prescriptions to try to treat my allergies and asthma. With Sinol, I can use more if I need to when I have a cold or when my allergy seasons are their worst. Sometimes I use Sinol every hour. But most days I only use 2 sprays in each nostril 2-3 times a day. I keep my symptoms completely at bay with a combination of sinus rinsing (with 16 ounces of saline with xylitol added to it) twice a day, Sinol 2-3 times a day, and colloidal silver (antimicrobial) nasal spray 2-3 times a day. It has been 2 years this week since I took an antibiotic for my sinuses! And my medical bills are so tiny now. In fact, I haven't filled a prescription for my sinuses at all since I started on Sinol. I haven't been to my allergist or my E.N.T. in 2 years. I was able to have a baby, and I am still nursing the baby now, and I am not worried about medications causing problems for my child. My OB/GYN was ok with me using Sinol. Of course, each pregnant or nursing mom should check with their own doctor before using Sinol. But I felt more comfortable with the safety of Sinol than with the conventional treatments I had been taking before my pregnancy. As a pharmacist, I am so impressed with Sinol. I recommend it to everyone with nasal allergies, sinusitis, stuffy nose or migraines. I love that it doesn't cause addiction like the over the counter decongestant sprays, but it works just as quickly. And I love that people with other medical conditions can use it, unlike other allergy medications or decongestants. And I like knowing that Sinol is made in an FDA approved lab. That helps me feel confident about the quality and purity of the product. I have heard great reports from many of my family members and coworkers when they try Sinol about how well they sleep at night now that they are not congested. And I have had several people try Sinol for migraines and within 15 minutes of using 2-3 sprays, they are functioning again! Even my husband and his coworkers are using Sinol and now so many of them don't have to go to the doctor for antibiotics multiple times a year. I am heartbroken that I can't order Sinol yet at the pharmacy where I work right now. But I recommend it to everyone anyway. I want everyone to know about your amazing product! And I sincerely pray that your company does very well. I want to always be able to get more Sinol! It has made a profound difference in the quality of my life and that of my family. And my husband is enjoying all the money we are saving, too! Sincerely and with deepest gratitude, April Columbia, SC

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