Dyson DC21 Stowaway Customer Reviews

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  Dyson allergy
Reviewed by:  from 

Love my Dyson!! Three dogs in the house and you can see all the hair that the Dyson picks up. Thank you Dyson!
  hate the dyson
Reviewed by: missing my kenmore from british columbia, canada

as the hose doesn't come directly out the front the vac. tends to pull to its right. the floor attachment doesn't suck on the edges. emptying the cannister creates a dust storm. need i say more?
  Fabulous Vacuum
Reviewed by: Kitty  from Portland Oregon

I've had my stowaway for 3 years now and I adore this vacuum, never a problem and there is virtually NO dust in the air as it is being used. I HAD another fairly expensive brand of vacuum that was a bagless upright with all sorts of attachments and dusters, it clogged ALL the time, and spewed dust out of the outflow and smelled. I got rid of it 3 months after getting this Dyson Stowaway. Never been as happy with a vacuum before. Truly Fabulous. The only slight meh I have is that it's sometimes hard for me to align the motor head back into the dirt canister. But that is just because I tend to be clumsy and a little short on patience.
  Dyson DC 21
Reviewed by:  from South Carolina

This is the best!!! I will never own anything other than this vac.I have a german shepard that lives in our house, and they shed really bad this works great. Never had any problem since, and I've had this vac. for 4yrs. Looking at getting another for the up stairs.
  Cleaner by profession
Reviewed by: Mr. Clean from Carrollton, TX

There are two reasons I got this vacuum for my company--it works well on hardwood floors and it has a powerful suction for the wand. It is kind like of dust buster in that way, and I need versatile tools for my line of work. The response from my employees has been only been positive so far. I only gave it four stars for now b/c I simply have not had these units long enough to give a full opinion on them, but up until now they've been great.
  Dyson Canister
Reviewed by: Impulsive Buyer from Chicago, IL

Honestly, this is the oddest looking vacuum that I have ever seen. Probably should not buy on looks alone, but the research I did all seemed to point out that this was an great canister vacuum, so I don't feel so bad buying in part because of the unique look!

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