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Reviewed by: jl  from Boston, MA

This is a great vacuum. It weights around 13 lbs so it is easy to carry around. The suction is very strong and it is quiet. It is great for floors and works well on area rugs. There can be a slight problem with turning the vacuum on and off but I ordered another one and found that they all operate the same way.
  A whole new experience!
Reviewed by: Very happy lady from East Coast

This vacuum makes doing floors a whole new experience. I should have bought a Miele years ago! It is unbelievable quiet - my cats don't even run away when they hear it. It really is so much better. I'm glad I spent the extra money and tried it.
  vacuum heaven
Reviewed by: Stacey Hempel from Tennessee

Have a vacuum that is 13 yrs old and is mainly for carpet use. With spring cleaning here, I rewarded myself to go GERMAN. My mother-in-law purchased one years ago, and I fell in love with Miele then. Told my husband that if we were to buy a gift for our anniversary of 16 years, that this is what I would want. Financially, that was on hold until taxes were done this year. Even though I had to wait, it was most definately worth it. I find myself vacuuming every day. I have mainly hardwood and tile. Usually I would sweep and see the fairy dust, as my son calls it, in the air. With a wood stove and one dog, cleaning has been so enjoyable now. I love the HEPA and the self containment feature. I also love the fact that it cleans the air as it runs. A Big Thank You. A product well worth its engineering.
  My First Miele
Reviewed by: Melinda from South Carolina

After researching vacuum cleaners after my trusty Kenmore died, I kept coming back to the Miele products. I ordered from AchooAllergy.com and was very impressed with their service. My Miele Pisces is great! It has awesome suction and my house feels very clean after I vacuum. As others have noted, I wish the cord was a little longer. Also, I don't like the fact that I have to change the head when going from hardwood/tile floors to carpet. My Kenmore had a switch to turn off the beater for hard floors. I do love the lightweight feel of the Pisces. All in all I am satisfied.
  Clean home, clean air!
Reviewed by: Melissa from Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Thanks to the kind staff at Achoo Allergy, I picked the perfect Miele canister vacuum for my home. I have mainly hardwood floors and only a handful of area rugs and this fits my cleaning needs exactly. The salesperson could have easily talked me into the higher priced Callisto but reasonably suggested I purchase the Pisces instead. I'm not sure I can say much more about the vacuum that hasn't already been said. It's quiet, powerful, well-engineered and the exhaust air is completely odorless. I'm a tall woman 6'1" and so the fact that the wand adjusts to my height is wonderful, no hunching over! I also love the lower-suction drapery setting for my roman shades. Works great!
  Great Vaccume
Reviewed by: Kathleen H. from Houston, Texas

Performs as advertised. Easy to use, easy to maneuver, easy to get around corners and tight places. Dial selection for floors, rugs, etc. is also excellent. Love it.
  Good Fit in my Apartment
Reviewed by: Pet Owner in the Port from Port Saint Lucie, FL

Works great in my apartment. It takes care of Jenny's hair and dirt. I don't use the brush attachment much since I mainly have hardwoods and rugs, but the other attachment works well.
  Great Vacuum
Reviewed by: Pet Owner and Noise Hater from Wisconsin

I bought it for my pet hair needs along with having wood floors and area rugs. This vacuum workd very good for me. I love the quiet operation (so do the pets!)
  no more dog hair!
Reviewed by: waiting for the day we dont have a dog from sneads ferry nc

great pickup on natural wood floor using attachment that comes with the unit, great hair and sand pickup, also able to go up the bottom of wall trim to get hair. use the same attachment for tile floor with ease. turbo brush great for area rugs that are on the wood floor. the lower the setting the easier and more smoothly the brush moves. with more suction , it becomes a little difficult to push forward, you have to pull it backward so that the brush does not bend up. it is heavier than i thought to lift up by the handle, but still lighter than most. love the retractable cord and bumpers to protect the wall. love the ease at getting to the bag, heppa filter and the smaller attachments. would be nice to have a sturdier hose attachment to the unit so that it can be pulled more without it lifting. also to have a sturdier floor attachment so that it does not pull up.

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