Miele Vacuum Attachments Customer Reviews

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  Flexible crevice tool and swivel brush
Reviewed by: Damon from Tusky OH

I ended up purchasing the Swing our home, and must not have paid much attention because these showed up with the vacuum. To be honest, I don't use the vacuum much except for cleaning our minivan and my truck, but I do really like these two tools. the crevice tool has a softer, rubber center that gives it the flex, and it's long enough to fit in the narrow gaps between the seats and the center console as well as under the seats and around the posts where it attaches to the body of the truck. The swivel brush is nice just b/c its larger, so I can clean the leather seats fasters. I like it for the vents too. They can get pretty dusty over time, but the bristles are long enough to reach through and clean them all. I do use the included attaches with the vacuum itself, so overall, these five take do a great job on the interior of both vehicles.
  Stellar floor brush!
Reviewed by: A guy without a floor brush from Vancouver, BC

But then again you can't really say anything negative about a floor brush. Achoo's price was the best I could find anywhere which is why it was disappointing when they shipped to me using UPS. Most online retailers know that UPS charges Canadians a $30 brokerage fee so they use the US Postal Service instead which charges zero fees. Hopefully Achoo will get up to speed with the majority of online retailers and stop using UPS to ship to Canada.
  Great powerhead
Reviewed by: Linda W from PA

This powerhead works much better on my mid height carpet than the one that came with mine. Its a must-have in my opinion
  My dog ate it
Reviewed by: Prescott J. from San Francisco, CA

Well, you've heard about the homework, how about the crevice tool? My dog ate it, I found a replacement here, and it's great. Period.
  Powerbrush - 217
Reviewed by: New Miele owner from Seattle, WA

I am happy with my Callisto with the 217 power brush. I thought about the bigger brush, but this does work well on my carpet.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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