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  Tin Can
Reviewed by: Jason from San Diego

I prefer the AeroChamber over this tin can as the new inhalers fit the AeroChamber more easily. I found that my new puffer kept falling out of the back and I agree with the other reviewer that it made my medicine taste like metal - which can't be good for you
  What a piece of junk!
Reviewed by: Asthma Sufferer from Detroit

Where do I start ... the mouthpiece broke off and the valve got damaged. Also, my medicine tasted like "metal" when I inhaled.
Reviewed by:  from 

This is not a spacer, but a holding chamber, which is great for kids...PARI continues to develop great asthma products!
  Pari Vortex Spacer is Great
Reviewed by: Milly a COPD sufferer from Boston, Massachusetts

I was having a horrible time using my inhaler because it no longer fit into my old spacer. I was so gald that Achoo Allergy came up with a Spacer that will accomodate the new inhaler canisters. It works really great with the new canisters and I feel that the medication gets where it needs to be in your lungs verses in your mouth. Thank you Achoo Allergy for making such a Great Spacer for the new canisters.

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