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Reviewed by: Allergy guy from The Petri Dish of Southwest Florida

Using this machine three times a day has helped me get over a sinus infection. I am unable to take any antibiotics because they make me very sick. My ENT doctor likes this machine and recommends it. I have read criticisms that the machine only clears out the lower sinuses but not the back sinuses. I don't know if that's true or not, but it certainly works better than the usual neti pots or the squeeze bottle sinus rinses. I use it on the highest setting, and I slightly inhale a few times during the rinse, which I think gets the solution into the back of the sinuses. I also think the "misting" tip is a good idea and it will permeate the back sinuses. I've only had the machine for about two weeks. I'll report later if there are any quality issues after I have used it for a few months.
  SinuPulse Elite review
Reviewed by: chris erdey from California

I had been using a NetiPot before purchasing this product, due to constant dryness in my nose and allergies. I am thrilled with this device and how effective it is. It is truelly able to rinse out the allergens much better than my neti-pot could dream of doing. And it vibrates and massages the little cilia hairs inside the nose which I am hoping will wake them up to start functioning properly again so that I can smell properly once more. I would've given it 5 stars if it were not for the strength/level dial being difficult to turn because it does not protrude very much, and the on/off button having been placed on opposite side of the device where all the action is taking place - therefore not allowing ease of access. Other than that it is a fantastic device and has helped me tremendously with my sinus challenges living in Southern California!
  Nasal irrigator
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Houston, Texas

Love this product. Had been using nasal cup. This does a much better job and we have discontinued using the nasal spray.
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Reviewed by: World Trade Center Respiratory Disease Sufferer from Upstate New York

Very pleased with product
Reviewed by: Sinus Problems, Big Time from Pickens, South Carolina

I received the SinuPlus Elite cleaner about a month ago and since I started using it, I no longer need to use Allegra. This is definitely a big improvement and a cost reduction as well. I only use it now when the sinuses start acting up, where as before, they were always acting up.
  This is a great product!
Reviewed by: Sinus sufferer from California

I've suffered from seasonal sinus problems for years, and have usually used antibiotics to remedy sinus infections, which I tend to get once a year! Too often! Recently, I've had a few sinus infections that attributed to more severe problems. My doctor recommended that I purchase a pulsating sinus irrigation system to help alleviate this condition, so I did just that! I'm so pleased with the SinuPulse Elite it's convenient, easy to use I usually use the product twice a day, and my sinuses are looking and feeling healthy! I am happy that I made this purchase!
  Great product.
Reviewed by: Stuffy Sinuses from Colorado

I've had this for about three weeks, and I only wish I'd known about it earlier. First of all, it makes a tremendous difference to my sinuses. I don't know whether it'll allow me to avoid surgery or not. I only wish my allergist had recommended one to me years ago -- I might not be as bad off as I am. Washing the allergens out of your nose makes an immediate difference, and moisturizing it also helps I live in a very dry climate. I tried a Neti pot years ago and couldn't get it to work -- water went in, but didn't run through, leaving me in a world of hurt. The water goes right through with this, and it's very soothing.
  this product works great,
Reviewed by: roberta harrison, sufferer of allergys, sinus, ect from indiana

Since i have allergies, sinus problems, lots of infections due to swelling and mucus, I bought this sinupulse. Its great, easy to use. I also have COPD and the sinupulse helps alot with that. It clears out the mucus an lets me breathe a whole lot easier. I am so glad i found this site! I just set it up at night, ready for first thing in morning. Its so easy kids can do it. I can't say enough about this product! I used to use a neti pot, but this is so, so much better and faster. Thanks, Roberta
Reviewed by: Cronic sinus sufferer from Charleston, SC

I have had chronic sinus problems for many years and even after two septorhinoplasty surgeries still had no relief. This system allows for a forced irrigation of the entire sinus cavity - something that is virtually impossible to accomplish with gravity fed solutions. I gently restrict the flow of water out of my 2nd nostril allowing full expansion of the sinus cavity and maximum cleansing action. The reservoir is extra large and really my only complaint is that the flow adjustment dial on my unit is overly stiff making adjustment of flow rate difficult when trying to adjust with wet hands. Highly recommend this as a sinus cleaning solution.
  Glad I Found You
Reviewed by: Mary Zinn from Emporia, Kansas

I have been getting sinus infections twice a year. Meds do not help me any more. While I have been using this I have had no infections and I have had clearer sinuses. There is only one thing I would change and that is the control knob can be hard to turn for people with arthritis.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from PENNSYLVANIA

This is truly a great product, it really clears up my sinuses, and when it does it keeps them open for hrs. I can really breath great, and it removes all of the mucus. It's the best thing i have ever bought, and i am so pleased with it. i don't have the dryness that i used to have, and also i don't have the nose bleeds, because of the setting i have it on. It feels so good to be able to breath so clear again. Dolores S.
  I am feeling better than I have in years
Reviewed by: Breathing easier from GA

Great nasal irrigator I have been using it for over a year and it has helped more than anything else I have tried. I love that I can use any nasal wash product in the SinuPulse and that it is not a racket to simply sell their saline. It really is the best nasal irrigator available for those serious about their allergy and sinus problems I have found nothing that compares - thanks Achoo
  Works better than the others
Reviewed by: Be Well from New York

I've used a neti pot for nasal irrigation on a daily basis for years and it works quite well however this year, I had a sinus infection that followed the winter flu and nothing I tried was working well enough. I told a friend about the SinuPulse Elite and ended up buying one myself. It works very well! I find that using warm salt water (one teaspoon salt to a pint of water) and adding a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract or a Tablespoon of a product called Alkalol (essential oils to soothe and cleanse the mucus membranes)makes the treatment even more effective. In addition, the thing that worked along with the SinuPluse Elite was steam. I bought a KAZ facial steamer and the two were an unbeatable combination and without any negative side effects! Once you get used to both they are actually quite relaxing procedures. The SinuPulse Elite is easy to clean and care for and very easy to use. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: sinus sufferer from TX

Fantastic product thanks for the great support. Much more durable and versatile than my previous unit.
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Reviewed by:  from 

Sinus Plus Elite is everthing that it says it is. I highly recommened it. WLM. Baton Rouge, LA
  Finally some relief
Reviewed by: Paula from Fort Wayne, IN

This product is a must for anyone suffering from allergies. Since I began using this product I can smell again and can breath through my nose. It's wonderful!!!!!
Reviewed by: suffering no more from NY, NY

Great product - thank you so much. No infections so far this winter and my allergies are under control for the first time.
  Great product for sinus relief
Reviewed by: Sinus Sufferer No More from FL

What an amazing product. The Sinupulse has given me hope for the first time in years that my allergy and sinus problems can now be controlled. This is the easiest and best irrigation device I have used I recommend it highly. The fast delivery and helpful customer service was great too.
  WOW - great irrigator
Reviewed by: Lisa from CA

What great customer service. Your folks answered all my questions and helped me to make the best decision possible and order the best nasal irrigation device. The SinuPulse is very professional and has so many features. After the first use I feel as if I just went to the doctors office - absolutely terrific. I am able to breathe so much better and my post nasal drip is gone. Thanks
  Best Irrigator 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Dee Dee from Atlanta, GA

Thank you for the fast delivery. A friend recently ordered this item recommended by our physician for my chronic allergy and sinus problems and I was not disappointed. After using neti pots and squeeze bottles I decided to upgrade and purchase the SinuPulse which looked exciting and new. It is a great unit that looks fantastic and works even better. The two spray option provides versatility that no other device has and since using it I can irrigate quickly without a mess and feel great - I cant wait to get home each day to use it. Dee Dee, Atlanta, GA

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