Enviracaire EWM-211D Humidifier Customer Reviews

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  Quiet and Effective humidifier
Reviewed by: Looking for a little moisture from Pennsylvania

This thing works like a dream for me. I wanted some humidity in this dry season and it was recommended by a friend who done a lot of research. It's very quiet-I don't mind the light sound it makes, I rather like it, but I like "white noise". Hasn't left any residue on my furniture. Just order extra filters if you have hard water like I do because you'll be replacing them more often.
Reviewed by: Truth4Justice from Pennsylvania

If you are looking for real Humidity, Look no further. I have been using this unit for 10 plus years and there is no substitute. This IS the only way and only brand with models to get Real, Germ Free Humidity into your air. No dust, no germs, just real humidity which is acheived ONLY by boiling water into steam. The units themselves can be a bit problematic at times but I have always been able to fix or bypass whatever problem has developed and gotten the usable life from them which in my case and for my use is 2 seasons running non stop from November into March on Low. They require very minimal maintenence, just keep replacing the mineral absorbtion pads about every 10 daysand rinse the unit as directed every few weeks. Dependable for the most part Real Humidity into your air, great for your Skin, Sinus, Lungs and furniture. Nothing compares. Unfortunately they can be hard to find these days, Thank You achoo allergy for making them available, and the price has risen significantly since they were readily available in the maketplace under the Slant Fins name 5 years ago, just $65.00 at Bed Bath and Beyond then, they are still a bargin for what they do and you will not find them cheaper anywhere than here at achoo. I just purchased two to put in reserve as I just started up a new one for this season which should get me through next year also. The price was so good and with the additional cyber Monday discount, and Free shipping, I couldn't pass it up. I Always want to be sure that I am never caught without one. You should be too :
  Enviracaire EWM-211D Humidifier
Reviewed by: Dave D from New Boston, NH

Very impressed with this small unit. Can humidify an area of about 900 sq.ft. on low setting and maintain a humidity level of 38 to 40%. Shipping was extremely fast. Great company to do business with.
  musical instrument buddy.
Reviewed by:  from oyster bay, ny

This is one of the best companies and product. I have a 1911 upright Antique piano and this equip. keeps the humity control perfect. I would be in big trouble without my ewm211d humidifer. And my piano tunner informs all his clients as well, and we tell musicians too.
  Good humidifier
Reviewed by: TO from California

I like this humidifier very much, it's quiet and very effective. Only the blue light is bothering during dark.
  Great Humidifer, Worth the $$$
Reviewed by: stuffy nose sufferer from chicago

We had the older slant-fin model for 10 years until it gave out. We loved it!! Wo i was skeptical when I tried to buy another slant-fin online and saw that the name had changed. Remember viking? But the baby was congested and needed a humidifier so i ordered it. No regrets, quiet, nice to look at and of course love the uv feature. Aside from the physical appearance and rectangular absorption pads vs older model round ones, same great quality!!! Customer service was courteous and helpful!!!
  This is a great product!
Reviewed by: Kathlee Smith from Wisconsin

I have always liked warm mist humidifiers, but always had to deal with mineral deposits and the "white dust" that they left behind. With this model, there is none of that! I loved the ultraviolet bacteria removing feature. I also love the way you can set the humidity percentage that is comfortable for you, fill the unit, and just let it work its magic on its own. When the set humidity is reached, it shuts off automatically. When the humidity falls below the set humidity, it turns back on automatically. It is quiet. One filling lasts about four days, for me, when set on low. I love this product! I wish I had bought this one previously and not wasted my money on other models that did not fulfill my needs the way this one does. Thank you so much for making this product!
  Really quiet humidifier
Reviewed by: Cold dry climate from Kenai, Alaska

This is better than the Slant/Fin version, and that's hard to do. It's just as quiet, which is impressive enough, but easier to fill and use. The best humidifier we've had.
  Nice, Compact Humidifier
Reviewed by: Dry throat no more! from Ohio

This thing worked wonders! I started sleeping so much better and instead of waking with a throat that felt like the Sahara, I woke without feeling like coughing my lungs out for the first winter in a LONG time. The warm mist was perfect and the size was just right for my bedroom. I purchased a second for my dining room/kitchen about two weeks after I received the first one, and I'm glad to say I haven't had to boil a single pot of water since! Great product!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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