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  Very comfortable
Reviewed by: Stephanie from Florida

This pillow is very comfortable and help me who's my allergies
  Too thick for me.....
Reviewed by:  from 

...but good quality pillow. Nicely stuffed. Soft, but not mushy. Wish it was a little thinner. Hoping it will flatten a bit with use
  Thick, thick pillows!
Reviewed by: Mom of an allergic daughter  from Illinois

The pillows are very comfortable- for an adult. I purchased them for my three year old daughter who has dust mite allergies. The pillows are too thick and too stiff for her. The pillows are so thick they are a tight fit in a standard pillow case.
Reviewed by: Yooper from upper Michigan

Honestly thought I was going to be slightly disappointed, as I am with all pillow purchases. Not with this product, came as promised. Very happy with this purchase, and need to buy more. It makes my other Pillows look sad and flat.
Reviewed by: severe dust allergies from Chicago

These pillows are huge. Did not easily fit in standard cases. Had to send them back because I am petite and just could not sleep using them.
  Comfy Pillows
Reviewed by: Girlfriend of Allergy Sufferer  from Philadelphia

It was a challenge to find pillows that provided my boyfriend with the correct support. The allergy benefits were a plus.
Reviewed by: Barbara Galush from Minneapolis MN

Iam not able to sleep on the pillow because it is too stiff feeling.I'm disappointed as long as you are asking me. [Editor's Note: Pillows are a tough one to offer online. Preferences vary widely, but in general this pillow is more on the firm side.]
Reviewed by: Dee from North Carolina

LOVE these pillows! I bought one to try first. And then I needed to buy another. Very comfy and clean. Would recommend to anyone who suffers from allergy.
Reviewed by: tjay from United States

I really enjoy the king size pillows. I''ve ordered 5 so far.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from North Carolina

Nice and comfy. Really works for what I need.
  Relief At Last
Reviewed by: Stuffy No More from Bethlehem, PA

I was experiencing severe allergies during the night for several months. I finally had reached my breaking point and was researching allergists to go to for a consultation when someone suggested that I stop using my feather-filled pillows and try the Allergy Armor pillows. I am so glad that I did! They have helped me tremendously! I am no longer kept awake all night by my constant sneezing and runny/stuffy nose. So glad that I found these pillows! I would have given them 5 stars but since they are a little more firm than I like Guess I'm just used to mushy feather pillows, I gave them 4 stars. However, the extra firmness is a small price to pay for a good night's rest.
  Amazing Support!
Reviewed by: Deb M. from Tampa, Florida

I wanted to replace my pillows, but didn't want to spend a fortune. I came across the Achoo website, and boy did it pique my interest! My allergies are awful and I have to have quality bedding. I ended up order two standard pillows and two king, along with the allergen covers. Normally, I sleep elevated using two to three pillows. Good luck with that! The support these pillows offer is superb! I was able to sleep with one pillow for the first time in years! The only reason I gave four versus five stars is that they are "hard". If you like a soft pillow, such as foam, this may not be the pillow for you. Other than that, it's fantastic!
  They work
Reviewed by:  from San Francisco Bay

For years, I have had to sneeze and blow my nose several times after getting into bed while my wife has been congested. 80% of the symptoms stopped the first night we used your allergy pillows.
  Best Pillows
Reviewed by: Former Restless Person from Port St. Lucie, FL.

I just love these pillows!!
  Good Pillow, Excellent Value
Reviewed by: JORO from Owensboro, KY

We purchased these pillows as a last ditch effort to cure my wife's allergy problems. After 3 weeks of use, we have noticed a great improvement. She now sleeps through the night with very few breathing problems! The pillows were only part of the equation, because we also purchased De-Mite and Anti-Allergy Solution from Achoo Allergy. This web site offered knowledge, insight and products that have improved our lives!
  soft as a cloud
Reviewed by: m jones from cincinnati, ohio

This is the first time that I ordered the pillows, and I could not be happier with them. They provide just the right amount of support, yet they are soft as a cloud! The navy piping is a stylish and crisp addition to the pillow' attractiveness. Love the standard and body pillows that ease my allergy symptoms, and add to my home's d├ęcor.
  Body pillow
Reviewed by: Erica from San Diego, CA

I am the allergy sufferer but my husband uses a body pillow to sleep. My allergist said he was trying to kill me with his old body pillow which wasn't encased so I ordered him the allergy armor body pillow. It's definitely made a difference in my night time symptoms and he likes the pillow. The one downside is that it could be a little more full as it tends to flatten out a bit.
  very plush
Reviewed by: allergy mom from Atlanta, Ga

This is one fluffy high quality pillow. I bought it for my allergic daughter, but she chose to keep her pillow with a Ultra cover. Mommy got to use the pillow and I swear I can feel a difference in my morning sniffles. I've never been diagnosed, but am thinking I have a dust mite allergy because of my own improvement. These product work!
  Too Thick/Firm
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Baton Rouge, LA

This maybe great for allergies, but it was way to thick and firm to sleep on.
Reviewed by:  from Illinois

Best pillow ever! Plump yet soft, fits regular pillow covers, holds it's shape & Super fast delivery!!!
  Pillow review
Reviewed by: wife/mother of allergy sufferer from Chicago, Il

Love these pillows, they are very comfortable. I just sent to get two more for my son.
  Rest in peace
Reviewed by: a proactive, smart mom from Raleigh, NC

I purchased 4 of these pillows for my kids. After many hours of research I found these to be a fantastic product at a great price. I have so much peace knowing their pillows are not making them sick. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because they are very full, a bit too full for small children.
  Just a bit too
Reviewed by: Chris from Bellingham, WA

These pillows are much better than the vinyl-feeling pillow covers we used to have. My only complaint is they are a bit too filled. I'm hoping with time they'll flatten a little. But we are side sleepers so a big overfilled pillow results in a stiff neck in the morning.
  Very Pleased!
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from New York

My dust mite allergies have been under control since getting this package. Very pleased and bed is very comfortable. I absolutely recommend it to any allergy sufferers, its really worth it. Now I'm thinking of completely allergy proofing my bedroom with an air purifier from Achoo allergy.
  Firm Pillow
Reviewed by:  from Mansfield, OH

Pillow stays firm and doesn't flatten out after your "head hits the pillow".
  Really Good
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This pillow has a plastic like covering but it is not uncomfortable - it feels and works like the expensive pillows we have, without the dust smell that builds up and then off to the laundry mat to wash them. It has been several weeks and they are still very easy on my breathing.
  No more gross pillows
Reviewed by: Ryan Nichols from Minooka, IL

Since I've been sleeping on allergy armor ultra pillows I've felt as ease. The pillows I use to use had black fuzzies all over them that were hard to get off. Ultra armor pillows' stitching is so tight that fuzzies can't penetrate. Yeah!
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Sufferer from Virginia

I just got these pillows and they are wonderful!! They are not too flat or too puffy. Just perfect. I have mite allergies so I hope they help. Had a good night sleep on them.
  Great Pillows
Reviewed by: m taylor from clewiston, fl

My husband & I are sleeping so much better on these pillows. They are really comfortable.
  Armor Pillows
Reviewed by: allergy suffering family. from Glendale, Arizona

The Allergy Armor Pillows are very comfortable. I bought one each for my son,girlfriend, and I for X-Mas and they love em.
  Best Sleep I've had!
Reviewed by: Jovon from Decatur, Georgia

I have had problems with pillows being to firm or too flat.. not these Achoo!Allergy pillows. they keep me comfortable all night! no tossing or turning and my pillow stays on the bed! I LOVE them.. I own 2 standards, but Im buying the body and 2 queen sizes as well.. You wont be disappointed!
  A satisfied customer
Reviewed by: Better breather from Brooklyn, NY

I liked the feel and loft of these pillows, good support, items shipped quickly.
  Great value for the price
Reviewed by: Nancy from Mines Road from Livermore, CA

Dust mite covers for pillows are not cheap, so what a bargain to find this reasonably priced pillow that comes with its own! The loft is high enough for me to sleep on my side, but also very soft, and so far it springs back to its original height each day. I haven't experienced any noise issues that some other reviewers mentioned, and my kitty loved it immediately. I am definitely sleeping better at night. The only negative is that it is so large that my queen/standard pillowcases didn't fit. I've had to get some larger ones.
  allergy pillow
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer's mom from NY

This seems like a comfortable pillow. I gave to my son to take to boarding school, so far, so good.
  Armor Pillows
Reviewed by:  from Tennesse

The pillows I bought were good at support for me since I sleep on my side. I wanted something that provided support without being to ridged or firm. The only fault that I have is they are noisy when you are trying to get into bed with out disturbing my wife.
  Great pillow
Reviewed by: A Lergic from Delaware

I am a side sleeper with wide shoulders, and this pillow is very comfortable for me. The barrier fabric is very soft. I will say that the very small pores give the pillow a bit of a balloon effect -- it's breathable but it breathes slowly. But, this gives the pillow a bit of extra loft and I actually like the effect.
  Great pillows!
Reviewed by: J the Allergy sufferer from Oklahoma

I ordered these pillows after trying many others. I didn't want to mess with the pillow covers I saw at department stores. These pillows are very nice and soft with just enough firmness. And I no longer wake up with sneezing attacks!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: multiple allergy sufferer from Pittsburgh

I didn't even know that a pillow would keep dust mites out until my allergies got worst and I wanted to combat them. Thanks for the combatant. I haven't had them long enough yet to know how effective they are.
  Noisy Pillow
Reviewed by: Nancy from Washington, DC

Still getting used to the pillow. The outer covering feels stiff, and I wake up a little everytime I move.
  Comfortable Pillow
Reviewed by: Julia C. Hatcher from Texas

Took me awhile to get use to the pillow but, once I did I realized that I like it very much.
Reviewed by: Former down lover from Washington

These pillows are just wonderful - they are fluffy and firm at the same time, and don't pack down over the night. I'm buying some more!
  Comfortable sleeping
Reviewed by: Sleeping like a baby bear from Charlotte, NC

I received my two Queen Allergy Armor pillows a few weeks ago and have found them very comfortable and the perfect way to keep dust mites away from my airways during sleep. Like the Baby Bear in Goldilocks, I find them not too firm and not too soft, but just right!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: One Less Allergy Problem from San Francisco

I thought a pillow was just a pillow until I receieved my allergy armor pillows. They arrived flat which alarmed me, but as soon as I shook them they puffed up as if they were old-fashioned feather pillows, a luxury I can never again afford as an allergy sufferer. After a couple of days of sleeping on these cloud-like pillows my morning sneezing and stuffiness stopped . I wake up and can breat through my nose! It's wonderful.
  too Poofy
Reviewed by:  from 

Nice pillow for a tween or an adult. Too big for a 3 year old. They should make a child size version.
  Too Large
Reviewed by: Pillow for my son from Texas

I purchased the Pillow for my son of 5 years old. But they are too big for him.
  Comfy, but not as good as the expensive kind
Reviewed by: shelly from Houston, TX

I do not use the pillow as my main pillow. I sleep with 3 pillows and before getting rid of my nice expensive although dust mite filled pillows I wanted to test an allergy pillow. It's a decent pillow at a good price. Definitely worth the value, but it's no comparison to the feather down expensive kind you get at Macy's.
Reviewed by: dust mite hater from Southern CA

Pillows are too soft for me, and the cover seems too noisy. They seem to do their job though.
  Morning relief
Reviewed by: Dustmite sufferer from San Francisco, CA

After suffering with dust mite allergies for twenty one years of my life I decided to give in and purchase a set of allergy armor pillows. I noticed that the pillows were filled with hypoallergenic fibers. The loft was just right because even after a night of sleep the pillow grew and maintained it's comfort. I've used these for a month and so far so good. I wake up every morning without stuffiness, all because of the pillow. Go ahead and treat yourself to a new pillow. You deserve it! One downside is that the pillow crinkles. But you will get used to it.
  Pillow for everyone
Reviewed by: Mom2 from Atlanta, GA

Great pillow- no need to buy extra cover. Great solution for everyone, less dust in the house, more fresh air to breath.
  Finally, I sleep through the night!!
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from San Mateo, California

These pillows really work and they are comfortable too! I don't have to get up in the middle of the night for my asthma inhaler anymore. And the rash on my face has finally gone away!! The pillows are amazing and worked right away. My husband likes them too and his snoring has ceased as he had sinus trouble at night. Excellent product.
Reviewed by: Kelloggs from LA

These are nice and firm and great for people who like one of more pillows like us. They are comfortable and no "crunching noises from the protective material"
  Nice to Breath at Night
Reviewed by: Cranky sinuses from Gainesville, FL

Since I got this pillow, I am not having to wake in the night with inflamed sinuses and eye irritation! I also used to have to wake to use saline nasal spray, because of dry, uncomfortable nasal passages. Not any more!
  great pillow
Reviewed by: Lisa from Calagry, Canada

These pillows offer great head support and help my allergies. I love them.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: anon from 

I was impressed with the timely shipping,during the holidays,the pillow itself was comfortable,as far as allergies,have not had any extra trouble.
  A good nights sleep!
Reviewed by: Tracy Kruse from Dawsonville, GA

My husband who has no allergies, could not understand the torment of his plush feather pillows...these totally took care of the problem. There is no plastic, crackling noise just a great cover that Works! I bought an extra set to take with me on travel or to visit relatives.
  Pillow Perfect
Reviewed by: Yvonne Bello from San Diego, CA

Ah, finally, a posh and polluntant-free pillow for a peaceful slumber! I have searched for months for the perfect pillow in-store exchanges and returns, and all the while, my perfect match was on-line. Fast delivery and fast to sleep!
  Very Comfortable
Reviewed by: KyKortAnd Kabeys Mom from Illinois

I've been using this pillow for a couple of weeks. I love it! I am always buying new pillows, becuase I want comfortable, yet firm support as I sleep on my side or on my back. I am sold on this one. I would highly recommend this pillow.
  Comfy allergy relief at night
Reviewed by: Mother of Three from Brookfield, CT

These pillows are soft and comfortable, while still allowing me to breathe at night. After three pregnancies, my body needs support in order to sleep pain-free. Imagine my joy at finding a product that is as good for my aches and pains as it is for my allergies!
  Great Allergy Pillows
Reviewed by: Ethan H. from Baltimore, MD

We have been using the Ultra mattress encasings for just under a year and have been very pleased with the purchase. When the pillows were introduced, we bought one just to try it out. I figured my fiance would end up using it since I have had the same pillow for years. I slept on it one night and we have been fighting over it ever since! The fill was perfect for me, not a puff ball, but not a wafer like so many other pillows I've tried. Plus, the actual pillow was encased in the Ultra fabric, so there was no need to put a separate encasing on it and then another pillow case over the top of it. Last week we purchased a second Allergy Armor Pillow, as well as two Euro squares. Thanks again for a restful night's sleep!
  Sleepy beauty!!
Reviewed by: S from Atlanta, Georgia

I had trouble finding a pillow!! Now I have the best!!

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