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  Great Blanket
Reviewed by: Corrin from Laguna Beach, CA

I bought this blanket for my son who suffers from dust allergies. It is nice and soft. It smells a little when you first take it out of the package but washing eliminates the smell. I will buy more of these for my other beds.
  Comfy & Cozy
Reviewed by: Dagger to Dust Mites from Minnesota

This blanket is wonderful! It's elegant style, warm & soft texture and hypoallergenic feature allows for a comfortable nights sleep. After getting diagnosed with chronic allergies, specifically dust mites, I have been able to wake up no sinus congestion!
  Soft as a Puffy Cloud
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer Pets and People from Pacific Northwest

My blankets arrived promptly and are exactly as described. They are generously sized as well as soft and warm. The navy color is deep and beautiful even after washing.
  Allergy Armor Blankets
Reviewed by: NTM patient from HI

These blankets are GREAT! Just what I wanted and so easy to wash and care for. They seem to really warm you up fast and maintain the heat even after you get up and return...fantastic! Also very light weight and dries quickly after washing.
  Soft and light
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This is an amazing blanket - it is very soft and light weight - it warms you without feeling weighted down with covers. It washs very well and I wash my sheets and blankets weekly to help my breathing.
  love my blanket
Reviewed by: susan-allergy suffer from North Carolina

So far I love my blanket. It is very light weight, not heavy like a quilt, the texture is awesome.
Reviewed by: Happy Sleeper from Atlanta, GA

Did I mention that I love this blanket? I can't believe how soft and comfortable it is. Plus, it's machine washable and still looks great after several washings.
  Love it!
Reviewed by: A. Waggoner from Tennessee

I was afraid that this blanket wasn't going to stay soft and not pill, but even after multiple washings, it is still snuggly soft and very warm. I love it! I wish I had this a long time ago.
  Warm and Comfortable
Reviewed by: Lynn Anderson from Gig Harbor, Washington

When I was ordering the blanket I wasn't sure that I would like it because I usually like my blankets to have weight and be heavy. When I got my box with my blanket I couldn't believe that there was anything in it it was so light. I have found that the blanket, while warm, still leaves me warm and I don't notice that it doesn't have the weight issing that I normally find comforting. It is both warm and comfortable to snuggle with in it outright while helping me with my allergies at the same time. The old heavy dust collector went out the door.
  Warm and Toasty
Reviewed by: plagued with allergies from Austin, Texas

We have a queen size bed, so I ordered a king size to use as a bedspread. Perfect fit!!! My husband has year around allergies. It is very important that I have bedding that can withstand frequent washings, and this blanket has certainly fit the bill. It is lightweight but yet warm. I am one pleased customer with this purchase.
  Love the extra length!
Reviewed by: Jan Z. from Twin Cities

I can tell that this blanket is longer than normal, which is really nice. I'm very happy with my purchase.
  A Great Blanket
Reviewed by: J. Ferguson from Caldwell, OH

Almost every night in the spring, my daughter complains about being too hot. Her heavy comforter from the winter months smothers her. She cannot fall asleep comfortably. I did some research on the internet, and I shopped at several malls and department stores without much success. Finding the Allergy Armor Microfleece Blanket on your web site was the perfect solution for my daughter. The blanket is soft to the touch, comfortable, and warm without smothering her. One extra benefit is the blanket's durability. We have had several drink spills and the blanket has endured several washings. My wife and I could not be happier with this product, and with the extra peace of mind, we have that our daughter is getting a great night's sleep! Thanks!

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