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  Great product
Reviewed by: George from Metro New York

We purchased Moldzyme for cleaning our vinyl siding. It did an incredible job. With other products we had to scrub and it still didn't remove all the mold. This worked quickly and easily to totally remove the mold spots.
  Musty smell is gone
Reviewed by: will order again from Moldy old Oregon

The musty smell in my fabric stash went from unnoticeable to unbearable overnight. I knew there were some vintage pieces in there but it didn't really occur to me that the smell would spread to all the rest. Now I know. After some frantic Googling and a trip to the grocery store I ended up with a gallon of vinegar and an order of Moldzyme concentrate. The vinegar works, though it takes a couple days of soaking per bucketful of fabric and there might be a lingering vinegar smell. The Moldzyme works faster, and can be used in the washing machine, and leaves no smell at all. I don't know yet how it will do over time, but I'm happy so far. Oh. And I love that it ships as concentrate. Not paying postage on bottles of water = bonus points.
  Airzyme Review
Reviewed by: an allergy suffer from Atlanta, GA

ok. No please with mold removal.
  It works!
Reviewed by: Mold is bad from Rochester, NY

Sometimes green cleaners don't work well. These do! I'm especially impressed with the mold/mildew cleaner our bathroom is a constant challenge. Also, we use the airzyme a lot. I am constantly smelling our neighbor's cigarette smoke, and the airzyme helps with that. I used to use a bleach-based kitchen cleaner which my husband was very nervous about. This works just as well, with no harsh chemicals=no more anxiety! The other cleaners seem completely adequate. What pushes them up to the 5 stars for me is that they work fine AND they are less wasteful and a smaller environmental footprint. That's important to me. And roughly the price as whatever cleaner I'd pick up at the grocery. Since I store them in a bucket at the bottom of a closet, I'd appreciate a label on the spray nozzle, but that's nothing I can't fix with a Sharpie.
  the best for mold
Reviewed by: wet and musty basement from OH

After too many spring rains, our basement was wet, damp and musty. I had used Moldzyme years ago with great results and immediately looked for it again. After scrubbing the basement with it, all mold and mustiness was gone. I am ordering more Moldzyme and Airzyme as well, so I will not be without this product. In addition to removing mold and getting rid of the musty smell, I love it because it is so safe to use, no odor, safe around people and animals. That is a big reason I would highly recommend it. It is a great product because it works and is so safe!
  No Fragrance Air Cleaner
Reviewed by: Chemical Sensitivity Sufferer from Chicago

This product has been literally a life saver to me, for the allergy that I have developed to chemical smells read: fragrances in cologne, perfume, body lotion! In almost all instances, it completely clears the air near me of fragrance smells, save for a couple really smelly oily/musky fragrances. I have this large bottle at work, and I put some in a small spray bottle and keep it in my purse so I can spray it wherever I need it on the train, at the show, in a restaurant - wherever people have loaded themselves up with smells! I am telling all my friends about this product! And I was really pleased with the small concentrated bottle sent with the large empty so I didn't have to lug this heavy bottle on the train to work!! Thank you so much for an excellent product!
Reviewed by: darlene from maine

I would give this product more then 5 stares but that is as high as it goes! It got rid of all my mold!
Reviewed by: darlene from Maine

This product cleaned the kitchen make the faucet shine!
  Too many bottles
Reviewed by: Ana Valdes from Miami

Found the air cleaner excellent. Other products not so good. I think it is basically same product dilluted in different concentrations in too many bottles. Maybe can reduce number of bottles into 3 main products?
  Spring Clean with EcoDiscoveries Solutions
Reviewed by: Mrs. Gurley from Arizona

I have severe asthma and lung problems and these products are wonderful! I have experienced no physical reaction to any of their products. I wrould recommend them all with the exception of the glass cleaner it rates average.
  Works on everything
Reviewed by: chemical allergy sufferer from Conowingo, MD

You can use EcoDiscoveries Natural Cleaning Products on just about everything and you don't have you don't have to worry about the smell but you can count on it's cleaning ability. Try it yourself!
Reviewed by: Noel Ritter from Atlanta, Georgia

I was very pleased with the Moldzeme product's ability to kill the living spores in my home after 2 floods.
  Another awesome cleaner for sensitive people
Reviewed by: nyjetskiers from Yuma AZ, moved from NY

The wife absolutely loves this brand of cleaners. She uses the Kitchen cleaner all over the kitchen, and even sprays the floors lightly with it. non harmful smell or obnoxious odors that feel like they are killing your lungs. even with the hard/harsh water we have, this makes clean up a cinch. cleans the sink up nicely as well, removes all the water stains, and easily removes any dried up or burnt food on the stove too. definitely worth getting if you are hypo-allergenic like she is.
  great cleaner and your lungs will love you
Reviewed by: nyjetskiers from Yuma AZ now, moved from NY

We have used this product for a few months now on our 3rd bottle and it is simply awesome. cleans the tub up nicely, doesn't kill your lungs or sinuses, and leaves a nice sparkly clean surface. We just spray it on, maybe wipe here and there, and rinse. She loves it with her severe allergies allergic to all cleaners and this one does not bother her.
  Lover of a clean bathroom
Reviewed by: Lover of a clean bathroom from Pennsylvania

I have tried so many different products. I used the tub & tile first, spraying, then came back thinking I needed to 'scrub' and was able to wipe away the soap buildup on the metal frame of the shower door. FANTASTIC!!! No odor, no teary eyes! Love it. Glass worked great and my friend used the Mold & Mildew and it has minimized her problems!!!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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