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  Finally Something Better
Reviewed by: Cary Lalor from Montello Wi.

I Purchased A 70 Pint Danby Dehumidifier Yesterday. I Brought it home at noon yesterday, I thought I'd Better check the tank Last night, the tank was completely full at 9 P.M. This morning I checked the tank again. This Time the tank was full and had shut down at 6:30 A.M. I just checked it again at 2:00 P.M. Full Again. Our Old Dehumidifier would take out a half tank about once a week. So far I Love The New Danby. It's Quiet in the Basement, And I'm running the fan on high. Works Great !!
  powerful and neat
Reviewed by: damp Florida sufferer from Naples, FL

I purchased this to bring down the humidity in my large bathroom in Florida. The air conditioning system wouldn't clear the steam after our family showers, and we shower a lot with athletes in the house! The unit is very easy to set and operate. It's fairly compact and is unobtrusive in a corner of my cabinet area. It pulls a ton of water from the room and closets, I have to empty the full container twcie a week. It does generate heat as you lower the humidity setting, the temp on the fan goes up. This is not good in FL where we run the A/C year round, but I found that leaving the dehumidifying function at 50% keeps the airflow at around 78F, then as the machine pulls the humdity, the temp cools down. I do wish they made a unit for tropical climates, as this is geared towards damp basements, but I needed a powerful unit for our giant bathroom with 2 closets off it--whoever builds a house with closet doors opening into a giant bathroom is an idiot. The humidity would get in our clothing and we needed a powerful and reasonably priced solution. This is an excellent machine, I only give it 4 stars because it does generate some heated air as it dehumidifies, and we didn't want that feature, but it's tolerable.
  guitar maker
Reviewed by: Guitar Maker from Florida

I build guitars as a hobby in Florida . This requires a stable , dry environment, so because of Florida's high humidity, a dehumidifier must be used. This Danby is the best i have ever had, and i have probably gone through at least a half dozen in the last 10 years. I literally have to back it down at times , or it will get the building room too dry!
  Good product, great service, amazing price
Reviewed by: Kevin  from NJ

I received the product the other day and I am very happy. It actively reads the humidity level my old unit didn't, works great, and it relatively quiet. I am using this to prevent mold growth in my crawlspace. AchooAllergy has impressed me with their service and knowledge. The initial sales rep talked me out of a more expensive model because it was overkill and directed me to this model. This was the cheapest price I could find and shipping was free! After I hooked it up I notice that the bucket was filling up even though I set the water to continually exit through the hose. I called Achoo and was helped immediately 2 minutes from dialing the 800 number - I didn't put the plug in a different spot to stop the bucket from filling up. I will look to AchooAllergy for any future needs I have - very rare to get great service at a good price.
  Works as described
Reviewed by: Kelly from VA

I use in my basement to keep the mustiness smell gone & it works great! My washer & dryer are in the basement so when I hang things that can not go in the dryer - I run the dehumidifier and they are dry in no time at all.
  AchooAllergy.com is the best
Reviewed by: Karen from Puerto Rico

This item was received promptly and is a well made dehumidifier and works wonderfully.
Reviewed by:  from washingtom state, west side

I purchased one dehumidifier three years ago for my small greenhouse and last year purchased another one for my larger greenhouse and am extremely satisfied with both of them. I know others who are going to purchase one after they saw how efficient mine work, Thanks.
Reviewed by:  from Willis, MI

This is a good product. We were having humidity problems this summer because it was extremely wet but cool. Our air conditioning didn't run much, so the built-in dehumidifier didn't run. This product took a lot of water out of the air running twice a day for an hour and all the musty smells are gone. I wish we would have gotten it earlier in the season.
  very good
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Tulsa, OK

Very pleased with the preformance of this unit except it is a little difficult for me to empty.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from atlanta

I have used this Dehumidifier for several months now and it has helped a great deal to remove the moisture and thus the mildew from our basement . My husband is very allergic to mildew and we have been very pleased how this product has helped.
  Great Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: K. Slotter from Vass, NC

This humidifier works like a champ. Although the fan does run, it is much quieter than the one this replaced. We are very satisfied.
Reviewed by: Basement Dehumidifier from Connecticut

This dehumidifier functions exactly as described. My only regret is that I didn't get a bigger one!
  Very Satisfied w/Operation
Reviewed by: Gary L. from Flemington, NJ

Unit is located in my basement and pulls moisture out of the air faster than I can keep up with it. It comes with a remote, has digital settings and a tube for drain if you have a basement system or sump pump. 4 out of 5 for some noise generally quiet and handle for bucket popped out once causing spill. Hold bucket by sides.
  Danby Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Robert W. from Pennsylvania

Dried my basement in 2 days. Never has been this dry with previous Dehumidifiers. This is an A-1 product and now understand why it is rated #1.
  An elegant machine
Reviewed by: Jean C. from Brookings, Oregon

The Danby 70 pint dehumidifier is an elegant machine. It's also a fascinating machine because it seems like it converts air to water! Like alchemy!!! I never dreamed that the air in our house had that much water in it. It was extremely easy to set up. I just took it out of the box, briefly read the instructions, plugged it in and right away it was doing its thing. We've been living on the coast in Oregon where it rains A LOT for a little over 8 years and I only wish that we had known enough to have had one of these for ALL of those eight years.
Reviewed by: MRS. ANDREWS from NEW CASTLE, PA

  Garage moisture
Reviewed by: Winter garage moisture problems from Eveleth, Minnesota

I've been looking for a dehumidifier for sometime that would work in my heated garage in the winter time to help rid the moisture when we park our cars in the garage after they melt the snow and ice off. I needed a low temp. dehumidifier to work a at temp. of 50 degrees and the Danby fits the bill perfectly.
  Dry basement
Reviewed by: high humidity hater from Davison, Michigan

Weare happy with the performance of our dehumidifier. It brings the humidity down in our basement. Now we can store items there without worrying about them being damaged
  finally dry..
Reviewed by: soggy no more from Philadelphia, PA

Within 1 hour of this great dehumidifier being delivered to our home, I had it up & running. Very easy to operate & quite. In fact, quieter than our previous unit. Basement already feels drier! Humidity was so bad a friend once asked if we watered our carpet...
  Great Product
Reviewed by: No more damp basement from Colebrook, NH

We bought this unit for our basement after our old unit gave out. Our basement is very large and although dry, had a damp musty odor and feel to it. After a few days of running 24/7 the basement has a clean dry feel to it again. This unit is very quiet, we can't hear it running from upstairs. Couldn't be more pleased!
  Great value
Reviewed by: Happy Customer from Utica, Kentucky

We have only had our dehumidifier for a few weeks, but so far we love it. We were very pleased with how quickly it was delivered! It is MUCH quieter than any dehumidifier that we have had in the past. Even though the fan runs all the time, we can still hear the TV without a problem even with the dehumidifier nearby! The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is that it has a smaller capacity bucket than most. This problem is eliminated, though, if you connect the hose to the unit for continuous draining. We have a 1600 sq. ft. basement and it fills the bucket in about 11 hours. We just empty it twice a day and we are good to go! We are very happy with it. It has made a big difference in the feel of our basement. I would certainly recommend it!
  Damp Relief
Reviewed by: Saginawian from Michigan

Purchased to relieve the humidity in our basement and relieve our energy bill at the same time. Very pleased with the reduction in our energy bill and the dehumidifier runs very frequently since the weather and our basement have been very humid. Thank you.
Reviewed by: Midwest Moisture from Southwest Missouri

I have bedrooms in the basement...so it is imperative that our basement stay reasonably dry...I prefer 45-50% humidity level. The Danby makes it so easy to maintain the level that I want. I have used another brand in the past and they have been o.k...but didn't perform like the Danby DDR7009. I would recommend the Danby 7009 to anyone wishing to reduce the moisture and humidity levels in their home...it's a great product and AchooAllergy had a very quick delivery time!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Adam from Detroit, MI

Dehumidifier works very well and is pretty quiet on the low fan setting. The hose for continuous operation is included so that's a plus. My only complaint is that the fan is always on during continuous operation.
  Moldy basement
Reviewed by: Anique's Moma from Louisiana

I bought this dehumidifier for my daughter who lives in PA. She has been using it for about a month. The basement is now usable. The mold and wetness are gone. The unit is easy to empty. She thanks me everytime we talk.
  Like my dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Amblyopsis from Cleveland, Ohio

My new Danby 70 pint dehumidifier began reducing the humidity immediately after I turned it on. Set up was a breeze. I haven't tried the timer so the quiet fan is running constantly. I am using the bucket and not the drain. I'm actually emptying the water into my toilet tank to recycle it. Overall, I'm very happy with this product and would recommend purchasing it from achooallergy. The unit shipped the next day and arrived within 5 days.
  Great product
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Atlanta, Georgia

We received this product about three weeks ago and have been very pleased with the results. We have an unfinished basement where we placed the dehumidifier and we can feel and smell the difference. Lots of furniture has been stored in the basement, so we feel much better about the condition of the items stored there to be used again!
  does the trick
Reviewed by:  from Rochester, New York

I have owned the dehumidifier for two months now. It is working great at drying out my damp basement. I could notice the difference in two days. It has been a very wet summer and my basement has had damp spots in several places. After a week of use the basement is dry. I use the continuous drain feature so I don't have to dump the bin daily.
  Danby Premier
Reviewed by: Jerome D. from  Nashotah,WI

This Dehumidifier does a great job. It has a digital readout, auto shut off, air discharge out of the top as opposed to the back. It was good enough I purchased a second one for a different location. As for Achoo, this is the second purchase. Very prompt delivery, excellent price, a nice discount for second time buyers. These guys are really great!
  Danby Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Damp Basement Owner from The Deep South

We are very pleased with the performance of the dehumidifier. We are using it in a fairly large basement and immediately noticed a difference. And Achoo Allergy has the best prices and service available. Look no further!
  Great product
Reviewed by:  from Cleveland, Ohio

The Danby can be set to whatever relative humidity level you choose 45% for me. It kicks on when the level exceeds the set level and kicks off when the level is reached. It provides great relief for my damp basement and it is very quiet. The best feature is that it comes with a draining hose so you don't have to constantly empty the unit most units the hose is sold separately. It is the best rated dehumidifier in consumer reports. Buy one!
  Danby DDR700 Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: David E. Duke from Chesterfield, Missouri

This model is a great dehumidifier. You can set running time and off time with easy to use controls. Drain feature is elevated to insure proper flow.
  Problem Solved
Reviewed by: Church Trustee from Morgantown, Pennsylvania

Finally our church basement is dry. We used other dehumidifiers with limited success. The Danby dried the entire area 1000 sq. ft. in less than one day. The installation was very simple, especially having the hose supplied with the unit. Definitely recommend for any large area with a problem.
  Very pleased
Reviewed by:  from Bremen, AL

This unit seems very efficient. We have placed in an attic with real moisture problems and have been very pleased with the results
  No More Mold
Reviewed by: very pleased from wayne, nj

After removing mold from basement I installed a Danby DDR7009REE Premier Dehumidifier. Within 2.5 days running at high fan and 50 rh settings, the rh went from 67% to 47%. Since then I have been running at low fan and 50% rh and rh is holding at 47%. Great!!
  Danby saves the day - and basement
Reviewed by: Happy to be dry from Grand Blanc, Michigan

I have a Michigan basement that tends to grow lots of mildew because of high humidity. Two years ago I bought a Dayton. It was very noisy and the compressor died just after the warranty expired. Last month I bought the Danby DDR7009REE and am very happy with it. It's very quiet. I work at a desk nearby the temp and humidity readouts are helpful and it does the job very well. Just wish it had an automatic fan shut off, but that's a minor thing. Great value.
  Never shuts off
Reviewed by:  from East Hampton, NY

While the unit is quiet and efficient, I can't believe it would be touted as an energy efficient product when it NEVER shuts off. I've never had a dehumidifier that didn't shut off if the humidity level was at or below the humidity control setting. The fan runs constantly.
  I like it
Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin

This dehumidifier is the best. I have gone through 3 differant models. This time I decided to get a larger unit specifically to be used in the basement. It does a wonderful job. A little noiser than I expected and it never shuts off when it has reached the room temp and moisture level. I would recommend it.
  Great Product!
Reviewed by: Troy from Washington, DC

The dehumidifer arrived in great condition. Plugged it in and it went to work. It quickly reduced the humidity level in my basement by 18%. This product is much more quiet then the previous dehumidifer. Highly recommend.
  great dehumidifier
Reviewed by:  from portage, pennsylvania

I am impressed with the effectiveness of this dehumidifier. I was even more impressed with achoo allergy. They provided a great price,fast shipping, and excellent service when a small part was missing. I highly reccomend achoo allergy !
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Dry and Happy from New Haven, Connecticut

Danby Dehumidifier arrived on time and in good conditioner. Very easy to set up and controls easily understood. Performance has been great. We replaced a Kenmore dehumidifier with this Danby unit and there is no comparison-Danby blows it away. This unit does a whole basement, 800 square feet, quickly and efficiently keeping it dry enough so our clothes dry very quickly on racks. Highly recommended!
  Very Satisfied so Far
Reviewed by: Joe from Waldorf, MD

My Danby dehumididfier was shipped quickly. It arrived only a couple of days after I ordered the product. Set-up was quick and easy. This dehumidifier is quiet. I have a finished basement and you hear the dehumidifier if you are in the same room and that's just the fan. I noticed the difference in the basement air quality right away. This product also has great looks. I only wish it had auto turn on and shut off. Let's see what I have to say after about 6 months.
  A bit damp
Reviewed by: Bobby from Bloomington, IN

Product works great!! I have a 1500 sq. ft. finished walkout basement and live in Indiana where it gets rather humid. My basement was at 68% before I started the unit. I attached the supplied drain hose and ran it to a floor drain and set the unit at 45%. To my amazement the level was down to the set % within 4 hrs. The unit is just a little loud so I turn it off when we're watching tv but when we're done watching tv we just turn it back on. The self draining hose works great!! Two thumbs up!!
  Sleepless in Wisconsin
Reviewed by:  from Green Bay, WI

Before we found the Danby DDR7009REE dehumidifier, we were literally woken up throughtout the night by the very loud dehumidifier we used to have running in our basement. When shopping for a new one locally, every salesperson said they were all loud, that''s just the way they operate. So we decided to check the internet and found this great description of a very quiet dehumidifier on Achoo Allergy. Their very accurate description complete with what they liked and disliked about the products made us feel very confident about ordering online from them. And now, we couldn't be happier with our very quiet running Danby dehumidifier. Thanks, again, Achoo Allergy!
  Great product
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Long Island

My husband and I live on Long Island and in March we had some very heavy rain and flooding. When I went in the basement I could smell the dampness as our two other dehumidifiers had stopped working. We researched a lot of dehumidifiers and even though we had never heard of this brand it had gotten some good reviews so we decided to take a chance. We are so happy with it. Where we needed two of the old brand we only need one Danby. It only took a couple of days for the mildew and the dampness smell to disappear. It is very quiet. My husband just hooked it up this week so that the water goes outside with the hose that was included. Saves a lot of wear and tear on his back carrying the bucket upstairs to empty. We highly recommend the Danby.
  Lowers relative humidity fast!
Reviewed by: Rachel de Carlos from Santa Barbara, CA

I thought I would need a dehumidifier for each room, but one upstairs and one downstairs takes care of my 6000 sq ft home at the beach. Amazing value for money! I gave it 4 stars because the fan runs constantly and is loud, but it lowered the relative humidity from 74% to 41% in a few hours and keeps it there. I'm not sure other dehumidifiers are any quieter.
  Best so far
Reviewed by: Real dry from Maryland

I just replaced a large 2 year old LG dehumidifier with this Danby 70 pint model. My basement is a large work area, 2000 sq. ft. with walls and doors. A wood shop is on one side and a recording studio on the other. I use this on continuous operation in the recording studio emptying into a sealed sump pump. This model is quieter than the LG unit it is replacing and removes 3 times as much moisture in the same time frame. I do have to turn it off when recording, it's not that quiet but the compressor is not as loud as the fan. I still have a 65 pint model LG in the wood shop. The 2 units keep the basement around 40-45%. The Danby has no trouble and can get dryer if I wanted. The LG has a slightly smaller area to cover and struggles to keep up. Also Achoo Allergy's service department was able to send me a plug needed for the continuous drain mode on the Danby quickly and at no charge! Thanks guys!!
  Danby DDR7009REE Premier Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: mold problems from Massachusetts

This dehumidifier has done wonders on drying out my downstairs. I own a split level and I have had troubles with mold in the downstairs rooms during rainy or humid times. This took the moisture out almost immediately. The only downfall I found it the fan does not shut off when the wanted humidity level is reached. However there is a timer for automatic shut off which somewhat helps with this if you can time it correctly. Overall I am very pleased with this item, especially over many of the others we had looked at. Delivery and pricing was right on as well.
  Dry Basement
Reviewed by: A. Arbeider from Lehigh Valley, PA

I called and asked for a recommendation for my 1100 sq. ft. basement which is damp and mildewy but never has wet walls or rarely has a trickle of water after heavy spring rains. The Danby 70 pint was suggested as the model that would satisfy our needs. It arrived quickly and we unpacked it and were wowed by the simplicity and ease of use and the remote and immediately set it up. First we ran it to see how much water it was pulling and in a few hours the reservoir was full and needed to be emptied. Then my husband set it up to drain automatically so we did not have to remember to empty the reservoir. The supplied drain hose was not a problem for us, our previous and poorly made dehumidifier used a garden hose. I cannot see a decline in in the performance because this uses a plastic ribbed hose. Within days our basement was completely dry and the mildew smell was gone. At this point we have to remove a few items that were damaged from mold before the Danby was purchased. So far so good and it runs like a quiet dream. One day it was rather humid and warm upstairs. So we carried it up to the main level and sat it in the living space and the room felt dry in less than 30 minutes.
  Dry and Happy
Reviewed by: No More Wet basement from Missouri

This is our third dehumidifier and by far the best. We have an extremely damp basement and the Danby started working immediately. Within hours, our 20 x 30 basement was dry and has remained so. It is very easy to use and is keeping up with the humidity and moisture famously. We are using the continual drain and it is working perfect. Our basement is divided into 3 rooms and the Danby is keeping all the areas dry. We would highly recommend it to anyone.
  Exceeds expectations
Reviewed by: Bone Dry Basement at Last! from Chatham, NJ

Our first dehumidifier was effective, but noisy and ultimately unreliable -- also it had no removable filter. The replacement Danby, which we use in our basement, purrs quietly on even the highest fan setting, has a user maintainable filter and does an amazing job of drying things out in an area where we store our off season clothing. Really great item -- we recommend it highly!
  Fast service
Reviewed by: Harold from Indiana from Lawrenceburg, IN

Love the Danby dehumidifier. I have a damp basement and it is doing a great job. I especially like the fast service. Dehumidifier was shipped on Tuesday and I received it on Thursday.
  great dehumidifier
Reviewed by: John W from St. Louis, MO

I have had the Danby DDR7009REE for about two weeks. I put it in the basement of my 103 year old 3000 sq ft house. It brought the humidity in the basement down from 70% to 45% where I set it within 48 hours and has maintained that humidity level since. The basement no longer smells musty and damp and the whole house seems to be cooler. This model is quiet and the included hose was easy to install and I never have to empty the tank.
  Works fine.
Reviewed by: Damp Basement from Indiana

It works fine. Things I like: Quiet, takes out a lot of water, you can see the water level without pulling out the drawer, you can hook up the suppied hose without having to knock a hole in the drain pan. Things I do not like: the fan runs all the time...does not shut off when the conpresser is not running, could not hook up a regular garden hose....had to use the supplied drain hose.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Marion Sams from Virginia

Absolutely the best! I never had a Dehumidifier this efficient, within 5 hours had filled to capacity and continues to function pulling dampness and humidity from our home.. I live where Hardwoods abound around our acreage that also creates for high humidity. My son, a contractor made me aware of your product as he uses his to maintain correct humidity for the shop where he also stores woods for his profession. The Danby DDr7009REE Dehumidifier is the best!
  Upscale Dehumidfier
Reviewed by: Bob  from Lansing, MI

Unit has desirable upscale features, including timer, ambient digital humidity level and digital humidity set point/control. It is also quieter than our previous unit. Ordering and delivery were straightforward, definitely preferable to our previous experience buying two units over the years from local merchants, and hauling them home. Buying from Achoo is a pleasant and positive experience.
  Nice dehumidifier needs better continuous drain.
Reviewed by: Hartwell from Midlothian, Virginia

This dehumidifier is very good and does the job in our 1000 SF basement with 5 rooms well. The only thing we wished were better is the continuous drain, which leaves a bit to be desired. We even put it 2-3 feet up on a stand thinking gravity would help it more but it still dumps some water into the bucket that has to be emptied. Danby is a good company and customer-oriented and we think they will help us we just have not gotten around to calling them yet.
  Danbys are realiable
Reviewed by: FORMER Allergy Sufferer from Colrain, OH

I first purchased a 45 pint Danby a couple years ago for my home. It has worked wonders in keeping the humidity low, and it with the allergy bedding I purchased have helped ease my allergies. I liked the performance of the 45 pint unit so much that I have that I purchased a 70 pint for my basement. Because I don't spend much time down there, I never prioritized it, but with the way the danby I have has never failed, it's time to eliminate any chance of mold anywhere in my house!

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