3M Filtrete Ultra Furnace Filters Customer Reviews

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  Great Value on Filters
Reviewed by: Dan from Chicago

The Filtrete Ultra furnace filters are the best I have found, and being able to order a pack instead of just one is really convenient and makes for a great value.
  Best Price, Fast Shipping
Reviewed by: MCS/EI Family from Texas and New Mexico

My wife and I have both shopped at Achoo Allergy for years. I searched all over the internet for this order and found the best price at Achoo, and shipping was very fast, the tracking email and status updats are always great.
  Filtrete Ultra Allergen Furnace Filter
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Southern California

This filter does a good job of filtering out whatever was triggering my sinus allergy. I previously tried using a permanent style filter from my local hardware store, but found that it was not posssible to clean it as recommended. If you put water on dust, it just clings and won't rinse out, So, I switched to these disposable filters. It's worth the small extra cost to not have to struggle with trying to clean a permanent filter, and it works better. My furnace uses a filter size that's not easy to find, so I was happy to find this in the size I needed:14 x 24 x 1. Although I knew AchooAllergy had the size I needed, it is hard to locate it on their website because their are several listings for this filter, and most come up with the list of more limited sizes. I have to search long and hard, but finally get to the right selection where there are more size choices. This is reason for one less star. Shipping was quick.
  ultra furnace filters
Reviewed by: Charles west from Croton, Ohio aka Hartford

I was employed as a building environment tech. in large office and bank buildings for over twelve years. A part of my duties included changing and maintaining building air filtration systems. I dealt with many companies and products. Filtrete are as good as or better than any I have seen. Also I have not been able to find the size I need for my home furnace in and home improvement or hardware store. Being able to easily find the size and filtration level I desire is a big plus.
  So Important To Change Your Filters!
Reviewed by: Chronic Bronchitis Sufferer from Kissimmee, Florida

It is so important to remember to change air filters regularly and our filter size is particularly hard to find. I am so grateful to achooallergy.com for keeping the Filtrete Ultra Allergen Filters in stock and available in random sizes, especially the ones we need! Thanks to Filtrete & achooallergy.com, we breathe much easier knowing our air is cleaner, fresher and safer everyday!
  Clean Air
Reviewed by: David from Edgewater, FL

Filter does wonders to keep allergens down to help alleviate my wife's reactions!
  An awesome filter
Reviewed by: Dwight Needens from Quincy, Washington

I'm thrilled with the Ultra Allergen Reduction filter we ordered for our furnace. We started having temperatures in the teens in November and the furnace has been running nearly constantly since then. We're now into the New Year and I am in seventh heaven about the difference it has made. Previously, EVERY YEAR--in the winter, we'd have dry and/or itchy eyes, terribly dry skin, and dry sinus passages along with increased sneezing, dry throats, and coughing. This winter, since we have been using the Ultra Allergen Reduction filter, these problems have been nearly non-existent. The filters may be more expensive than some but are worth every penny in the improved quality of life. Thank you for creating this wonderful filter!
  Excellent Service
Reviewed by: Denny Pierce from Manila, AR

Excellent product! The achoo Allergy price for these filters is better than most places and shipping was free and fast! They also had the size I need. You can't beat that! I'm a satisfied customer!
  Filter a must for dust
Reviewed by: Grace from Athens, Georgia

If you have allergies involving dust or molds, this filter by 3M will help your breathing tremendously. No other filter can catch all of the allergens that can cause asthma.
  Great Product for Allergies!
Reviewed by: Ryan from Cape Girardeau, MO

I replaced my old standard fiberglass filter with this and the results were immediate the first night. I woke up with out my normal morning congestion and began sleeping much better. This filter is a must for allergy sufferers!
  3M Ultra Furnace Filter
Reviewed by: Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Having lived with four dogs for a number of years, I tried never to think about the amount of pet dander that may be floating around my home. However, recently my sinuses have been acting up, and after consulting my allergist I was told the poor air quality within my home was starting to affect me. My allergist advised me to purchase the 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen Reduction Furnace Filter, and I was shocked to see how much better I was feeling after only a couple days of use. My sinuses cleared up, and my home looks cleaner and smells fresh. I’m very excited about this purchase and the benefits of having clean air in my home.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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