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Reviewed by: skin allergies to chemicals from northeast

I have used this detergent for years and am satisfied with it. I use it to keep from getting allergic reactions from the chemicals in other laundry soaps due to fragrance and other additives. Achoo has the best prices for this detergent that I have found anywhere.
  Allergen Stopper
Reviewed by: Two allergy suffers from Western New York

This is the best detergent free of fragrances, dyes, and harsh residue that other detergents have to facilitate cleaning. Laundry is clean, soft, smells nice, and is nonirritating.
  At Last!
Reviewed by: Allergy Eyes from MA

I tried another product to clean my front load washing machine, the perfume odor was so strong I got a headache. The Anti-Allergen wash gets my clothes clean as well as my washing machine. I'm getting another bottle.
  Allerg Relief
Reviewed by: Betty  from Princeton, NJ

A add protection against allergies.
  Finally a great allergy friendly detergent!!!
Reviewed by: Happy Costumer!!!  from Hollywood, California

I've been an allergy sufferer for years and I need to find a product that was non irritating and could kill dust-mites in my clothing and bedding!! I find this detergent does it all and my clothes, bedding, etc, feel fresh clean and great!!! I've reordered this product again!!!!!
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from windsor,ont

It has help my itching arms and shoulders very much..
  Great product
Reviewed by: Itchy No More from Port St. Lucie, FL.

I no longer itch in my clothes!
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from 

I used this to wash all of my bedding and pillows and have definitely noticed a difference in how I feel when I wake up. I used to wake u several times throughout the night because of congestion and also coughing/wheezing because of my dust mite allergy. I've always washed my sheets weekly and in hot water, but this has made much more of a difference in how I feel!
  First Time Buyer
Reviewed by: CB from Virginia

Gentle on the nose and clothes. I've used this on two loads and am pleased so far!
  best detergent
Reviewed by: dust mite allergy sufferer from Fairfield, CT

This detergent has decreased my allergy symptoms tremendously since I started using it
  No more allergic reactions from anything!!
Reviewed by: an extreme allergy sufferer from Columbus, Georgia

I love this product. I have been using it for 7 years to wash all my clothes in. I am allergic to dust mites, trees, grasses, mold & cats. I tried to do without it a few years ago. After a few washings I started itching and breaking out. I ended up at the doctor's office and on medicines until I could purchase it again and wash my clothes. I will never stop using it again. It works!!!
  No more itchy eyes
Reviewed by: Vinny D from Woodbridge, Virginia

I always had problems with my eyes burning - even when I used the free and clear laundry detergent from the grocery store. When I used this laundry detergent I was able to sleep better and my eyes stopped burning and itching! I was pleasantly surprised.
  Not good if you have sensitive perfume allergies
Reviewed by: allergic to perfume from Pittsburgh, PA

I have perfume allergies in addition to pet/dust mite allergies. Unfortunately, I was rather allergic to this product it caused a drippy nose/watery eyes/some bronchospasm. In the future, I'll need to stick to 100% 'fragrance free' products. It seems from the other reviews as if this product has worked for people who have only pet or dust allergies, but if perfumes trigger your allergies, this product may trigger your allergies as well.
  allergy relief
Reviewed by: psychstudent from salem, ma

I haven't used my bottle yet, but the load I did with my friend's seems to have helped with my allergies.
  Great sleeping aid!
Reviewed by: multiple allergy gramma from McKinney Tx

I ran out of my first bottle & thought I could just use a "free & clear" type. But I sneezed, itched all night. After the 1st wash of my sheets it all went away and the detergent leaves no scent. Love it!
  Sleeping peacefully
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This is so easy to use and since using this product on my sheets I sleep better and sneeze less often - with each change of linens the effects do not seem to change just because the linens have been in the closet a few days. Will continue to use this product for my bedding.
Reviewed by: 11 yr old dust allergy sufferer from Buffalo, New York

my 11 yr old daughter has dust allergies. she says the detergent feels better then the any other detergent. she says "it actually gets the dust mites off of the clothes"
  Works Fine for Me
Reviewed by:  from Philadelphia, PA

I am a 48 year old man with many allergies to pollens from trees and weeds, mold and dust mites. I've had the allergy prick, poke and scratch test three different times in my life: when I was 15, 27 and 47. Each time I showed the highest reactivity possible for many, many substances. In the summer, if I take off my t-shirt and like on my back on a cut lawn for about 20 seconds, my back will turn red. Needless to say, alot of detergents irritate my skin in the same way. I've used this anti-allergen laundry soap for a couple years now. No problems whatsoever. I'm not washing clothes soiled with grease, sweat and dirt, just removing skin oil, dust and skin particles in the laundry. This soap works fine in that regard.
  It works!!!
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Allergy Sufferer from South Florida

I bought this to go along with my new ultra mattress cover and pillow cases. Anyway, I use hot water to wash my sheets as described and use this detergent with it. So far I think it's working great. My allergies have been greatly reduced and I feel much better waking up each morning.
  Works like a charm
Reviewed by: Clean and simple from San Diego, CA

I have to say I've been very happy with this product. My boyfriend's allergies have been out of control this last year so I thought, we've tried everything else why not this! It cleans great, at all temperatures and for everything. I first just started with towels and bedding but now wash everything in it. We have dogs which is part of the allergy and it's even great on their bedding as well. Very happy with the results and customer service from AchooAllergy. Thanks!
  Cleans well
Reviewed by: A Lergic from Delaware

Works well in my HE machine. Doesn't leave a bad odor. It's hard to tell whether this is killing / removing allergens as I changed lots of bedding at once pillows, mattress cover, etc.. But, I will continue to wash bedding in this stuff as there are no negative effects and it all seems to be helping me.
  Great Detergent
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Los Angeles, California

Wonderful product! Kills dust mites and other allergens, and works just as well in cold water. Saves money on hot water and eco-friendly. No medicinal smell, and clothes and bedding feel clean and allergen-free!
  Best Laundry Detergent
Reviewed by: RG - former allergy sufferer from Midwest

If you're looking for positive results and value for your money,this detergent is a winner. I don't have worry about the water temperature when I use it and a little goes a long way. It's strong but safe and leaves no residue. Plus, since it's plant based it's also eco-friendly. Try it once and you'll be buy it again and again.
  Great Product, great value
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Allergy Fighter from Normal, Illinois

This laundry detergent works great and I believe it's making a difference. My allergy symptoms have improved and I'd highly recommend washing especially items that can't be laundered in hot water.
  Fantastic product
Reviewed by: Mom of allergy sufferers from Huntington Beach, California

No longer do I have to wash our bedding with 140 degree water. I can't wait to see our next gas bill! My son has severe dust mite allergies and sensitive skin. After using this product for a month now, he has shown no reactions to it. Using this detergent is also going to extend the life of our bedding. So far, I love it and will order more.
Reviewed by: Very, very greatful customer from illinois

It took me a long time to decide either to get this product or de-mite laundry additive. But at the end, the affordability, the good review and the fact that it''s plant based led me to this product along with the spray. It''s still bit pricey for regular uses so I only use for my bedding items and my kids stuffed animals. And it works. My husband used to suffer from eye allergy that caused constant leaking and itching. He's been to the doctors office, tried everything and nothing seems to work. This was our last straw for we could not afford to buy a new mattress or replace the carpeted floor. Once I received the products I washed everything and sprayed the mattress and my husband hasn't complained about his eyes since. Mind you he still suffers from seasonal allergy, in fact everyone in our family do, but we no longer suffers from sudden stuffy nose and cough and itchy eyes everytime we get in our beds. Thank you
  Very happy with product
Reviewed by: Happy Customer from Atlanta, GA

I found this detergent after two of my cats began sneezing regularly & a search turned up extensive mold in the crawlspace of my apartment. We moved, but I wanted something to clean all of our clothes / bedding / towels before entering our new space. The Anti-Allergen detergent was fantastic. It really is very concentrated & lasted a long time. The unscented Anti-Allergen detergent somehow makes everything smell great. Laundry truly smells clean after washing - not scented, but fresh & clean. That was such a nice bonus in an already good product. Please consider offering it in a larger "value" size.
  MCS: so what?
Reviewed by: Pat Johnson from North America

I'm a chemically sensitive oldie who has just retired into our motorhome for the times of our lives. Yes, that means using laundromats with lots of petroleum based stink-um. This WAS a problem prior to kind of stumbling onto this rather amazing laundry soap. What makes it amazing? Don't know. What I do know is that I was having MCS flashbacks no place anyone ever wants to be and since using this product on a regular basis I'm not. Yes, that IS amazing and that IS making my life so much more comfortable. Thanks, friends! Pat Johnson
  It is True!
Reviewed by: John from Florida

They say it is concentrated but we have all read that before but in the case, it is true! I tried it on the first load and used a capful and it made a ton of suds. I have used it to spot treat blood stains and coffee stains with perfect results. My baby boy has very sensitive skin and we now use this product for all of his laundry and he is doing much better.
  Anti-Allergen Solution
Reviewed by: Susan Bunker from Pasadena, CA

I love that the Anti-Allergen Solution Laundry Detergent gets rid of dust mites without using any harsh chemicals. I can even wash my baby's clothes with it because it doesn't have any of the fragrances or dyes that are in other detergents and irritate her sensitive skin. Anti-Allergen Solution's ingredients are all plant-based, so I feel good washing our clothing and bedding with it. Also, many other dust-mite killing laundry products that I've tried have a very unpleasant, sharp odor, but Anti-Allergen Solution actually smells nice! Anti-Allergen Solution is also effective in cold water, allowing me to use it even when washing delicate clothing or colors, or when I want to save money by not using hot water. Again, I love this product, and I now use it exclusively.

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