Allergy Armor Organic Pillow Covers Customer Reviews

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  sleeping soundly
Reviewed by:  from Washington

I recently purchased a set of Allergy Armor Orginic pillow covers and needless to say I am finally getting a good nights sleep, I feel safe from dust mites, I no longer sneeze and cough during the night, I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years, thank you - an allergy sufferer
  Pillow Happy
Reviewed by: Allergic-dog's person from Midwest

The two organic pillow cases arrived promptly. I am very pleased with their quality--strong cloth, nicely finished, and I trust that they are keeping dust mites from invading my brand new pillows. Wish Achoo made dog bed encasings!
Reviewed by: Allergic in Florida from Amelia Island, Florida

My husband and I were waking up every morning with stuffy heads and runny noses. I had resisted buying pillow covers because my experience with them in the past had led me to expect a plastic feel and a crinkly noise every time I moved. We were desperate, so I ordered your covers. No crinkly noise, no plastic feel or smell and, best of all, much diminished sinus problems. Now I'm thinking of trying the duvet/quilt cover to see if that helps cure more of the problem. Thank you!
   a perfect product
Reviewed by:  a fussy consumer from california

I ordered 2 cases, they arrive quickly and they were made well, substantial fabric and they have done the job well on my two new pillows. I would recommend this company and product to anyone required protectors for pillows. the price was also reasonable for the quality.
  Peace of mind
Reviewed by: Matty Matt from Womelsdorf, PA

I knew that these allergy armor covers work because I loved the bed covers. However, I wanted to buy the organic allergy armor pillow covers separately. They work just as good as the Ultra, but I feel good knowing my face is rested on all natural organic cotton. Actually, I would recommend a cover regardless of allergies, just so I know I am not breathing pillow stuffing.
  Organic pillow cover
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Arizona

I love this pillow cover. It is soft and very quiet - you don't even notice it's there. I also sleep well knowing that I am not sleeping on harsh chemicals. I highly recommend this pillow cover! I would love to have all of the organic allergy bedding.
  Feels so good and have queen sizes too!
Reviewed by: B. Chauvin from North Carolina

Achoo Allergy was the answer to my allery needs. I was able to purchase the very hard to find Queen pillow size and the queen mattress cover in the ULTRA fabric! What a relief. It feels so normal and now my husband doesn't complain about sleeping on "plastic". Thank you AchooAllergy.

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