3M Filtrete Ultra Small Bedroom Air Purifier Customer Reviews

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  Quietest Purifier Ever
Reviewed by: Justin R. from Collegeville, Pennsylvania

The 3M Filtrete Ultra Small Bedroom Air Purifier really lives up to its name by running in almost silence. Really keeps the pet hair floating in the hair down and reduces the dust on surfaces. Makes the room smell fresher than without it. I highly recommend, especially for a baby's room or any small room.
  We Feel Better Already!
Reviewed by: Allergy's Galore! from Brunswick GA

I absolutely LOVE this air purifier. I bought 2, one for each of my daughters rooms and as soon as I turned them on I instantly noticed the difference. I can change a poopy diaper in the nursery and only seconds later you wouldn’t even know it!!! I will be buying 2 more of these for the living/master bdrms and highly recommend them!!
  3M Filtrete Ultra Small Bedroom Air Purifier
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from St. Louis, Missouri

Have only had the purifier for a few days but I'm impressed with the size, the footprint and the quiet operation.
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from austin

I love my air filter. It's size is sleek and compact. The service at achoo allergy is impeccable and I receive the three that I ordered in just days after ordering.
  Good, not great
Reviewed by: Dust, cats, dogs, certain kinds of pollen suck! from New Yokr, NY

Pros: It's definitely quiet. I have a Bionaire one that's is UBER loud and I had to put my head to this one to make sure it was on the first time. It also is pretty decent at taking away the smoke smell my roommate smokes in her bedroom and sometimes it seeps through the walls. Cons: It doesn't seem to be doing much for other odors for example my Bionaire one, if I sprayed perfume or had a big plate of food in the room, if I turned it on any residual odors would be gone quickly--even when it's on for hours. Also I don't find it helping too much with my allergies even though the room is quite tiny, but to be fair I keep hearing from people that this allergy season has been particularly brutal so I can't completely blame it on the filter. Also once I came into my room and it was odor-free and after two hours with the filter on there was a distinct odor in the air that I couldn't pinpoint. I really hope it's not from the purifier.
  Do I even have a filter?
Reviewed by: Marielle Eaton from Portland, Oregon

The air feels clean, smells clean, and my allergies are relieved... but I don't hear a filter! The quietest filter ever! I had high hopes when I saw the "quiet" guarantee on the description, and I was definitely not let down. 100% satisfied.
  Waking up better in VA...
Reviewed by: Darnell from Virginia

I am a senior in college and still live on campus, but I was able to get a single room in our housing lottery. The building is pretty old, so the rooms are small. This 3M air purifier was a good price and it works well in my single room. I have noticed being less stuffy in the morning.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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