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Reviewed by:  from San Antonio, TX

I read reviews on the Miele Auto Eco Upright saying some people experienced problems with the vacuum cutting off and not restarting. I experienced the same the second time using this vacuum. My first thought was I was swiveling too far causing a short. The vacuum started back up and stopped running again. When assembling the vacuum out of the box, the top of the handle snaps into the top of the vacuum. I pulled the top of the handle out and reseated it. The vacuum did not stop running after reseating the handle. I have used the vacuum once since reseating the handle. I am hoping this is not a design flaw with this particular Miele that will continue to cause it to stop running. I am satisfied with the cleaning ability and the bag capacity. Four stars resulting since I had problems with the motor cutting off. [Editor's Note: If this type of problem occurs with a Miele upright, the handle NOT being completely locked into place is almost always the culprit.]
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Reviewed by: J.A.K. from 

I purchased this for our home nearly three years ago now. In getting this, I made a deal with my wife, that she would have to get rid of at least three of the other vacuums she had at the time she had 5 and only 2 worked! In the time since then, we've gotten rid of all our other vacuums except one for upstairs. I'm glad to be rid of the mess and clutter and really happy that we found something that works well enough to do everything needed for the downstairs of our home. This is the quietest vacuum I've ever heard operate. Neither the panasonic, hoover, eureka, or shark where as quiet as this vac or as powerful. The bag is easy to replace. It's not at all like our old Hoover where we would lay newspaper out on the floor, lean the vacuum over, replace the paper bag and throw away all the mess that spilled out onto the paper. The wand is nice too. My wife is short, so I periodically use it to clean the corners of the living and dining rooms old farm house with 10' ceilings. The only drawbacks are the weight and keep an eye on the cord. That brush is powerful enough to chew through the cord in a matter of seconds! It's been a great purchase for us, and I'll never go back to a cheap vacuum again.
  so far so good
Reviewed by: content from mansfield, pa

I love the vacuum - it is easy to handle and swivels into tight corners much easier than my old clunky Kirby. I had read reviews that it did not tip over when using the hose and attachments - a pet peeve of mine with the old vacuum - but this one also tips over on me - in fact, the little plastic piece that holds the hose in broke off in week 2 after the unit tipped while I was using the hose. I was able to slide the broken piece back in, but am disappointed that I have to be so cautious still when using the hose. Great suction and cleaning power and I love the "automatic" carpet height selection.
  Has it all
Reviewed by: Now Wiser from Seattle, WA

I needed to replace my old, old vacuum, and I got frustrated with several newer vacuums that didn't seem to do the job. I finally decided to buy a Miele. The downsides are the expense and the weight, but it works beautifully on all floors. The tools are handy, and they are efficient. I'm pleased with this purchase, and I'd recommend this vacuum who's willing to carry it around.
  Heavy But Terrific
Reviewed by:  from Albany, NY

The vacuum cleaner is heavy but pushes easily and is extremely effective. A recent appliance repair person at our house to repair a sub zero refrigerator commented that it is the best vacuum on the market. I love it.
Reviewed by: James E. from The Big Easy

I have been reading about this vacuum for over 2 years. I decided on this model over the tango because I think black will be a more durable color over the years.

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