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  Miele Jaxx Upright Vacuum
Reviewed by: Mike with allergies from Tampa Bay Area

The first impression of the Miele “Jazz” vacuum system S7280 is one of quality. The impression is on target, because the construction and design of the Miele vacuum cleaner uses a well-thought-out design using quality materials. The canary-yellow body brings a touch of psychological brightness to the otherwise dull activity of vacuum cleaning. The head of the Jazz cleaner is slightly smaller than many power heads on canister vacuum cleaners making it able to get into spaces that I previously found were reachable using a non-Miele power head. The cleaning brush bar can reach under many types of furniture and along the kick-plate edges of standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The brush combined with the variable speed motor provides adjustable suction with the result that the machine cleans well on different types of carpet. If the motor driving the brush is turned off, the Miele cleaner automatically adjusts its height for other than carpeted floors and rolls smoothly on non-marking rubber wheels. One of the outstanding features of the Miele upright vacuum is its maneuverability using a swivel system near the power head. The product can reach many areas conveniently with a turn or twist. Because of the quality of the materials used in construction of the Jazz, it is a bit heavier than some other products and some users might find the cleaning operation tiring. I would suggest taking a short break or changing to a cleaning operation using the wand, such as vacuuming curtains, lamp shades, cushions, or similar activity. When cleaning different materials such as lamp shades, less vacuum pressure is needed to prevent damage to the material. The Miele system features a variable motor speed control to allow delicate materials to be handled gently at considerably less than full vacuum power. The control works very well, and Miele has marked the gradations to indicate the approximate position for different applications. The Miele cleaning system is sealed and filtered to prevent dirt, allergens, and carbon particles from motor operation from exiting the machine. All filters are easily replaced without tools. The Miele vacuum bags are self-sealing and mark an innovative improvement in handling bags filled with debris I always hated changing bags previously, because the act of grasping and carrying the container to the trash almost always meant a cloud of dust exited from the bag thereby exacerbating my allergies. Gone is that annoyance with the Miele self-sealing multilayer bags. I use vacuum cleaners primarily for cleaning wall-to-wall carpet, and the self-adjusting carpet level is an appreciated feature. The machine also adjusts automatically when moving to plain floors, but you will want to turn the brush motor off when changing from carpeted floors to plain, non-carpeted areas. The hand tools and the cleaning wand work well. Unlike some other upright machines, the Jazz is very stable when using the adjustable cleaning wand and tools, so if left upright, it will not fall over while moving around different objects. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to assemble the different parts to clean parrot cages, so I plan to buy a Miele canister vacuum cleaner for that task. If one is looking for an effective vacuum cleaner that is especially good at handling wall-to-wall carpets, The Miele Jazz is a good choice. I might mention that an appliance rating publication gave high marks to a Miele upright vacuum in this series—the Jazz is a slightly more advanced machine with a HEPA filter included and featuring LED lamps to illuminate the area in front of the cleaner, which I find useful to locate any dirt along cabinet kick-plates, in corners, and under furniture. The Jazz is a product well worth the cost, which in the long run will likely out live more than two cheaper machines.
  The BMW of Vacuum Cleaners.
Reviewed by: Gary L. from Philly, PA.

I've tried Kenmore, Dyson, Shark and Electrolux. Like everything else in life you get what you pay for. While these products were satisfactory at their price point they had issues. Growing tired of replacing them I looked at Miele. The price is how much for a vacuum cleaner? Who would spend this much? Well I did and I really got my monies worth. This is a quality well built machine that will last you 20 years or more. The performance is without equal. Like a BMW the build quality is exceptional. Just buy it and you will have no regrets.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferers from PA

I researched long and hard for a new sweeper. I had a Kirby for about 20 yrs. as was highly recommended however I never used the attachments as they were a pain, having to assemble it all to use and then un-assemble to use the sweeper as "normal" again, so I wanted a sweeper with easy access to attachments along with good suction, a BAGGED sweeper do not like the bagless, ugh! I also wanted a HEPA filter to help with dust/pollens and cleaner air in the house. I love this sweeper as it does all. There is only one drawback, it is a heavy sweeper and by the time I am done my wrist aches. It is more noticeable when I pull the sweeper back and then to go forward etc. but I can put up with that! All the other positive aspects outweigh this issue.. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!
  vacuum of my dreams
Reviewed by: Tamara  from Portland, Oregon

I personally have never been a fan of canister vacuums, so to have an upright with a hepa filter was a perfect. This vacuum is much quieter than I expected for the size and power and it doesn't have that "vacuum cleaner smell". I love knowing that the dust is gone for good and not leaking back into the air, and as a bonus... I just love the color!
  Carpets finally free of dust
Reviewed by: Mike S. from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

I have owned the Miele Jazz S7280 since November 2012, and it has removed so much imbedded dirt and dust from my 8 year old carpets that dusting furniture has become less frequent. The ease of use compared to my older Panasonic upright, is not even fair. The Miele is like driving a Mercedes compared to driving a Little Tikes car. It hugs the carpet as it deep cleans, and it assists the forward propulsion with its separate power driven brush. Love it.
  Best vacuum ever
Reviewed by:  from Daytona Area,Fl

love,love,love this vacuum. I was looking for an upright HEPA vacuum. I did a lot of research and the Jazz seemed to be the best for the money. I had an Orek and this vacuum is so far superior. I can't say enough good about it. The onboard wand is very powerful and is perfect for dusting. The unit swivels similar to the Dyson vacuums. The vacuum is heavy but I have a single story home so I have no problem moving it. It works on hardwood and carpet. The bags do not release any debris once you remove them because they seal shut when removed. Plus each box comes with new filters to replace in the vacuum. I ordered it by 3p one afternoon and it was delivered before lunch the next day!! That's service and Free Shipping!! Can't beat that.
  Great Vacuum
Reviewed by: Extremely Satisfied from Indiana

I purchased my Miele Jazz vacuum in March of 2011 and I have to say it is the best vacuum I have ever used. It is so quiet you can actually talk on your phone while vacuuming. It makes my carpet look like new every time I use it. It is very smooth and maneuvers with ease. I love that it actually lays flat to get under the bed. The customer service with Achoo Allergy is also superb!! The ease of use from carpet to ceramic tile is wonderful as well. I have also noticed that I do not smell the vacuum while vacuuming like I did with my old vacuum cleaner which helps with keeping my allergies under control.
  Lexus of Vacuum''s!
Reviewed by: Miele Fans from New Jersey

We had a Miele for 15 years prior and NOTHING went wrong until it finally died, so this purchase became about brand loyalty. When it arrived, it was clear Miele did some MAJOR enhancements over the past 15 years! Wow...this thing is a high end vehicle now...with HEPA filters and so many enhancements. The filter bags alone are so impressive in design and purpose...if there is dust in this house its now air locked into the bag and we're no longer just kicking it up. Fantastic build with quality materials. It is heavier so if you have steps, just consider additional weight at least from the Miele we had 15 years ago... but if you have allergies, I don't think you could afford not to get one of these if you want to address the causes resulting from dust. p.s. Never used Achoo Allergy.com but surfed and they provided best price by far. Took a chance and glad we did! Offered over night shipping and received a call from Customer Service to offer a special package...which was so nice! Great attention to service! Highly recommend this company!
  best vacuume I have used
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer with pets from Okinawa Japan Us Military

When I received this vacuum it was easy and ready to use right out of the box. The suction that this vacuum has is amazing! I have two dogs and this vacuum picks up all of the hair off of the floor with no problems. The ease and maneuverability is a breeze with the twisting body. I will never go back to a bagless vacuum again!
  Awesome! Best Yet!
Reviewed by: Smooth! from Nebraska City, NE

I have owned many different Vacuums and have never been totally satisfied with any of them. I was almost tempted to buy an Oreck or Dyson based on co-workers experiences, until I used them. These Vacs are what I would consider very expensive no value. I used the Dyson to clean out a Paper Shredder and ended up with a sinus infection. The Miele Jazz, which I purchased from Achoo Allergy, is a real value when it comes to performance and attention to detail. I absolutely love it! And, it has exceeded my expectations. Achoo! sent my Vac via next day mail and even sent me a thank you card later. I felt like they appreciated my business. Mark
  Smooth and quiet
Reviewed by: Allysonne from Pennsylvania

This is my first Miele brand vacuum. I wanted the Miele Callisto canister to replace a Kenmore canister which is 15 years old and a 1 year old Bissell upright bagless. The Bissell just quit working 2 weeks ago. Additionally, I have an Irobot Roomba which is ok and picks up but doesn't fluff or clean the carpet. The Roomba is better on the hard surfaces. So the Miele is for the wall-to-wall areas. We have 2 dogs and allergies to dust mites. I ended up with the Miele Calypso because the comparison charts recommended it for people with severe allergies, wall-to-wall carpet and pets. My first Calyspso was damaged during shipping, but Achoo immediately sent out a replacement which arrived in perfect condition. So far, it is nice and quiet--my dogs don't run and hide and I talked on the phone while vacuuming. It runs smoothly--so smooth--it just glides along. It cleans the wall edges beautifully. The wand is easy to use, buttons easy to push, it just slides open. I have Fibromyalgia having a vac that is quiet and easy on my hands is very important. I was concerned about the weight, but it moves so nicely that I am no longer concerned about that--however, I do live in a ranch and do not have to carry the vac up or down stairs. The suction seems to be strong--it has even fluffed up the carpeted walkways that were flattened a bit. Best of all the entire machine is closed, no dust or smells are being emitted. This is the first vacuum I can actually say I like.... love maybe.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Marcus from Buckhead

I have been a big fan of Miele appliances and had a canister when I lived in my loft apartment. I was one of the first customers in achoo's showroom to buy the Calypso. I am an allergy sufferer, so the hepa filter means alot to me. I just got this last week, and it works great on my carpeting.

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