Danby DDR5009REE Premier Dehumidifier Customer Reviews

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  Dried out mold
Reviewed by: Sue from Nashville

We've only had this for a month, but so far it's done great to dry out an area in our basement where we'd had water damage and mold growing.
  Beating Korea's Humidity
Reviewed by: Army Wife from Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Before I bought this dehumidifier, my marble floors were damp and my kids were slipping on them, my dished wouldn't dry, my sheets were damp, and it was overall miserable in the house. The day this was delivered there was immediate relief. Bought the humidity from 87% to 60% in 24 hours and it works for the whole house! The only reason it got 4 stars was that the unit is a little noisy and it does put out some heat.
  Danby DH working well
Reviewed by:  from PA

Just bought and received as promised. Dried out basement in two days with over a bucket each day. Actual humidity reading handy as well as actual temperature. Reviews said quiet system, but I would say not loud, but not quiet. Fan runs when machine is turned on even if not dehumidfying, thus always has sound of a fan running. Overall pleased, just don't like fan always running.
  good product and price
Reviewed by: mike with damp basement from pennsylvania

Couldn't be happier with this product. It is everything as advertised. Works well and the warranty for two years is nice. The price and free shipping are the best thing about this product.
  Danby DDR5009REE Premier Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Dry Basement Owner from Burlington, Vermont

I recently purchased the Danby DDR5009REE Premier Dehumidifier to use in my damp smelling basement. It has been in my basement for a few weeks now. I have found that it pulls water quickly from the air and has done a nice job lowering the humidity and eliminating the damp smell. I gave it 4 stars instead of five for two reasons. First is that the fan runs continually when it is working, so if you want to use this in a room where you are "living" that could be a concern. Also, the water bucket does not have a flat bottom which makes it a little awkward to empty. However, overall I would give this product a high rating.
  Works Great
Reviewed by: Cheryl from NY

I got the Danby model, because of recommendation from Consumer Reports. It is working great to help with dampness, and moisture in air. Only con is, I wish Danby would supply a way longer hose. I would have liked to use a hose to reach closet drain. I'm using the bucket instead, I don't let it get too filled up, as it's heavy to carry and empty into drain. That's why I gave product 4 stars, cause of short hose.
  wet basement
Reviewed by: Jo  from Glenburn, North Dakota

We are having some major flooding and water seepage problems in North Dakota this year. Along the water seeping in from under the basement floor our walls were sweating. I got my danby a couple weeks ago and it has helped tremendously, the walls are no longer sweating and the seepage areas aren't as bad. I love the fact that the you can just attach a hose and run it into the sump pit and not worry about emptying the bucket. Also for now I'm not worried about any timing for how long it runs as we are running it constantly, but maybe in the future. It also helped warm up the cold basement!
  Effective quiet dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Mark from Hellertown,PA

The Danby DDR5009REE dehumidifier I recentlly purchased is very effective, quiet and does not throw much heat. Because of this I believe it will be very energy efficient. I opted for the 50 pint size because of the 2 year warranty. Reviews of other dehumidifiers suggest they may not be as reliable. Time will tell how this one works out in the long run. So far I am very pleased with the product.
  Very nice
Reviewed by: used in basement from Virginia

Use product in unfinished basement. Does very nice job. Easy to use. Use connection with hose to floor drain-no problem- drains well. Very fast shipping on product also.
  Danby 5009 Humidifier Review
Reviewed by: Tom Johnston from Sioux City, IA

Was really surprised at this machine. Some reviews said that was a little noisy but in all honesty I found it quieter than my old Maytag Dehumidifier. Fast at drawing down the humidity also. The only drawback I found was that they only suggest a hose to connect to it that is less than 5 feet. Thus it limits placement unless I use the bucket which like I hinted fills up fast in high humidity areas. Overall, great machine though for the price.
  Danby Humidifier
Reviewed by: Replacing dehumidifier from Michigan

It works well and the timer feature is nice. A little noisy but not more than the one that this replaced. Had an old Montgomery Wards model for over 20 years. Not sure if I like the continous fan. The old one turned on and off according to the setting and that is what I am used to. Overall this works well. I gave it 4 stars only because they state this is super quiet but its not.
  I love my Danby
Reviewed by: J. Nielson from Waterloo, Iowa

My basement has been extremely water-logged and very musty smelling. I also had mold that had formed because of the water. My basement wall had broken open and every time it rained, I would have water running. I had another dehumidifier but it went out and couldn't be fixed. The Danby dehumidifier was a godsend. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy this again. Thank you for mailing it so promptly. It is quiet and has really solved the water problem.
  No more mold and musty basement smells
Reviewed by: TAB from Grand Rapids, MI

I purchased the Danby DDR5009REE Premier Dehumidifier 4 weeks ago. I didn't want to write a review until I was sure of the product. Here's my story. I bought an older home and couldn't get the musty smell out of the basement. I had mold growing along the basement walls and couldn't keep ahead of it. I had a friend that purchased a dehumidifier that was installed on their furnace unit,BUT big $$$ to purchase and install. I bought the unit thinking that if it didn't work I would return it. WELL let me tell you it was the best $$ I've ever spent. I have no smell or mold anywhere and have since added a washer and dryer machine in the basement. I never would have dared to do that before. I love the hose hookup option. The humidifier drains automatically into the floor drain. the fan runs constantly so I was worried about my electric bill. It only added about $6 to my bill for last month. Well worth the $ not to have the molds and smells All and All, Extremely happy with the Danby!
Reviewed by: Roy from Pensylvania

I have numerous other dehumidifiers, and they did not perform nearly as well as this one. It quickly ped the humidity in my basement and maintained it even after 6" of rain. The 2 year warranty is also great. Also easy to install with a drain hose supplied. This is the second unit I purchased - the first was for our church.
  Danby Dries It Out
Reviewed by:  from Rochester, NY

We bought the Danby 50 pint dehumidifier to replace a 20 year-old unit that finally stopped working. Within 3 days the humidity in our basement fell from 65% down to 35%! This unit is not only efficient, it is also very quiet and easy to use with temperature and humidity displays on top and 2 buttons to set the desired humidity level. We don't live in our basement so I haven't found the need to try the remote control but I imagine it could be quite useful if the unit is placed in a main living area. This unit appears to be well made and hopefully will last many years.
  what a pleasure to use
Reviewed by: eph with allergies from Teaneck, NJ

Our old dehumidifier died this hot and humid summer and we needed to get a replacement quickly. We bought a Kenmore because our old Kenmore worked sufficiently well. The new one was terrible, so we returned it and ordered a Danby 50 pt. We got it about 4 weeks ago. Much quieter, much easier to empty the bucket! It indicates the present temperature and humidity in the basement. We can also set the desired number of hours we want it to work and the humidity that we want it to reduce to. Only drawback is that it warms the room slightly, so we set it to run at night when we are not down here in my computer/laundry room. However, the surface of the machine does not feel warm at all to touch,which contrasts to the Kenmore machine that did heat up considerably.
  Great Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Breathing Easier from Massachusetts

This product is all it advertises to be. Easy to use and works well. It has transformed the atmosphere in our basement. I would recommend this item to anyone and have. By the way, this company's customer service is awesome. I would recommend people purchase items just for their service, A1!
  Best Humidifier I've Ever Had
Reviewed by: Whole Family with Allergies from Stroudsburg, PA

Over the ten years we've lived in our home, we've owned several dehumidifiers, most of which stopped working or broke within the first two years. With this manufacturer's warranty, we were happy to try it. Now that we've had it for weeks, it is much quieter than the last one we owned even with the fan running all the time, and it does a great job maintaining the humidity. Our energy bills went down since we bought it as well. Thanks!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Happy Customer from Prior Lake, Minnesota

We ordered the Danby 50 pt dehumidifier. shipping was a breeze. The order was received when promised and without issue. The dehumidifier works excellent. We noticed a difference within hours of plugging it in. Some reviewers thought the unit was loud. We have our unit in the basement and with the door closed we do not notice the sound. I have already recommended this website and unit to a friend. Thanks Achoo!
  suprised my husband!
Reviewed by:  from St. Louis

My husband has been telling me for years we didn't a dehumidifier, despite the musty smell in the basement. I used my garage sale money to purchase this unit and proved my husband wrong!! Although it took some experimenting, after 2 weeks we lowered the humidity level from 72% to 48%!! And no more smell!!
  great product
Reviewed by:  from 

This dehumidifier is great, simple to put together, very quiet, good price as well.
  New Purchase
Reviewed by: homeowner from ohio

I recently purchased this dehumidifier from Achoo Allergy. So far i have been very pleased. This is for my full, unfinished basement. It runs very quietly and has significantly improved the humidity factor in my basement. I wish there was a feature that allowed for the automatic on and off of the devise after running x hours a day and then to resume again x hours later. i did an extensive internet review both of product and of vendor, and am pleased with the results.
  Dry Air
Reviewed by: Tim from Toledo, OH

This unit has done everything and more than I needed it to do. My basement has been transformed!
  Enjoying our dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Decreasing the basement humidity from Indiana

So far our new dehumidifier is working great, and we have no complaints. We have been impressed with Achoo Allergy.com and would not be afraid to order from them again.
  Almost perfect!
Reviewed by: No more damp basement from Palatine, IL

This dehumidifier was purchased after I did extensive research on the web seeking a reliable product. It was easy to set up, does a terrific job of dehumidification, is reasonably quiet, and is energy efficient. If I had one reason to rate it at four stars instead of five, it would be because its fan runs continuously and does not cycle off with the compressor. All-in-all, a good value.
  So far so good...
Reviewed by: Moisture woes! from Eugene, Oregon

I have used two other dehumidifiers in my daylight basement. Both failed compressor death after about 14 months of use. Neither unit responded to the % humidity set on the machine - both tried to turn my basement into a desert i.e. the selector was set to 45% but the units kept running taking the humidity below 35% - waste of energy!. After several weeks of use, the Danby is keeping the humidity at 50% setting on the unit. However, the fan runs continually and I do not like the "noise" not really loud, just annoying when I am working in the basement. I am hoping this one lasts longer than the other two.
  Not what I expected....
Reviewed by: Big Mama from Northeast, USA

After reading reviews, I was looking forward to having a very quiet and efficient dehumifier. That is not the case, however. This is very loud - even on the lower fan setting. I also do not like the fact that when it is restarted after being off, it does not remember settings and the humidity level setting is high. I have renters who do not take the time to look at settings, thus the unit is not drawing out moisture from the area. The one plus is that this is the easiest "continuous drain" set up I've even seen on a dehumidifier and I've purchased many. Overall, very disappointed.
  Wet in the Northeast
Reviewed by: Mark G. from Maine

The 50 pint Danby worked great on drying out my downstairs. We have had a lot of rain up here this year. I own a two story home with a crawlspace and I have had trouble with wet spots and mold in the downstairs rooms. This took the moisture out over a couple of days. The only downfall I found it the fan does not shut off when the wanted humidity level is reached. Overall, I am happy with this dehumidifier, especially over others we researched. Pricing and free shipping were considerations as well.
  Too Much Heat Emitted
Reviewed by: Hot Hawaiian from Aiea, Hawaii

This unit is great for removing moisture from the air. However, the heat emitted from the unit is quite a bit. I'll only use it in the winter since it's too hot in the summer.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Energy Minded. from Rhode Island

Had a hard time getting the unit to self drain,it kept draining into the attached drawer, played around with the drawer for several days, then it started draining as it should, also had to hook a timer because fan ran continuously, not as energy efficient as it could be.
  Quiet, But...
Reviewed by: MK from New Jersy

I bought this dehumidifier for my basement primarily because it's one of the quietest on the market. And, it is quiet. It seems to work well. But, other dehumidifiers I've had turned on and off automatically when designated levels of humidity were reached. With this one, the fan runs all the time, which seems a waste of energy, especially for an energy-star rated machine. Also, it can only be set to end an "on" or "off" cycle when it's actually in that cycle. So, to prevent it from running all the time, I'd have to run down to the basement to turn it on and off. I solved the problem by buying an appliance timer that allows on-off settings every 15 minutes.
  Great Product and Great Service
Reviewed by: Lamar Beasley from Reston, VA

This is a replacement humidifier for my basement office. I received excellent advice on what size and brand of model to purchase. After placing my order it was only a couple days until it arrived. It is working perfectly and I am very pleased. Most of all I appreciate the excellent service I received from Achoo Allergy. A thank-you post card also arrived the other day thanking me for my order. A great product and an excellent company.
  Keeps Basement Dry
Reviewed by: Damp Basement from Erie Pa

I am very pleased with how well this product works. It is quiet so you barely notice that it is on.
  Danby Premier Humidifier
Reviewed by: Humid in Maryland from Baltimore, Md.

This particular unit is just as advertised: quiet, efficient, with relative humidity and temperature displays, programability timing for turning on and off. It is an Energy Star appliance and I would recommend it to anyone!

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