Miele Polaris Vacuum Cleaner Customer Reviews

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  best for hardwood floors!
Reviewed by: Polly Johns from Emerald Isle NC

Love this vacuum! It is light and powerful when you need it. I just replaced carpeting with hardwood floors and was looking for the best vacuum for hardwoods. I think I have found a winner. It also works great on my small rugs. So glad I found the Miele Polaris.
  Miele Polaris Vacuum Cleaner
Reviewed by: Val, allergy sufferer from Minnesota

Only had the Miele Polaris for a for a month but really like it so far. It's light weight and super quiet, the whole house is wood floors it does a really good job, I added the HEPA filter it's easy to breath even when the vacuum is on. I would recommend it to anyone with wood floors and low rugs. The price may seem high but the vacuum is well made and I fully expect it to out last other brands available at big box stores which is just what I wanted. I would defiantly make another purchase at achooallergy in the future I was surprised how quickly the vacuum arrived.
  Miele Polaris Vacuum Cleaner
Reviewed by:  from Fort Lauderdale, FLorida

As an allergy sufferer and a person who prides herself on having a clean house, I find the Miele Polaris Vacuum Cleaner as the best vacuum I have owned. I have tried many vacuum cleaners, i.e, Hoover, Shark, Riccar and Kenmore and my Miele Polaris is the best. I can't believe how quiet it is and how great it cleans. I have used a swiffer after I vacuum and there is no dirt. With other vacuums I have to swifter at least twice to get the floors clean. I have hardwood floors throughout my home and the ease of use of the Miele makes the job of cleaning a breeze. Another note, I can actually hear the tv while vacuuming. Thanks again for a great product!
  good value for the dollar
Reviewed by:  from Santa Ana, California

This is a small vacuum with a lot of suction that works well on solid surfaces. The good side is its light weight and powerful. It also follows along so easily when vacuuming that it sometimes bumps into something. The down side is that the bags are smaller and will need to be changed more frequently and there is no room for the tools inside the vacuum. Instead the tools are attached to the hose and when bumped they fall off.. The cord is also shorter than my last miele. All in all, though, it cleans well for the price and fits better in my closet. Happy to have a miele again.
  Recommendation from a
Reviewed by: Chuck  from Morrisville, NC

I've been using the Miele Polaris for two weeks now and am impressed so far. The suction power is phenomenal and it is very quiet - especially on the lowest setting which I use to "dust" my hardwoods. I would say that setting is quieter than a bathroom exhaust fan. The highest setting works great for my low pile carpets and is far quieter than an upright no louder than the medium setting on a hair dryer. You can have a conversation with someone or still hear the TV when this unit is on any power level. I don't really see the need to buy the optional turbo brush since the suction is so powerful, it raises the carpet nap nicely. The attachments could be in a better storage place on the unit. The holder sometimes gets knocked off by the hose. The only other negative is the cord length. It is not terrible but it does cause me to have to move outlets a couple of times. I love the cord storage though. It automatically wraps up into the vacuum unit. The vacuum is also very light and easy to hold while doing steps. For anyone with a lot of hardwoods, tiles, linoleum and low pile carpet, I would highly recommend this vacuum. The ease at which you can switch the vacuum head from hardwood to carpet is very easy and there is a little door on the handle that you can open and close with your thumb to further adjust airflow making it great for curtains and bedding. Finally a vacuum that I can do everything with. I used to have a small vacuum for stairs,a large upright for the carpet and had to use a SwifferR, broom and dustpan for the hard surfaces. Now I *finally* have an all-in-one unit that does an excellent job on everything with the confidence that it is trapping far more allergens than my old methods!
  Exceptional vacuum
Reviewed by:  from Seattle, WA

I come from Europe and have only used canister vacuums because they are so much lighter and they reach under furniture. When my old canister got too worn, so I decided to buy this Miele. When it arrived I was surprised at how lightweight it was, even for a canister it's very light and small, I easily lift it with one hand and carry it up and down the stairs. The suction is very impressive, I never set it on max because it's too powerful. The floor tool that it comes with is ideal for hard floors and rugs, I found it is very gentle on hardwood and delicate surfaces. It cleans corners and edges very effectively in one passing. The telescopic wand has an adjustable length mechanism for taller/shorter people. It comes with 3 standard attachments which sit at the bottom of the hose and become easily accessible while vacuuming, it also comes with 2 bags. For wall to wall carpets I recommend buying the turbo brush, if you want effortless removal of hairs. I've never seen my carpet so clean, not one hair left on it in one passing. Also the brush is light and reaches easily under furniture as it's not bulky. The only negative is the length of the power cable, it could have been a bit longer. I'd recommend this vacuum to anyone who likes to have a clean house with minimum effort.
  My first canister
Reviewed by:  from Evanston, IL

Having been raised around only uprights, it's taken me a while to come around to canisters. But with no carpet in my apartment, I get tired of sweeping all the time, and I feel like I have to nearly everyday b/c of Skipper. This was the least expensive Miele canister I found. I ordered the parquet floor brush and car cleaning kit as well and am very pleased with all three. The vacuum works great in the apartment. I can do the entire apartment from two outlets, and the vacuum itself is small and light enough that detailing my car is much easier than paying for an oversized hose nozzle at a car wash that won't get everything anyways. All in all, this was a great first purchase.

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