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  Amazingly Effective!!
Reviewed by: This Old House from United States

Highly recommend this dehumidifier. It has made such a difference for our small office! We were dealing with musty odors and poor air quality due to dampness and the fact that we are located in an old house-turned-office. After just a couple hours, there was significant and noticeable improvement in the air. Odors are gone and we can all breathe easier now. Setup was a cinch. The only small con may be that we are choosing to dump the water from the collector which fills at least once a day due to the dampness in the air. Small price to pay for such improved environment. Those of us who are asthma/allergy sufferers are particularly relived and happy!! Thank you Achoo Allergy for providing and recommending such a great product!!
  BIG dehumidifier
Reviewed by: humid in Florida from Hollywood, Florida

I bought this for a small apartment, and it does look rather large. I think I should have gotten the smaller size. But I'm happy with the performance and quality of the product.
  Very Good
Reviewed by:  from El Dorado, AR

I had bought an LG dehumidifier to put in our finished basement. But I took it back because it was too noisy and was not big enough 45 pint. When I took it back I looked for the next size up 65 pint but the store was out of stock. So I decided to look online. I found the Alen 74pint at Achoo Allergy for the same price as the 65 pint at a local store. Plus the Alen vented out the top instead of the back like the ones I had been looking at, and I liked that better. The Alan dehumidifier has worked very well and is a lot quieter. The only downside I can see is the bucket seems to be cheaply made. The handle has come loose on me one time, so I carry the bucket by the sides. Over all good product at a good price.
  Easy to Use
Reviewed by: Andrea from CT

Works good! I use it in my basement.
  R2D2 at work
Reviewed by:  from Missouri

Wow, this a hard working little dehu. It wrings out the moisture in my large basement 30'x 30'and maintains a humidity level of 45 percent. It doesn't run constantly, but cycles and shuts off when full automatically. I do have to physically empty the tank.
  Breathing better
Reviewed by: Pamela from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

I have only had my Alen dehumidifier for a few weeks, but so far, I am very pleased with it. I am using it in my bedroom and the difference in the air quality was noticeable within a couple of hours. It seems a little noisy at first, but my husband and I quickly adjusted to it and sleep well with the "white" noise. I have found the collection container to be of sufficient size. I leave the dehumidifier running all day at 45% and have never emptied it more than once a day. It has never become so full that the machine shut off. The humidity reading on the machine rarely matches the hygrometer I have in the room, but since both stay under 50% at the current dehumidifier setting, this has not been a problem. Actually, the separate hygrometer reads lower than the dehumidifier. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. It is meeting my needs. Only time will tell if it holds up well under constant use!
  Alen Dehumidifier
Reviewed by: from Tampa, Florida

I have owned several brands of dehumidifiers previously. The Alen 74 pt. unit is much better built than any of the other products, although the prices were similar. For example, the bucket handle is strong and is unlikely to break--another unit warned NOT to carry the bucket by the handle for fear of snapping! The Alen unit design is better than any of the other units I have owned. The filter is better thought out and the verical air flow is an improvement over others. The elctronics work precisely, as the monitor works on single digits, not just every 5 percent as others do. There are other features to explore. While most dehumidifiers make noise, the noise from the Alen is mainly air noise caused by the fan. The compressor is barely audible, all my other units had compressors that made much noise, including vibrartions of the side panels that drove me crazy. All of the previous 6 units broke down after two years of light service. The Alen has only been in service for a month or so, but I am hopeful that the unit will continue to function well. I plan to write to Alen to inform them that the product is a hit here.
Reviewed by: Sam B. from Houston, TX

Actually bought this model for my RV, it collects a lot of condensate moisture. So far, so good. It runs when I am not in there so the noise is not a problem for me. I did hook it up to a hose so I don't have to worry about emptying the bucket.

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