Miele Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner Customer Reviews

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  The cleanest my apartment's ever been
Reviewed by: Lily V. from Atlanta, GA

Just got my Twist Miele yesterday, and boy did I go to town on cleaning my apartment. I loved the versatility in the suction, doing a great job on my hardwood floors and completely sucking up all of the dog hair - we have a border collie. I was able to clean all of the nooks and crannies with the accessories, plus it was so quite! Very happy customer, thanks AchooAllergy!
  Great Vacuum
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Dade City, FL

This Miele Twist is replacing my 8 year old Dyson Animal. I was a little nervous when I ordered it. But I was very happy once I used it. This vacuum gets up more than my Dyson did. I would definitely recommend this to others and wouldn't hesitate to purchase on again in the future.
Reviewed by:  from 

Pick-up is awesome, I can't believe what our old vacuum cleaner was missing. My only complaint is that I'll be needing to buy the brush attachment for the stairs. If you have carpeted stairs, you won't be able to clean them with the vacuum itself due to the twist feature.
  Buy One! It's the BMW of Vacuums
Reviewed by: Stay at home mom from Virginia

I purchased the Miele Twist about 2 months ago after my ten year old Hoover Wind Tunnel finally died. I didn't want a bagless vacuum, the newer Wind Tunnels did not get very good write-ups. Overall I just wanted a really great vacuum that would hold up to a lot of heavy usage. I have two large dogs, and a long haired cat- so I vacuum my furniture and the house at least twice a week. I read other reviews on Amazon, talked to my local vacuum repair company, and Consumer Reports. The Twist has been fantastic so far! I absolutely love how it handles. It rolls and turns like a Dyson. It is super quiet even my husband commented on that feature and it transitions from my area rugs to my wood floors, to the bathroom throw rugs super smoothly. I especially like how you can adjust the suction power and turn the roller brush on and off on the handle. It took a little getting used to, but I'm able to vacuum my small throw rugs instead of having to shake them outside now if needed. The on-board tools are great also. They seat very snugly into the back. I did purchase the extra Miele turbo brush which by the way does not seat on board the back of any of the Miele models and it is also excellent and worth the investment for the furniture. After reading a couple other reviews- the Twist is pretty much the same vacuum as the Cat Dog model if you buy this attachment. I didn't see the need for the head light for the extra money, and I don't miss it. As for ping the pricey $75 on the turbo brush tool- I feel it was worth it. This brush is extremely sturdy and covers a lot more surface area than my old turbo brush. I saved $145 buying the Twist instead of the Cat Dog with this attachment included. I was concerned that the price of the bags was going to be a factor also- but I just changed my first bag out after about 2 months of pretty heavy duty use. A normal vacuum bag would only last me about two weeks. These do really somehow compress everything down. The wand and its built-in extension is great. I really like how the hose locks down so you don't pull the entire machine over trying to vacuum your couch, stairs, or something high. The hose length is good. I have a short stairwell and was able to get all but the last step with the hose extended from the vacuum at the bottom of the steps. It is fully adequate to reach standard ceiling corners. I even vacuumed my curtains with it because you can turn the suction so low. Overall this is the nicest vacuum I've ever used. The website was great too. I received my vacuum in less than a week and the customer service was top notch. Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend this vacuum to anyone.
  Works great
Reviewed by: Mitch from Atlanta, GA

I was upgrading from a $98 vacuum I bought at Walmart in 1997, so there is no comparison between this vacuum and what I was using. It is a little on the heavy side, but that doesn't bother me at all and I don't regret buying this one. It works very well and has a great bag system that not only holds the bag very securely in place but uses bag that have a spring-loaded closure that keeps dust/dirt from going everywhere when you remove the bag. The hose can be a little awkward and takes some getting used to, but it works well too. I think it's awkward because the end of the hose is a long metal tube that isn't flexible, so it can be difficult to get at certain spots - I think it would be easier to reach these spots if the hose were either entirely flexible or mostly flexible with just a short metal tube at the end. Overall, it definitely has a solid, well-built feel too it, and although I don't have a lot to compare it to, it doesn't seem too loud.
  Meile Sweeper
Reviewed by:  from 

We are very satisfied with the prompt service and the miele vacuum we recently purchased. it does an awesome job of cleaning carpet. We were a little disappointed with the lack of suction in the hand tools. overall- a good product for the price. -
  Expect High Mileage
Reviewed by: Busy Mom from Pittsburgh

Have never owned a vacuum cleaner like this one as I had refused to pay more than $150 for any vacuum cleaner. Decided that when 2 year old carpets begin to look like they're 10 years old due to three kids and a dog, maybe $400+ vacuums are worth the price. Took the chance and have not been disappointed! Pulled carpet nap back to almost new, noticed decreased pet hair and general dirt. My husband kids me with: "you have the only vacuum cleaners this side of the Mississippi with 100,000 miles on it". Believe me, the way this one is built, it will make it to that mark. Attachments, hose and swivel make vacuuming a enjoyable task and even my tool freak husband has taken his turn and was impressed. Nice investment.
  great for pet owners
Reviewed by: Penny, 2 dogs & a cat from colorado springs, co

I love that the Miele picks up ALL the pet hair along with the normal dust. Even the hose has powerful suction. It's also a bit quieter than my old vacuum. The on board attachments & long cord make it much more convenient. I've had to train myself to pick it up by the handle on the back & not the handle with the controls. This design may increase the potential for wear & tear. The hooks for the long cord are also not deep enough to hold it in place. The bags are also pretty expensive for a non allergy sufferer. These are small concerns considering the satisfaction of a really effective vacuum!
  Get What You Pay For
Reviewed by:  from Willmar, MN

Had this vacuum for about 3 weeks now. Everything they said it was. The swivel handle is awesome, easy to manuever. Like the dual motor system so you can turn the brush off on hard floors, etc. Good reach with the attachments. Able to go all the way up my stairs and not have the vacuum tip over. Much quieter than my 10 year old Windtunnel. Only gripe is it does not have edge brushes to grab dirt around the baseboards but the suction is strong enough you still pick up the big stuff on the sides. Would like more attachments included, haven't found one that really seems to be for stairs. Furniture brush works but gets really full of dog hair.

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