FURminator Pet De-Shedding Tools Customer Reviews

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  Within 3 brushes I was HOOKED
Reviewed by: Owner of a Hairy ball of cat from Atlanta, GA

I have a long haired cat that is shedding EVERYWHERE in my home. I have been determined to find a way to cut down on it. I was reading the reviews on the FURminator and purchased the classic~ me and the cat are in HEAVEN. Within 3 swipes a TON of hair was off of him and on the floor. He seems to really like it. I would recommend this to ANYONE~ cat or dog owner. I am ALREADY seeing a difference.. GREAT tool! YAY!!!!
  Great Tool
Reviewed by: Cat owner/ Allergy sufferer from Virginia

This de-shedding tool works great. It brings up hair from below the surface where other brushes can't get to. And the cats love it also.
  A Miracle Brush
Reviewed by: Cat Lover from Florida

We have two cats - one short and one long hair. The short haired one, Onyx, has always shed badly and has dandruff - when I started to brush him with this brush - which he totally loves - I couldn't believe how much fur I got out and his dandruff is going away. Our other cat, Tigger, is also giving up lots of fur and they both look great. They both demand to be brushed and when one is being brushed the other one is sitting there waiting for his turn. I was hesitant to spend this much money for a brush - but it was well worth the price and I'm telling everyone I know about this great product.
  Worth the price
Reviewed by: Cat lover from Sandy, UT 84094

My 20-pound short-haired tabby, Walter, has always been a shedder. I got the medium size for him. Can't believe how well it works. The first time I used it I got a baseball-sized wad of hair off him. I still use it once or twice a week. His coat is beautiful and hardly sheds. Best of all, he loves being groomed with this great tool.

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