Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Customer Reviews

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  Worth it
Reviewed by: Severely allergic to dust mites from New York, NY

Before I got this vacuum I just had a handheld dust buster type vacuum. This lightweight vacuum comes with a HEPA filter to replace the normal dust filter inside. After vacuuming my entire ground floor apartment including the couch and cushions, I can feel a significant difference in how I feel and breathe!
  Exceeded my expectations
Reviewed by: Dust mite sufferer from Los Angeles

Who knew you could love an appliance?! I do.. I researched heavily, contacted the company, read reviews, and decided upon this model. Made in Germany, each bag sealed inside I have terrible allergies, lightweight + compact, moves 360° effortlessly, quiet, and can take a hepa filter not to mention Achoo Allergy offers the best deal hands down. I initially bought this for vacuuming my sofa with, but found that I can use it to vacuum SO many places I had never been able to clean/reach before. Top notch quality and design, for a price I can afford, that I imagine will last me a lifetime. I really appreciate this little guy!
  Olympic Olympus
Reviewed by: S.J. Parris from Lawrenceville

The olympus was perfect for me, light weight and light on the wallet. I have lots of tile and hardwood in my home and this was perfect for that type of flooring. I also bought the separate HEPA filter and I can really tell a difference in the air quality. It does good enough on the small amount of carpet i have and comes with a bunch of useful accessories. -Stephan the satifisfied customer”
  Sweet little German vacuum
Reviewed by:  from Washington State

Well made German technological wonder. 360 degree pivoting wheels allow you to slide across the floor unrestricted. Excellent little vacuum cleaner.
  Nice little super sucker
Reviewed by: New vacum owner from Tucson, az

Great vacum olympus 2121 for my tile, concrete & oriental rug home, with a few caveats. Great suction, too much in fact so needed to purchase parquet brush for best results. Shockingly expensive @ $70!! Hose stiff, a bit unwieldy. Floor Attachments don't slid under low furniture, dusting brush is too small & stiff. Like units's light weight and compact storage. Good value for money.
  Quick 'N Quiet Cleaning
Reviewed by: Happy Customer from Troy, NY

Best vacuum cleaner I've ever had. Great suction and I can actually hear the phone ring while vacuuming! Great on wood/tile flooring as well as low pile carpet on stairs and scatter rugs. A lightweight luxury.
  Super satisfied
Reviewed by: Mom of a messy toddler  from Boulder, Colorado

Unlike some of other reviews, I am totally satisfied with the suction. It works extremely well in my small apartment 900sq ft. with mostly hardwood floors and some short pile rugs. It sucked up bits of crackers and cheerios stuck in between sofa seat cushions with no problem. I like the hardfloor/rug flip switch on the sweeper - very convenient. Although I just keep it at the rug mode, since it makes the sweeper stick more closer to the floor, which makes the suction stronger. Some people have complained about the tools attachment, but they stay pretty securely attached on the bottom of the hose, and I am not bothered by them at all. I also like the fact that there are two separate hooks to keep your hose upright - one at the end of the machine for during cleaning, and one on the bottom of the machine, for storing. It feels like a very well made machine with a thoughtful design. One drawback I can think of would be the shorter cord. I can barely vacuum my living space with using just one outlet, but I live in a smaller apartment. Although, even if you have to move the machine and replug, the machine is really, really light, so that would help. Oh, and it is indeed extremely quiet. I didn't quite believe the hype until I heard it myself!
  Great vac, great price.
Reviewed by: C Colbert from Montana

This is my first Miele vacuum. I have allergies, and I'm a clean freak. Before this, the only vac I used for years was a powerful small shop vac with a hepa filter. It worked really well actually, but the strong air flow would blow particulates around as it wasn't a closed system not to mention attachments were limited. The ol' shop vac would clean great but was loud and eventually stuff would settle and still seem dirty/dusty, etc. I knew I needed to get a closed system vac so started researching. I almost got the Calisto $600 more!, as everyone raved about it and I couldn't find many reviews on the Olympus. After researching every Miele model over and over, I still went with the Olympus at $299. I went with this model, simply because my cleaning needs are simple. My home is small 900 sq ft, modern and sparse just simple leather furniture, wood floors, slate and concrete. No drapes. No upholsteries. No rugs. I do have two dogs and a husband with alot of curly hair. I really really wanted to order an air driven turbo brush with this unit but...I just didn't see the need for it and I'm glad I didn't. I simply do not need anything more than the accessories and hard floor/carpet brush it came with. It works just great with these attachments and cleans what I need cleaned perfectly. I didn't even bother to get the fancy handle on the hose as I find those cumbersome more times than not, plus I had to keep to my shop vac roots! Pros are what Miele is famous for. Very quiet, wheels around nicely and doesn't tip over at all. It's light, you can carry it around to vacuum high places, stairs, etc. The telescoping wand is pretty light, yet still durable metal and can reach everywhere it seems you would need it to. You can attach the hose either on the end of the unit for flat storage or clip it into the back to store it upright, which is better for me. Another reason I chose this unit vs. jupiter was the larger bag design. I use this unit every day or every other day, have for almost a month with tons of room left in the bag still. I can see the probable cons of the unit however. Plastics and unit housing are lower quality, that's obvious. Hinges are plastic although you don't really need to open the bag changing door much. Attachments are housed outside the unit instead of in. b Though, I haven't had any troube with the vario clip falling off yet. The bristles on the attachments are lower quality than the more $ units but are working fine for me. The hard floor / carpet brush is good, probably doesn't move as smooth as the more $ units but still rotates fine to get under beds and couches. I wish the cord was 33 ft instead of 29 ft. I can almost reach everywhere but you always seem to need 4 more feet of cord a small extension cord solves that though. Overall, just "economical" feeling but, the winning vote for me was of course, the 20 yr motor life, and it has the same motor as all the others or so they say! Overall it's good, cleans as expected, remember I'm used to a powerful shop vac sucking everything in from miles away while blowing everything around miles away...It really does, as achoo allergy says, depend on your cleaning needs. I would surmise that if you had any kind of carpets, fabric furniture, drapes etc, go with a more $ model with electric hose or air driven brushes, etc. because that is what you would need. Achoo shipped this unit FAST, wow! And of course, their customer service is fabulous and their honest reviews and descriptions are what always keep me coming back. Such a great and caring company!

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