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Reviewed by: Snuffels The Biker from Issaquah, WA

I thought this wouldn't work with glasses, would steam them up and would be hot. Totally surprised, light, comfortable, easy breathing and kinda cool wearing on the motorcycle, in a Mad Max sorta way. The dust and pollen out here in WA are terrible and this promises relief. Worth the money.
  The Real Deal
Reviewed by:  from Central Florida

I've got rhinitis, I'm taking allergy s for oaks and grass, and I live on a farm in Ctrl Fla where the #1 job is mowing. This mask is a godsend. I initially bought the cheaper 3M 6291. While good, it's not as strong as this one. Highly Recommended!
  A must have for cyclists and runners!
Reviewed by: Jeff from Los Angeles, California

I couldn't be happier with my Respro Sportsta Mask. I use to get a cough and a tickle in my throat after exercising sort of like a nasal drip feeling but now I am fine even when biking in heavy traffic and on dusty days. I was very pleased to find that the mask isn't THAT hot, even over your mouth. Even running in 100 degree weather I have had no problems. The only things that I had to get used to were 1. I find it difficult to breathe through my nose when wearing the mask. 2. If you have a big nose, the metal bar can be a little uncomfortable. I try to push it up toward the top of my nose and that seems to help a lot. 3. Breathing is a little tougher with the filter I am using the provided filter, and I find I am slowing down about 10%-15% when wearing. But none of these things have kept me from wearing my mask every time I go out. I exercise for health and not competition, so the slower speeds are fine with me, especially knowing my throat and lungs are being taken care of.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Johnathan from Ohio

I have really bad allergies and asthma I am not able to go outside without this mask or my eyes and lungs swell shut this is a great product and I am able to live because of it would be nice if it was sold in other colors than black.
  Best Relief Available
Reviewed by: I feel good like you all should from Spartanburg, South Carolina

Nothing helped me as much as this mask! I am on medication, immunization therapy and do all of the things allergy sufferers should do to eliminate allergens in their environment. Still, I was getting sick. After missing a week of work, I researched masks and found this to be the best solution for me. It is comfortable, cool, and it WORKS! I am not taking as much medication now and feel better than I ever have. I have even had bikers ask me where to get one.
  Game Changer
Reviewed by: Allery Sufferer from Omaha, Nebraska

I purchased my allergy mask two weeks ago. I am a weekend worrier doing all the outside work and playing basketball on the weekends. After wearing this mask for the last two weekends, I was not sick on Monday due to my allergies blowing up on me on Sunday. A great product for allery sufferers!!
  Oklahoma Allergies
Reviewed by: Jim  from Oklahoma

Great protection for Bikers with allergies, will recommend to anyone
  Effective and sporty
Reviewed by: allergic cyclist from Vancouver, Canada

I where this every other day and greatly prefer it to other masks I've been using. I never feel as much relief as when I'm wearing it. I'd give it five stars if the fit was a little better. I'm continually lifting it up as there is a tendency for it to pull downward while I'm riding.
  Respro Sportsta Mask
Reviewed by: Susan from Downstate MI

I had an anaphylactic reaction while running. Allergy testing determined a some severe allergies. I now wear this mask if I am doing heavy, "dirty" housework, or if I will be outdoors very long. This has made a huge difference in my life. You would think it would be hard to breath, but the air valve design seems to handle that. I recommend it for people with life threatening environmental allergies.
  Works well but fit not great
Reviewed by: Todd C from Cincinnati, Ohio

After a couple days of wear in high mold area I noticed a significant difference in my allergy symtoms. The fit for me was good at nose area but loose at jaw line. I wish the strap was above ear instead of around my neck. Also after opening there is a strong chemical smell and would recommend to let is sit out for a few days before wearing.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Transplant from California

This product works great.Had a Double Lung Transplant over a year ago.Works great.
  Bob - an allergy sufferer
Reviewed by:  from clyman, wisconsin

This mask exceeded my expectations. It has made a major difference in my life. I can ride my bike & mow the lawn without suffering severe headaches & nasal congestion. At first it seems a little hard to breathe thru but you quickly adjust to it
  Excellent help
Reviewed by: JRobin-Asthmatic from Western NC

I have extreme asthma. Needed something to help me go between car and buildings. This has been great. Because of the nice vents, the mask itself does not cause an asthma attack like the others I've tried. I would recommend.
  Too small
Reviewed by: Josh from Maryland

Many of Respro's masks seem to have sizing problems. As a 6'2", 230lb male, even the large mask was far too small for me.
  works perfectly
Reviewed by: Asthma and Allergy Sufferer from San Diego, CA.

I have allergy and asthma issues especially after yardwork. I bought the mask and gave it a try and it worked perfectly. I would recomned this product to anyone with allergy issues.

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