Ecology Works Dustmite-X Spray Customer Reviews

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  Superior Products
Reviewed by: Benjamin Hall, satisfied customer from Charlotte, NC

Finally, I have found a product that actually controls Dust Mites and dander. My cat no longer runs and hides or hisses at bath time. He actually comes to me when he sees DustMitex. We, the cat and I both love this product.
Reviewed by: Bad Allergies. from San Diego, CA

I was unable to sleep in my bed even with clean sheets and bedding. I just spray a little in the bed, and it kills small dust mites.
  My travel companion
Reviewed by: Allergic stewardess from orlando flotida

As a flight attendant who suffers from dust mite allergies. This product has saved my life! I take it with me and use it on bed and pillows of all the hotels i stay! I also use it on the bunks on our airplanes! Since I've been using it I sleep better and wake up less stuffed up! Highly recommend it!
  It works!
Reviewed by: Paul C.  from Charlotte, NC

My allergist told me my most severe allergy is to dust mites. After doing a.lot of research online, I purchased the DustmiteX spray to use in the bedroom and around the house. What a difference it made! I can sleep easier and breathe easier. It's non-toxic and safe, and very very effective. Thank you for making a product that actually does what it says it's supposed to do. It's such a great value, too, that I got two bottles. So I'm good for several months. I've recommended this to friends and family. Because it works!
  Awesome product
Reviewed by: allergy queen from orlando, Florida

i tried this product for the first time recently and I love it. My breathing is better and I notice it really works! Now I'm taking it with me on my trips and using it in hotels while I'm traveling.
  Cleaner air
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Opelika,Alabama

After using DustMitex in my home the air smells and feels so much cleaner.
  Effective Spray
Reviewed by: Sleepy Head from Port St. Lucie, FL.

This spray works wonders!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Just me from Utah

I have no idea if this works or not as the bugs it is killing are microscopic. It probably kills the bugs. I am not very thrilled with the spray nozzle though - drips a bit and doesn't really spray great - it is okay but not great.
  Kills mites fast
Reviewed by: Mark L. from Merriam, KS

Obviously, I'm not putting dust mites into body bags and counting them. What I did notice after I started using this convenient spray is a big reduction in dust. Most dust in a bedroom is mite poop, and we sleep in that stuff! I also noticed an improvement in my night time allergy symptoms. This product is not a 100% fix for allergy sufferers, but it makes a good part of a solid allergy misery reduction plan.
Reviewed by: Nancy E. from Rochester, PA

Worked as described, very happy with this product.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Aby Mom from Orlando, Florida

My cat has been suffering from allergies for months. We couldn't figure out what was bothering him until I read about dust mites. We used this spray on everything in the house that we couldn't wash and happy to say my cat is already showing signs of feeling better and itching less.
Reviewed by:  from 

I haven't really notice any difference yet with this product but my mom swears by so I'm going to keep using it for a while.
  Spray Bottle
Reviewed by: Billy A. from Miami

I really like this new spray bottle, because I was using the powder before. Spray is much more convenient and I hated mixing the stuff up.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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