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  Not your mom''s vacuum, but shoulda been!
Reviewed by: DPB from Summerville SC

We are proud parents of three beautiful but extremely hairy dogs, and will always have dogs in our home. This vacuum is the Mercedes of vacuums. It costs more for sure, but is very well made and out-performs in every way. Construction is high end, and features are user-friendly. Great machine. If you look at this purchase as an investment, it's definitely of the long term variety, so this review is limited in that respect. Thus, maintenance, service repairs and longevity i.e., overall cost of ownership should not be excessive in order for this purchase to make sense for most owners who decide to invest.
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Without a doubt the best vacuum I've ever owned!
  Quality vacuum
Reviewed by: an owner of 3 dogs from Rockledge Pa.

We had a 12 year old vacuum and have recently adopted three dogs. We looked to the internet for advice and found the Miele vacuum consistently got great reviews. Then began the search for the best price and support for what is a rather expensive vacuum. Achoo overall had the best deal and by far the best shipping policy. We were not just happy with but amazed at how well the vacuum deals with pet hair. Our rugs and furniture never looked better
  Best Vacuum I've ever had...so far
Reviewed by: Lots of Allergies from boston, ma

I've got so many allergies that I've pretty much despaired at ever finding a vacuum that would help clean my home sufficiently. I've owned at least 3 vacuums over the last 10 years. They've died, been clunky or just aren't as strong as they claim to be. This vacuum picked up the pet fuzz and dirt that my other vacuum didn't even push around the night before. There's no dust coming out of it like my other ones. It pretty much guides itself across the floor, can maneuver under all my furniture easily, and the hose reaches all the hard to get areas beautifully. I haven't had to use my hepa air purifier as much since getting this. So happy. I cringed at the price but if it keeps working the way it does it looks like it will be a worthwhile long term investment.
  LOVE this vacuum!
Reviewed by: cat cat cat cat owner from United States

My husband almost had a fit when he found out I ordered THIS vacuum... he was expecting another cheapy model that has to be replaced every year or so, and spits the dust out as it vacuums it up. NOT this time! I was shopping by myself on the Internet. I FINALLY got a vacuum *I* wanted! He is NOW CONVINCED that it was a fantastic choice ... and especially after learning about it's low power consumption and soft-start, since we will be moving to a totally off-grid home in another month. We are both totally happy with this vacuum. We'd never heard of it before I found this online, but we are sure glad I did find it. It will be the last vacuum we EVER have to buy.
Reviewed by: Happy Vacuum Owner!  from Washington

This is the most amazing vacuum EVER. I brought it home, snapped it together and away I went vacuuming. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and have never been able to get the furniture free of hair with my previous vacuums. Without any effort, the Miele removed ALL the pet hair and pet dander. My room house instantly smelled fresher. I can't say enough about this vacuum. It is a little heavy, when lifting, but not while vacuuming - it glides!

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