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  How did I ever live without this?!
Reviewed by: Lives with cats from Chicago, IL

A fellow cat-friend recommended this product to me for the past several years. Due to the price, I would always smile, nod & think to myself "no way" when she'd comment about it. She cited her own health allergies improvement, along with her cats & even the overall odor in the house being different. Well, I finally bit the bullet when one of my cats developed seasonal allergies and did it. I've only had the XL2300 for two weeks yet I find myself wanting to stay home and use it. I've only tackled about 1/4 of my house thus far, but already see the differences my friend noted. The last conversation I had with her was to tell her "every home in the world needs one of these miracle machines!"
  Does what it was said to do!
Reviewed by: Budd from Florida

Quite a nice machine! Does everything the advertisments said it would do. If I had it to do again, I would have purchased the newest model for more steam to do the floors faster. But I am happy with the 8 year boiler warranty and the ability to return it in 60 days for any reason! But my wife is getting used to the cleaning competition from LadyBug Ruby! Also appreciate the prompt delivery of Ruby!
  Outstanding product!
Reviewed by: Artist, Business woman, and Allergy sufferer from Sanford, MI

I researched dry vapor steam cleaners for almost a year, and kept coming back to this one, based on other reviews, etc. The price scared me more than a's a lot of $ to spend on something used for cleaning. I finally pulled the trigger when a large job presented itself cleaning 20 wall sized, carpeted trade show display panels that had an unfortunate run in with a mouse in storage. I have not regretted the purchase for a single moment! The product does EXACTLY what the claim, is very well made, and easy to use. no big learning curve or book to read. Not only did it make short work of getting mouse urine out of display panels and only used a total of 4 gallons of water in the process for 16 full yards of indoor/ outdoor carpeting, but I've never seen my kitchen, bathroom, or grill so clean! and I used to own a cleaning business and am pretty much a clean freak. I'm really looking forward to sanitizing the bedding, etc. I can already feel a difference in my daily allergy activity and asthma. Our unit came with the free attachment kit. They extra attachments are great! Buy this thing. You will not be sorry!
  Dream Machine
Reviewed by: Ruby's Buddy from Seattle

I read countless reviews before I decided to purchase the LadyBug. Everything I read talked about how great it was to clean without cleaning products and how great it was to sanitize everything. Well, I wanted to know -- would it be easier and faster. The answer was not obvious. However, now that the Lady Bug has been in my condo for three weeks, the answer is clear. Yes, it is faster and easier. I can "vaporize" everything in my bathroom in about 20 minutes. I use it on the tile walls, tile floor, stainless steel counters and sinks and accent wall. I use it on the mirrors and shower stall doors. I use it for the toilet and faucets. It is fast and easy. I just use a few dry towels to follow up as I go. Note: I deep cleaned the grout and removed the water stains on the glass during the first week -- this is now my maintenance routine. I have about 1700 sq feet of hardwood and stone tile. I can steam clean ALL the floors in about 45 minutes. It is much faster and easier than traditional mopping and oh yeah, it is MUCH cleaner. We live in a condo with tons of glass. Think multiple walls of glass. I did a very deep clean on all the windows. It took about 40 minutes! I didn't need to stand on a stool or spray cleaners. The result was completely streak free and spotless!!! I HIGHLY recommend this machine. You will want to do a deep cleaning of everything. Once you do, then you on are on easy street for maintenance. I so love my machine that she has her own name -- "Ruby" seriously, only a woman could clean like Ruby.

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