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  Outstanding product
Reviewed by: Asthma Mom from Upper Michigan

This product has helped with the indoor allergies this winter, and I've even was able to lower the asthma meds my daughter has to take. No cough at night or in the morning, which is the best result I could ever expected.
  30 year allergy sufferer
Reviewed by: Howie from Richlands, VA

First off I have to say 12 months ago I installed the IQ Air Whole Home system which did a great job on helping with allergies but they were still a miserable thing. We do have 2 dogs. I am allergic, but my daughter is not, although she suffers from severe pollen allergies and dust, etc. Having the wholehome was a godsend but there were still some special needs places. We have placed one in the master bedroom and one in the family room. The auto schedule feature is great. the remote is great. Machine is too loud on high.=, so being able to shift it to high when we leave is great. SO far there is an increased comfort level and a decreased allergic pain. IQ Air is the best. Worth every penny!
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Chicago

I went with this machine after scouring the Internet for info. I was sick and tired of taking allergy pills daily so I came to the conclusion I had to spend some dough on one of the best rated air purifiers. One day after turning it on poof I stopped taking allergy pills amazing! The unit is pretty quiet and on higher speeds the white noise is soothing for me. I now wake up less groggy and energized with no congestion. If you have the money go with the iq air. Achoo allergy did a good job getting the order processed and shipped fast.
  Definitely holds up to the reviews..
Reviewed by: Keeping smoke away from toddler. from Brooklyn

While not being able to 'measure' the air quality, at least on a superficial level the IQ has/does remove odors rapidly from the room approx. same sq. footage as recommended but w/ 9ft h ceilings. Apartment living means having smoke cigarettes & weed flooding the room my toddler's bedroom plus all the other known allergens typical of apartments mice, roaches, who knows what other vermin in the walls. We live in a part of the country w/ some of the highest rates of children's asthma so it was necessary to have something combating the poor air quality. High is noisy, but provides white noise at night - less than our A/C unit on high actually.
  Best Air Filter - Wouldn''t Buy Anything Else
Reviewed by: westcoaster from Seattle

We bought this IQ Air model more than eight years ago, after moving into an apartment where the contractor had used oil-based paints on a third of the apartment wall area. Even after a few weeks, we couldn't stay in the apartment without getting watery eyes and headaches. We had no option to move, so we researched heavily, and decided upon this IQ Air filter. The HealthPro Plus was quite a bit more than we wanted to pay, but we were concerned about the health implications of our situation. We ordered it -- and I admit -- I had doubts about how well it would work with paint off-gassing. Well, within two days of setting up this filter, we could actually "live" in our space. The headaches went away and it literally enabled us to manage that transition time in our apartment while the paint cured. We've been IQ believers ever since. We've now invested in two of these filters, and combined with hardwood floors and a HEPA vacuum Miele even friends who have severe cat allergies can spend the night at our place. We have one cat, and our most allergic friend was brave enough to be the first to give it a go. He now visits regularly with no cat-dander issues in our place. We've had that comment more than once -- "normally, I can't go into homes where there's a cat ..."
  great airpurifier
Reviewed by: smith from california

IQAIR airpurifier is a great air purifier. It's wonderful for room air cleaning.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: allergy & asthma sufferer from south portland, maine

I like the simplicity of use. I keep it near my bed at night. I've been able to breathe easily. I am an allergy and asthma sufferer. I would recommend IQ for people in the same situation. I also have a high sensitivity to dust mites.
  Awesome Machine!
Reviewed by: My daughter /ashtma/ allergies sufferer from McChord AFB, WA

I did my research and found this to be the best fit for what my daughter needed. She has asthma and allergies. She struggles everyday. Before I purchased a machine she was coughing all the time and sneezing. Our doctor suggested we look into an air purifier. She was sure it would help her at night. I was skeptical at first thinking this is a lot of money if it does not help her. Also very pleased it came with a 5 year warranty and reading all the reviews about it, I was sold! So I purchased one, let me say she has never slept better! I'm very Thankful to Achoo Allergy! My daughter finally can sleep through the night and breathe some very clean air. We live in a wet state and one of many of her allergies was mold. With the IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier it filters mold among other things. So I have to say the price is well worth it! I'm considering buying another one for our living room area. This way she has clean air in all areas of our house.
  No more weird noises at night!
Reviewed by: A happily married couple! from The Badlands, South Dakota

We bought the HealthPro Plus to help my wife, who suffers from severe allergies from early spring till late fall. Little did we know it would help me! I have a sleep disorder, and snore terribly, according to my wife almost to the point of separate rooms. I was using a C-PAP machine for a few months, but finally couldn't handle it anymore and sent it back. The first night of putting the HealthPro Plus in the bedroom on #2 setting I made a few strange noises while sleeping, as she calls them. The following nights till now, not a sound! She thanks you very much!! My wife is an avid bowhunter, and spends one day outside, then suffers for three days inside! It is still cold here in South Dakota, but hopefully she will have the same kind of results as I. Stay tuned!!
  Sleeping Through the night
Reviewed by:  snoring allergy sufferer from Louisburg, Kansas

I purchased the IQAir HealthPro Plus mainly for my wife. We have been married for over 25 years and it was a routine for her to wakeup in the middle of the night because she was totally stuffed up and could hardly breathe from her allergies. She would first squirt nasal inhaler in her nose then proceed to get out of bed, go to the medicine cabinet and take a antihistamine tablet. I wish I would have made this purchase long ago. Since we have had the IQAir Purifier we have been amazed at the results. My wife now sleeps through the night. No more need for the inhaler or the antihistamines. I also noticed that she no longer snores and she informed me that my snoring now is significantly reduced. I can't say enough for this product. Before making my purchase, I researched air purifiers quite extensively. I ended up purchasing the IQAir HealthPro Plus because it seemed to be the best one for our needs. I have never written a review on any product before in my life. The reason why I am writing this is because with all the gimmicky things that are out there these days, it makes the average person leery of making purchases of these kind. I just want to let you know that for my wife and I, it has been one the smartest purchases we have ever made. Just the peace of mind that my wife no longer has to get up in the middle of the night to use the inhaler and take those antihistamines is a blessing in itself. Great Product and Satisfied far beyond our expectations.
  This Works!
Reviewed by: Happy Infant from Scarborough, Maine

Our 6 month old had been congested since birth, everyday, all day. We tried different formulas and vaporizors. After only 3 days running the IQAir HealthPro, there was an amazing difference. After running it for a week, there has been no sign of congestion since... 3 weeks! We feel comfortable believing that there was an allergy to our family dog.
  Amazing but spendy
Reviewed by: J. DuMond from So. Florida

The unit itself does a great job and for that I have given it the 4 stars. The filters for the system have proven to be our challenge. We typically run the unit on a level 5 almost 24 hours a day. Though we do understand this seriously impacts the lifetime of a filter we’ve had a few issues with ours. The original hyper HEPA the unit came with lasted approximately 8 months. When we replaced it we also needed to replace the V5 cell charcoal filter. That was two months ago. The unit is now telling us we need to again replace the $185 hyper HEPA; mainly because it, and the entire top half of the unit are now covered in charcoal dust from the new V5. Granted, my husband can’t remember where he purchased the filters from; likely Amazon, but it wasn’t Achoo; who guarantees they come from IQ. (Though the packaging the filters came in stated they were from IQ there was no guarantee so they “could” be knockoffs) As far as the pre filter; we generally have to replace that every 3-4 months at a cost of $58. One other minor inconvenience we’ve had with the unit has been the wheel casing system. The wheels are attached to the unit with small plastic pegs. All four of ours had snapped off inside the casing within the first month. It wasn’t as if we were rough with the unit; quite the opposite. The unit sits in a corner on a tile floor; the only time it is ever moved is a few inches to the side when we vacuum. For the filters and wheel system I would have given the unit 3, maybe 2 stars; but the unit as a whole is amazing. It has been; hands down, the best unit we’ve owned in the 15 years we’ve had air purifiers / filters. .. and we’ve had many; which is why I gave it the 4 rating. I would recommend the unit to anyone, though I would warn them about the filters; the V5 and hyper HEPA in particular. Next go round we’ll vacuum out the V5 before installation; and we’ll buy it from Achoo; that way if there’s a problem we know it’ll get fixed. As far as the wheels; the system doesn’t have to have them to function, it just made vacuuming easier.
Reviewed by: GRATEFUL DAD from FOND DU LAC, WI.

  worth the money
Reviewed by:  from los angeles CA

My husbands pet + dust induced athsma has gone away after running this unit in our house for 2 days. We bought one for our bedroom and one for our living room... and move them around the house as we see fit. We highly recommend this unit.
  My Twins & the Health Pro
Reviewed by: My Twin boys from Los Angeles, California

I have 2 boys with severe asthma. We purchased the HealthPro after a few emergency room visits. Although the unit is a bit loud on the higher fan speeds it still make a huge difference when used on speeds 3-4. My boys have not been back to the hospital in 14 months now. I came to this site looking to purchase my 2nd unit for my Mom. Thank you for sites like this that cut to the chase and offer only the best products for the serious allergy/asthma sufferers.
  You Gotta Live With It!
Reviewed by: Resting Easy from Atlanta

After two weeks of operation, my wife and I both feel better since we began using the IQAir HealthPro in our bedroom! The unit is very well designed and built. I love the filter life and the monitor. An unanticipated benefit is that the 360 degree air discharge means that there is no noticeable draft, unlike some units that make you feel as though you're sitting next to a small tornado. It's also rare today to find a product that is individually tested, with the test results recorded for your unit by hand. I just wish I had found the product before I wasted time trying low-end "name brand" filters from discount stores. Believe me, there are no economies there! We're already anticipating additional IQAir units for other areas of our house.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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