Vogmask Classic Microfiber/N99 Customer Reviews

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  Vogmask Mask
Reviewed by: Jan62 from Northern Virginia

I love the mask and also got one for a gift.
Reviewed by: Sharon R. from Nanty Glo, PA

Very soft and nice fitting mask for outdoor and it doesn't look like a hospital mask. Only querk I have is that when you inhale , it seems to suck in a bit too much but maybe I need to wear it longer to get used to it. 4 stars though !!
Reviewed by: Allergy suffer from Florida

This has been a blessing for my allergies. I was using the paper ones before, they did nothing. I'm allergic to everything outside and I live in Florida.
  Odor Eater
Reviewed by: Taffy H from Cedar Lake Indiana

great allergy mask. Wouldn't be able to go outside or shopping due to sensitivity to odors. Light weight and very comfortable
  Beneficial product
Reviewed by: Ridersnowflake from Houston, Texas

This allergy mask is very effective, washes well, is comfortable to wear & I have seen appreciable results using this mask. I am severely allergic to horses, dust & hay among other things. I have been wearing this mask while I'm @ the stable & since I have been wearing it, I have suffered much less from my typical allergy symptoms.
  Cotton mask is breathable
Reviewed by:  from Eugene, OR

Many reviews say the mask is hard to breathe through, but I did not find this to be the case. Perhaps the microfiber masks are harder to breathe through than the cotton ones.
  very helpful item
Reviewed by: Blake from Arkansas

I have pollen allergies to the point where I get sinuses that flip flop back and fourth between congestion and post nasal drip, constant sneezing and coughing, and the occasional nosebleed. Not to mention that I hate taking allergy medication because I don't know how I will react to it. Even the "non-drowsy" stuff can make me drowsy. If it doesn't, it feels like my chest is going to explode like the Chestbuster scene from Alien. I decided to try a mask on a whim and it really has helped. I bought a cotton mask and a microfiber mask. These masks feel so comfortable that I actually enjoy wearing one. I like it so much that that have suggested it to several of my friends. Personally, I use this mask in addition to nasal irrigation and they help so much. Anytime outside, I would sneeze my head off. Now, I don't do any of that at all. This is certainly a pleasant surprise&ltbr&gt&ltbr&gt[Editor's Note: Any reference to the movie Aliens... kudos!]
  All style, but...
Reviewed by:  from 

I'm not a fan of this mask. I found it too difficult to breathe through, and I normally don't have difficulty with masks, or even respirators. It probably filters well, but the problem is that with it being difficult to breathe through, air invariably leaks in and out around the top and sides of the mask, which would limit its filtration ability. The instructions also tell me that it can't be washed, but that I could refresh it with rosewater. So it's not very reusable either, though it's probably comparable in reusability to a Respro HEPA filter.
  Good mask
Reviewed by:  from Bloomington, IL

It's comfortable and doesn't fog up my glasses when I use it like other masks.
  Not just an ordinary mask
Reviewed by: an asthma sufferer from Maryland zone 7

I ordered one of these masks, since then I have ordered 5 more. This mask is perfect. it fits well and is very comfortable. the blue one works very well when wearing jeans !!! I have wore it out to the garden center, to the food store and in my garden. It is light weight , the fabric is soft and easy to wash. My daughter even commented that it really looked nice. I have had really bad asthma for about a month , the mask enabled me to leave the house.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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