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  Miele Marin
Reviewed by: Murray the Dog from New York

Paying $1,000 for a vacuum cleaner was a bit painful but, having owned Mieles before, I figured it was probably worth it. The canister looks like a sports car and the vacuum cleaner handles like one. Almost zero noise from the canister itself. The power brush makes noise but this is expected. It is remarkably efficient and easy to maneuver. Has lots of features which are probably lost on me. It is a fabulous vacuum cleaner and worth the money.
  Quiet and powerful!
Reviewed by: Sloane Peterson from Chicago, IL

I knew Mieles were powerful, but I had no idea it would be so quiet. My old vacuum could wake the neighbors, so this is a welcome change. Also, I can't believe how much better my carpets look since I got my Marin. I'm not saying I want to spend my entire day off vacuuming, but it's definitely a little easier now.
  Very Impressed with our
Reviewed by: Lowell from Cloquet, MN

We recently purchased the "Marin" vacuum with the SEB236 powerhead about 6 weeks ago. So far we've been very impressed with it's performance. I did a lot of research before making the purchase and after using the vacuum for about 6 weeks now I feel we made a very good choice. The only down side is of course the relatively high cost compared to many other vacuums on the market, but as is the case with most other purchases, you do indeed get what you pay for. One thing we really like is how quiet it is while running. Previously with our Kenmore vacuum, when we started to vacuum, both of our cats headed to the far end of the house and kept moving to stay as far away from the noise as possible. Just the other day to be honest, it's what prompted me to write this review, my wife was vacuuming in the bedroom and one of our cats was sleeping on the bed. She said he woke up, but didn't even move off the bed the entire time she was vacuuming in the bedroom....that says something right there about the quietness of the machine. Since we've only used the vacuum for about 6 weeks, I cannot personally vouch for the reported longevity of the vacuum, but it does indeed appear to be very well made and hopefully will last for 15 or 20 years. One thing regarding the shipping from Achoo, the web site clearly stated that there was "free next day shipping", which I assumed we'd get when ordering it on their web site. During the ordering process the only option available form the down box was standard UPS shipping. I proceeded with the order and then called a few minutes later to inquire about the shipping issue. The gal in customer service assured me it did quality for "next day shipping". However, it did take the normal 3 or 4 days to arrive via UPS. Since it said we were requited to have someone available to sign for the unit, I wanted to know when it would arrive so we would have someone home to sign. When it arrived 3 or 4 days later, no one was home, but UPS left it on our porch anyway, so I guess all's well that ends well....but I was a little bummed about not getting the advertised next day shipping. To summerize, this is a quality product and we're very happy with our purchase so far and we're looking forward to our "Marin" lasting a long and productive life ! [Editor's Note: We apologize for the delay in shipment. We've been having issues with PayPal orders. The PayPal checkout process is stripping away the free express shipping that is tagged to these orders. We've not pinned down the exact cause yet, and do apologize for the delay as most PP Miele purchases are corrected when we process them for shipment.]
  The BMW M5 of Canister Vacuums
Reviewed by:  from Corona, CA

I learned about Miele vacuums from a reddit.com thread written by a vacuum repairman. After about 3 months of mulling it over, I bit the bullet and moved from a Bissell $40 dollar Walmart level vacuum to the $1100 Miele Marin. It's similar to selling your old 1992 Toyota corolla for a 2014 BMW M5 in that you feel both accomplished and naughty for treating yourself to such luxury and quality. Out of the many possible Miele models, I chose the Marin with this specific combination because I required the 236 powerhead for my large pile carpet, liked the S8 series for the power and automatic motor setting, wanted integrated tools but did not need all the LED lights of the UniQ model. Lastly, I thought the dynamic drive suspension on the Alize was completely gimmicky. I was right as the Marin goes over tile without hardly a sound due to the rubber wheels. The rubber acts as the suspension anyway. Pros: Swivel brush- the swivel is so awesome! Electrobrush handle switch, bag replace gauge, teleloscopic stick, integrated power, retractable powercord. This cord retractor is the best thing ever made. It works so well that it becomes half the enjoyment in a vacuum session. So mesmerizing! Cons: Although the deep blue is very nice, the UniQ color is much nicer. Too bad you can't choose colors AND features together. [Editor's Note: This may not be further off than you think.] The 236 powerhead is a bit tall and I wish the bristles were just a bit longer to reach deeper in the carpet. The power cord can stand to be an extra foot in length. The same goes for the hose. These aren't as much cons as they are "places to improve." Not as good as I thought: 12 pounds is light for sure but the rod and powerhead are solid/heavy/beefy units so collectively it's the same as any other vacuum. You can't say it's "super light" but then again lightness isn't all that important because it's a canister style vacuum that sits on the ground anyway. The automatic off switch at the bottom slot where you can hang the stick temporarily is not really all that necessary. It works but it's just sort of a "bleh, it's there so I'll use it" type of feature. I didn't choose the Marin for this feature and I don't see any reason to choose the model based on this feature being available. Experience: My old vacuum blew tons of dust everywhere even though it was highly efficient at vacuuming. One vacuum session would fill up half the dust bin. The other half went into the air. The Marin is extremely good at preventing the dust blowout which means it fills up the bag fast. The air is incredibly clean while/after vacuuming. You can actually place your face into the exhaust stream and breath heavily without consequence. I actually do this from time to time. I don't know why. I think I have problems. There is one fatal flaw to this vacuum and it is actually very important to note. The vacuum is so fast and efficient to use that you will ironically spend more time vacuuming. Sure your house is going to be incredibly clean and dust free but it should be noted that making something enjoyable and easy to use can have the side effect of making the end user want to use it a lot more than is necessary. Since buying this machine, I've likely vacuumed more in the past 2 months than I have in the past year using the old vacuum. This was not expected at all. Granted, my house is extremely clean now and doesn't ever have that "just vacuumed" smell. Would buy again? No doubt. Would recommend to others? Already started doing that.
  Like to Clean Again
Reviewed by: Aging Allergy Sufferer from Northern Wisconsin

I have been looking for a lightweight dependable vacuum for ages. I have tried several less expensive brands prior to this and was never satisfied. You get what you pay for. So, I finally took the plunge and I don't regret it. I have allergies and asthma, and as I get older- arthritis. Lugging my old heavy unit up and down my stairs hurt my joints and left me hating to vacuum. But if I neglected to vacuum regularly, I suffered in my breathing. It got to be a viscous cycle. The biggest debate for me was deciding on going for the bigger model that was a bit heavier or one of the smaller, even lighter models but I really like having the attachments contained inside. It has very powerful suction and I have found I am breathing better. Those bagless vacuums just put half the dust back into the air when I emptied them. I love these bags. You can really fill them up before they need to be changed. I also like the longer cord radius with the automatic rewind, and the suction controls where I do not have to bend over which really saves on my back. I am tall, so I appreciate the adjustable telescoping wand that I can set it for my height and also use it to reach the high places like the ceiling corners. I chose the upgraded power head with light, so that I can see what I am picking up, and I also like that it stands up by itself. The power head does add some weight though. But since my carpet is downstairs and my hardwoods upstairs, I just leave the appropriate head on the level that I use it on, so it works for me. A word of caution, don't use this power head on a small area rug or runner with the suction on, as it is powerful and WILL pull up the rug edge right into the cleaner causing it to shut off. Others may be happier with a less expensive head and the website does an excellent job of explaining what is best for the type of floors you have. That was very helpful in allowing me to weigh the pros and cons of all the features of the different models so that I could choose the best one for me. And if you have any questions the staff will find the answers. I live in the land of snow which means in the winter it is impossible to not track in some of the sand used on our streets. No problem for this just sucks it right up protecting my hardwood floors. This cleaner is a big investment, no doubt, but is worth it. If I add up all the money I had spent for other vacuums I didn't like, I would have saved if I had bought this one first!
  Miele Marin
Reviewed by: WTW from Onatrio, canada

Excellent quality. Does a terrific job.I did alot of looking before purchasing an am not disappointed.

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