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  Soniclean compared to Oreck
Reviewed by: older female from Virginia

I'd recently bought an air cleaner through this site and saw the Soniclean VT Plus upright and hand held vacuums. When my Oreck vacuum suddenly died, I replaced it with the Soniclean. The Soniclean has a much better filtering bag, is also lightweight, and "floats" across the floor & carpet. As I've aged, I appreciate the lighter weight machines. The Soniclean is a bit wider than the Oreck, so there are some placed I cannot get into. The front of the deck is a bit lower so it gets under the edge of my recliner furniture, but the deck itself is higher than the Oreck, so I can't get under some other furniture that I used to be able to. I'm happy with the Soniclean and hope it serves me for a long time. The carpet nap seemed to fluff up better, more like when I use a carpet steam cleaner. I do have to be careful with throw rugs because this machine has more suction.
  Love it!!
Reviewed by: COPD/Asthma sufferer from NE Colorado

I'd read the reviews pros & cons. It's very easy to push for me. Picks up cat hair beautifully picks up dust & dirt better than any other vac. 3 in the last two years. It feels like it's self propelled which makes it so easy for me. The hand held vac works great easy to use and carry on the stairs and motor home. I don't have alot of strength any more. Are there small bags for the hand held vac? [Editor's Note: Yes, there are small, replacement vacuum bags available for the handheld.]
  Lightweight Supreme
Reviewed by: Ashley S from Charleston SC

An excellent upright vacuum that has terrific suction power on all my large oriental rugs - and yet works fairly well on the bare marble floors for a quick pick up. Great bags and filtration - no pet smell at all. This is great for someone who wants clean but needs ease of use. The long cord is such a pleasure.
  Love this vacuum
Reviewed by: Robert from Ohio

This sweeper was a very good deal with the value pays. I had been wanting a new sweeper and when I saw this on I knew I just had to have it! It did not disappoint! I tested it out by running my old sweeper first and then ran my new one. You should have heard all of the sand and grit that my new sweeper swept up! I had no idea. You can see the things on the carpet vibrating and coming towards the sweeper before it ever gets to them. I love, love, love it!
  Best vacuum I''ve ever used!
Reviewed by: John from New Mexico

The sonicclean vacuum does a better job than any of the several brands I've used over time. My carpets looked renewed and refreshed - well beyond clean. I cannot say enough about this product. My linen closet smells fresh due to the tab that is enclosed - I will continue to buy these. I had been leaning toward a Dyson but when I saw this product demo on air, I decided to take a chance on a brand I'd never heard of, but am so glad that I did. Go for it - you won't be disappointed!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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