Amaircare Roomaid HEPA Air Purifier

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Roomaid Air Purifier
Item#: RA0001
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Buy Amaircare Roomaid HEPA Air Purifier

Amaircare Roomaid Air Purifier

You can breathe clean air wherever you go with the Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier from Amaircare. The HEPA filter removes particle allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, and mold, and the activated carbon filter provides added protection against odors and smoke. To get the most out of your Roomaid select an optional VOC Canister. These canisters contain granulated activated carbon (or carbon/zeolite) that reduces VOC's, auto exhaust, and other noxious fumes and odors. With optional car power adapter, these compact air purifiers plug into any vehicles lighter and are ideal for those who spend a lot of time in their vehicle but are sensitive to allergens and other pollution.

Roomaid Air Purifier Filters

Roomaid Video

Roomaid Air Purifier Product Features

  • HEPA Filter lasts two to five years and removes 99.97% of particulate matter.
  • Activated Carbon Filter lasts six months to a year and removes odors and fumes.
  • Optional Auto Adapter Kit allows you to strap the Roomaid air purifier into your car, truck, or RV and plug it into the cigarette lighter to avoid toxic VOC emissions from automobiles.
  • Two Optional VOC Canister Upgrades for heavy duty removal of chemicals and odors.
  • Energy efficient, affordable, and quiet
  • Lightweight and portable at only five pounds.
  • Perfect for automobiles, RV's, offices, hotel rooms, business trips, and vacations.
  • Integrated Seals at the top and bottom of the Roomaid prevent leaks and ensure a sealed system.
  • The Roomaid features a contemporary look and a baked enamel finish that is more durable than plastic.
  • Comes with Two Washable Pre-Filters to capture large particles.
  • Optional Annual Filter Kit contains two foam pre-filters and three activated carbon filters.

Product Reviews & Questions

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  For a small room..
Reviewed by: A healthcare student  from New York

I try to make the most of my living situation and living in the heart of NYC where it is crowded and congested, this small and compact air purifier really helps me stay healthy when everyone around me is coughing about. I am knowledgable about medical grade air filters where I learn and study and wanted something that would perform on a smaller scale. This works perfectly. No regrets on the purchase.
  Amaircare HEPA Air Purifier
Reviewed by: an office air allergy sufferer from Baltimore, MD

I received the product a couple weeks ago and I am very pleased. It is quiet even on high. Attractive - blends in with the decor in my cubicle. Air seems better.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Workplace solution from Cincinnati, OH

I have only had this product for a week but so far I do like it. I use it at work on my desk to help with passing perfumes that I occasionally come into contact with. It obviously is not a IQ or Austin Air but it does what I need it to do. It has done a good job so far, and the low speed is not very loud at all. I ususally kick it into high speed a little noisy when there are some serious perfumes/smells around me. But all in all I like this product.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disease and need a air purifier for my car. I use Austin purifiers for my home. Will this Americare product work against chemicals?

A: Yes, and it's likely your best option when it comes to MCS and a car air purifier. There are other available but most do little with regard to removing chemical vapors, odors, etc. since most others rely on some type of ionization. If you go with the Amaircare Roomaid, opt for VOC canister. It packs in granulated carbon vs. a poly filter impregnated with carbon that comes standard with the machine. The poly carbon filter is good in a pinch, but the VOC canisters are more robust with regard to chemical vapor, exhaust, and smoke. Hope that helps!

Q2: How long is the power corn that plugs into the wall?

A: About 7 feet.

Q3: I had taken off the top part and forgot about my filter for a whole year. In that time dust collected in the HEPA filter. It is also 4 years old. Is the filter still functional? How do I know when it is know longer working well?

A: The filter would best to be replaced at this point. You could try back blowing it. Using compressed air, blow air back through the unit the opposite direction in which it normally flows when the unit is operating. You could try this and simply put it back together and use it. Generally, if you are using it all the time, the filter will need to be replaced every 3-5 years. There are no indicators, but in general, this is the timeframe when a HEPA filter will have collected enough debris that the airflow through the unit is beginning to off. If you notice a off in the airflow, it's time to replace the filter, but at this point, if you've not used the unit, you won't have a solid reference point to compare it to. Hope that helps!

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Roomaid HEPA Air Purifier Reviews

Roomaid HEPA Air Purifier

You can breathe clean air wherever you go with the Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier. This lightweight and portable air purifier is perfect for automobiles, offices, hotel rooms, business trips, and vacations. The HEPA filter removes allergens such as dust, pollen, animal dander, and mold spores while, the activated carbon post filter works to remove smoke, auto exhaust, and other noxious fumes and odors. The integrated seals at the top and bottom of the Roomaid prevent leaks and ensure that all air gets cleaned.

What I like about the Roomaid air purifier

The HEPA filter lasts for two to five years and removes 99.97% of particulate matter. As far as filter life, that is comparable to leading brands and far better than many of the air purifiers you will find on the market today. The activated carbon filter lasts for six months to a year and removes odors and fumes. The washable foam pre-filter traps large particles and pet hair to help extend the life of the HEPA filter. Lastly, an optional VOC cartridge provides added protection against fumes, noxious gases and other VOC's commonly found in and around vehicles. Overall, you can get four stage filtration with this compact unit.

The Roomaid is compact. It's roughly the size of a basketball and weighs in around 5 lbs. The Auto Adapter kit, with mounting bracket and AC adapter, gives you the ability to use this in nearly any vehicle. For those on the go this compact air purifier makes a big difference in the air you breathe.

There are two optional VOC Canisters that you can purchase to enhance your Roomaid air purifier. The first is a straight activated carbon canister. It features 100% granulated activated carbon. The other VOC canister option features an activated carbon/zeolite blend. Zeolite is a porous, positively charged compound that attracts negatively charged contaminants. Zeolite acts a "molecular sieve" by trapping specific gases such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other hydrocarbon pollutants.

What I do not like about the Roomaid air purifier

The largest drawback to the Roomaid is also likely one of its greatest strengths. The small size and low CFM makes it suited for only very small spaces. For use in a cubicle or motor vehicle, the Roomaid is perfect, but once you get beyond confined spaces of roughly 100 sq. ft. the Roomaid begins to lose its effectiveness.

In summary, the Roomaid is portable, quiet, energy efficient, and affordable. This unit offers superior air filtration for small spaces and for the person that spends a lot of time in your car commuting. Because of its small size, the Roomaid also makes a good vacation, business trip, and overall travel companion. For larger spaces, take a look at another one of our air purifier options.

Roomaid Air Purifier Detailed Specifications

Recommended For: Allergy and Asthma suffers who want a portable air purifier
User Profile: Wants a compact air purifier for a vehicle or office
Maximum Room Size: 100 sq. ft. (3 Air Exchanges per Hour)
Filter Description: HEPA with activated carbon post-filter and washable pre-filter
Prefilter: Yes - Washable Foam
HEPA Filter: Yes
Average HEPA Filter Life: HEPA: 2 years
Other Filter Life: Pre-filter: 6 months; Carbon Filter: 6 months; VOC Canister (optional): 1 Year
UV Light: No
CFM: 20 - 40
Air Intake: 360 Degrees
Air Outflow: 360 Degrees, around bottom
Ozone Emission: No
Filter Change Indicator Sensors: No
Odor Control: Yes
Dust Removal: Yes
Formaldehyde Removal: With optional VOC Canister
Color Options: White with gray pre-filter
Dimensions: 7.5" H x 8.5" diameter
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.
Wheels / Casters: No
Power Consumption: 4.5 watts
Fan Speeds: 2
Warranty: 5 year on motor, 1 year on other parts.
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Warranty Information

The Roomaid air purifier has a 5 year warranty on the motor and a 1 year warranty on other parts. There is no warranty on the filters.


Roomaid Air Purifier (Item#: RA0001) $199.99

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