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RZ Masks

RZ Masks in UTV Off Road MagazineThe RZ mask is the perfect solution for any outdoor activity like mountain biking, motocross, motorcycle riding, rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and camping. You also can use this mask for light construction projects, working in your garden, and brush painting. UTV Off Road Magazine tested these masks and gave them 5 stars!

Built from lightweight and durable neoprene, RZ Masks use a carbon/particle filter to trap up to 99.9% of all dust and particulates from the air. With a dual valve system, the RZ mask expels moisture while keeping a tight seal around your face. You can choose from 3 sizes: XL, Regular (fits most), and Youth. Each mask comes with 2 filters and a convenient storage bag. Breathe easy and ride hard with this lightweight mask.

*Please note that this mask is not NIOSH approved and does not satisfy OSHA requirements for respiratory protection. This mask only helps to keep certain non-harmful dusts and particles out of your lungs, nose, and mouth. It will not protect from hazardous dusts like asbestos or silica.

RZ Mask - Changing the Filters

Changing the filters on these masks is very simple and quick. To change the filters:
  • Unscrew the 2 vents from the inside of the mask
  • Remove the old filter and position the new filter in place
  • Screw the vent pieces back into place to secure the new filter
  • Check the vents for a solid seal with the mask and filter

Sizing of the R Z Masks

For the vast majority of adults, men and women alike, the Regular size is a good fit. Typically, for those over about 250 lbs., the XL is a better fit, and the youth size fits most children from 7-8 to 12-14 years of age. Sizing will vary some but here are the measurements from the bridge of the nose to just under the chin. You can measure yours using a mirror (or a close friend) and a straight ruler.

  • XL - 7"
  • Regular - 6"
  • Youth - 5 3/4"

Product Reviews & Questions

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  it does it's job
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Pewaukee, WI

I ordered this mask to help prevent sinus infections and lung congestion due to a gamut of outdoor allergies I suffer from. Recently I participated in a work-day where we spread wood chips and mowed lawns - the mask prevented me from getting a sinus infection. I ordered an XL because of my large nose. It is somewhat uncomfortable on my nose, but is well worth the trade-off considering I avoided a week's worth of sleepless nights horking up phlegm and constant sneezing. Though I have a large nose I have a normal sized head and do wish more of the surface area on the back of the mask had more velcro.
  Decent Product
Reviewed by: Living with Salt Lake City pollution from Salt Lake City, UT

The mask fits well and is easy to get on and off. I bought it to help filter out air pollution during my morning walk into work. It's a little tough to breathe hard through the mask, and moisture tends to build up in it in cold weather. Replacing the filter takes some elbow grease and patience. I like the look of it - you don't look like a walking biohazard when you wear it.
  comfortable and versatile
Reviewed by: allergy relief from Pennsylvania

Used this to cover my scent while hunting. Didn't realize how well it works for allergy relief as well. Walking in the woods usually presents a problem with all the allergens but this mask works well to filter them out. Comfortable fit and plenty of uses to keep out dust and allergens

Customer Q & A

Q1: I have a full face short beard average 3/8 inch or less Will that interfere with the mask seal?

A: To a small degree, yes. You're close to the cusp though. Much shorter and as long as the mask is snug, it likely wouldn't interfere at all. As it stands, it may allow for some leakage, but it may not be noticeable.

Q2: I work in a flour mill and does ur mask which mask iz best for flour particles??

A: The 8233 by 3M is a good mask for this. If you want something a little cooler or slimmer, the Respro or RZ masks would be a suitable alternative but do offer a little less in terms of particle filtration.

Q3: doses your mask do well with heavy pollen,all so with molds in door out doors ragweed ect

A: For all particles, whether they be pollen, dust or mold spores, 1 micron or larger, they will filter at a rate of 99%. So in most instances, they perform fine for even heavy particulate of these types. I would snag an extra filter or two though. The one thing I do notice with these products is the filter media can fill quickly with use under conditions where there is high amounts of particulate.

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RZ Face Mask Reviews

RZ Face Masks

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the R Z mask offers protection against particles like pollen, dust, dirt and other irritants in the air. Lightweight and inexpensive, these masks are commonly used for a variety of outdoor activities from riding, running, and mowing during the summer months to hunting, snowboarding or working during the winter months. I tested our sample RZ mask for a week, and here are the results.

What I like about the R Z Masks

Style & Fit - The RZ masks come in a variety of colors and styles. Currently, we are carrying three, but the designs and colors really set them apart from other allergy or outdoor masks. Once opened, you simply fit the face to your face, use the velcro strip on the back to secure it, and pinch the nosepiece to help seal up the space around your nose and cheeks. The fit is comfortable on the face, though, as with any mask, it takes a bit to adjust and get a good, comfortable seal. It didn't fog my glasses, but again, adjusting can usually solve this if it does. The valves, though difficult to remove, can be rinsed or cleaned with a mild detergent to remove any debris or gunk that might possibly build up with use.

Filtration - In terms of filtration, the filters are multi-ply with layers of particle filter media sandwiching a layer of activated carbon/charcoal cloth. In each package, the mask comes with one filter already installed and an extra filter for later use. The filter media has been independently tested by Nelson Laboratories in Utah. Currently, the filters have only underwent the PFE test (particle filtration efficiency), though more testing, including DOP (Di-Octyl Phthalate), is planned. With the PFE test, Z mask filters fared well, trapping 99.9% of particles at the 0.1 micron range. This means that dust, pollen, mold spores and the common particles that you encounter outdoors are effectively filtered. The thin layer of activated carbon/charcoal will adsorb nuisance level smoke, odors or chemicals. Unless you're dealing with wildfire or possibly campfire smoke, this is generally adequate for most outdoor activities.

Sizing - The RZ mask is available in three sizes. Most people, men and women alike, will find that the Regular size fits well. There are also Youth and XL sizes available. There is some built-in adjustability with the velcro strips on the back, and neoprene masks are some of the most forgiving, in terms of stretching.

Price - As a particle/carbon mask with replaceable filter, RZ's are some of the most inexpensive on the market. With filters lasting, roughly, 40-50 hours before replacement, the cost to use the mask on a regular basis really isn't much at all.

What I did not like about the R Z Masks

The nosepiece could be better. The thin steel piece is too rigid and doesn't conform well to the curve on your nose. Granted, since they went with steel instead of a lighter, more flexible aluminum, you do gain in terms of durability, but you give up some comfort and flexibility.

The filters are a bit thin. Though I only tested the model for a week, I would not be surprised to find that the filters need to be changed a little more frequently than, say a Respro or Aero/Allergy mask.

Overall, the RZ mask is an inexpensive alternative to the Respro line of sports/active lifestyle masks. Lightweight and flexible the particle protection offered is good for allergy sufferers or any outdoor enthusiast wanting to block pollen, dust, and nuisance level odors and chemicals. While there are areas where the Z mask gives up a little in terms of quality, it makes up for it with a more reasonable price point and replaceable filters. If you ride, run, work, hunt or spend time outdoors, the R Z mask definitely worth considering.

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