Safe Home Duo Furnace Filters

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$32.00 - $179.00

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SafeHome Duo Furnace Filter

SafeHome Furnace Filters are Made in the USA

SafeHome furnace filters are the first residential air filters to trap hazardous chemicals as well as allergens. The Duo offers the same allergen, odor, and chemical removal as the SafeHome System, but in a single one inch filter. Duo filters utilize an inner steel frame that creates a filter with self-sealing edges for excellent filtration and whisper quiet operation. Modeled after the chemical and allergen filters used in airports and hospitals, SafeHome filters combine allergen filtration with chemical filtration to trap formaldehyde, VOCs, ozone, and other chemical pollutants. This filtration vastly improves your indoor air quality and provides relief for those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

*Please note that these filters are for use in standard furnace filter or air handler slots or for custom sizes in air return grills.

SafeHome Duo Furnace Filter - Product Features

  • Effective against both allergens and chemicals - each Duo filter features multiple layers of non-woven polyester filter media to create na integrated MERV 8 allergen filter.
  • Filter out dangerous chemical and gas fumes with the Duo HVAC filter's 55 grams/sq. ft. of an activated carbon and powerful FormaldaSorb blend that traps fumes from paint or varnish and chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and ammonia.
  • Each filter lasts up to 90 days. These filters are available in convenient annual packs which contain four SafeHome Duo filters.
  • Easy installation - an inner steel frame and self-sealing edges give you a secure, tight fit every time for maximum filtration.
  • Whole house protection for those with MCS.
  • Optimum air flow purifies air fast and keeps you comfortable.
  • Unlike traditional filters, the Safe Home Duo is unaffected by humidity.
  • Made in the USA.

*Custom Filter sizes are available.

Product Reviews

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  Carbon is Great, Removal is Not
Reviewed by: Allergy & MCS Customer from Wisconsin

The filter itself fits so tightly that when it's removed, the debris releases from the filter when removed. The carbon and removal of chemicals is great though and does not result in a smokey smell like some carbon filters do.
  Eliminated paint fumes
Reviewed by: Todd from Knoxville, TN

My wife and I painted several rooms after installing a duo. When we sat down for dinner within an hour after painting, we were stunned. There was absolutely no smell. Neither of us had watery eyes, sneezing, or headaches like usual. Thank you for relief!
  SafeHome Duo Furnace Filters
Reviewed by: G. Cummings from Pittsburgh, PA

We purchased our home about two years ago. After moving in, we found that the smell from a nearby factory was sometimes noticeable inside the home. We have tried several different furnace filters to help clean the air, but we are never sure if we are trapping the chemicals as well as the odors. My wife read about these SafeHome filters on the achoo! Allergy Web page, and we were intrigued by the claim that these filters are the first residential filters that trap hazardous chemicals. We wanted to try them out and bought the convenient year supply. We installed the filters easily when they arrived. SafeHome has given us the added peace of mind that we are being protected from harmful chemicals in our new “safe home.” Thanks achoo!

Customer Q & A

Q1: Is a furnace filter the same filter used for return air vents?
A: Not usually. I believe... there are systems where a furnace filter style filter is used on the returns, but the vast majority of air returns have either no filter or a non-woven polyester/electrostatic filter that mainly captures large particles before they can enter the system.

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SAFEHome Furnace Filters Availability

14x20x1 (Item#: SH0001) $32.00
14x25x1 (Item#: SH0002) $35.00
16x20x1 (Item#: SH0003) $35.00
16x25x1 (Item#: SH0004) $39.00
20x20x1 (Item#: SH0005) $39.00
20x25x1 (Item#: SH0006) $42.00
24x24x1 (Item#: SH0007) $46.00
Annual Pack 14x20x1 (Item#: SH0008) $119.00
Annual Pack 14x25x1 (Item#: SH0009) $129.00
Annual Pack 16x20x1 (Item#: SH0010) $129.00
Annual Pack 20x20x1 (Item#: SH0011) $139.00
Annual Pack 16x25x1 (Item#: SH0012) $149.00
Annual Pack 20x25x1 (Item#: SH0013) $149.00
Annual Pack 24x24x1 (Item#: SH0014) $159.00
Annual Pack 20x30x1 (Item#: SH0015) $179.00

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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