Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier

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Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT
Item#: SF0004
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Santa Fe Max Dry Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier is Made in the USA Santa Fe Max Dry Dehumidifiers are Energy Star RatedFor the largest residential crawlspaces and basements, the Santa Fe Max Dry provides more drying power than nearly all other comparable models. This robust dehumidifier has a high-capacity (391 CFM) blower that allows it to cycle air and dry even the wettest spaces. With all this performance, the Max Dry Dual XT is extremely energy efficient, using about half the power of comparable crawlspace dehumidifiers. With a durable steel body, industry leading warranty and superior air filtration, the Santa Fe Max Dry dehumidifier is extremely versatile and proudly made right here in the USA. So whether you're facing the toughest moisture control problems or just have problems with insects, mold or mildew, the Santa Fe Max Dry provides Santa Fe Max Dry Dehumidifier Shippingthe drying power you need without draining your wallet to operate.

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Santa Fe Max Dry Dehumidifier Product Features

  • The Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier is Covered by a 5 Year WarrantyRemoves up to 155 pints/19.38 gallons per day (@ 60% RH, 80° F)
  • Most robust, effective Santa Fe dehumidifier available
  • Largest coverage area, up to 3600 sq. ft.
  • Powerful 391 CFM, strong enough for almost any residential application.
  • Steel Construction, body and frame
  • Ductable for whole home or area specific dehumidification
  • FREE Mini Humidity Gauge with Each Santa Fe Max Dry Dehumidifier PurchaseDirect drain with 8' of included drain hose. Condensate pump kit optional
  • Includes 2" MERV 11 filter protects motors while cleaning air of dust particles and mold spores as small as 1 micron in size
  • Auto Defrost to prevent icing and conserve energy
  • Features Auto Restart after case of power outages
  • Best-in-Industry 5 Year/2 Year Warranty (Refrigeration System/Parts & Labor)
  • Free Humidity Gauge (Mail-In-Rebate)
  • Made in the USA

Humidity Control Settings

Adjusting the Humidity Level on Your Santa Fe Max Dry DehumidifierThe humidity control is adjusted by a dial that turns the dehumidifier on and off. The compressor turns on when the relative humidity (RH) rises to the dial set point then shuts off when the RH is within ±5% of the set point. When installing, I recommend using a hygrometer to get a reading on your current RH. Then, after installing the dehumidifier, checking the RH and adjusting until you get it to a set point that provides exactly what you need.
Approximate Humidity Levels Per Setting
  • "Drier" 35% to 45% Relative Humidity
  • "Normal" 45% to 55% Relative Humidity (Recommended for most applications)
  • "Humid" 55% to 65% Relative Humidity

Santa Fe Max Dry XT Dehumidifier ReviewsProduct Reviews and Questions

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  large space dehumidifier
Reviewed by: Collector cars from Northern NY

I am using this unit in a 4800 sq. ft. workshop and have so far been very happy. Not too loud. Filters the air as it runs. Set to a drain, no bucket.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Will this unit work for Vermont condominiums, temperature wise.
A: During most of the year, yes. During winter, no. But, this is going to be true for any dehumidifier except desiccant style models. The majority of dehumidifiers operate on a similar principle as an air conditioner, driving down the temperature of air to the point where moisture can no longer remain suspended and precipitates out, condensing on cold coils. When the temperature differential between the cold coils and cold ambient air is low, far less moisture can be extracted. During the winter months, most manufacturers have a few simple things to do to prepare the dehumidifier, but the main thing is simply not let it freeze. For refrigerant style models such as this, shutting the unit down for the season and simply not allowing the temp in the space to freeze is often enough. Beyond the temperatures getting to freezing, in say a crawlspace application, this model would have no problem with temperatures more typically found in the remainder of the year. Hope that helps!

Q2: Will this work in 3000 sq ft. 4 ft high crawlspace
A: Yes. The square footage that Santa Fe lists for their products runs under the assumption of an 8' ceiling. Volume is more accurate measure of capacity but square footage is easier for people to visualize, so in this case, the Max Dry or even the Santa Fe Force should work fine in the size of space you describe.

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Santa Fe Max Dry Dehumidifiers Reviews
Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier

As the largest and most powerful dehumidifier in the Santa Fe line, the Max Dry Dual XT is truly an impressive machine built to tackle the most severe conditions in residential settings. With the largest coverage area, most powerful fan/blower, and air filtration that is as good as any crawlspace dehumidifier available today, the Santa Fe Max Dry dehumidifier delivers top drying performance for years of use. So what takes the Max Dry to top of the crawlspace dehumidifier class? Let's take a look.

What I like about the Santa Fe Max Dry

Capacity - Whether you're talking about how much area the Max Dry can cover or the amount of moisture it can remove from the air in a day, this model is sits at the top of both of these categories. With an AHAM rated performance of 155 of pints of moisture per day, the Santa Fe Max Dry removes more moisture than any other Santa Fe dehumidifier and up to 50% more moisture than less expensive crawlspace dehumidifiers. When it comes to square footage dried, the powerful 391 CFM fan/blower can circulate air through and dry spaces up to 3600 sq. ft. That is the equivalent of a 60 ft. by 60 ft. area. Need a crawlspace or basement dehumidifier to dry a very large space or one that pulls more moisture out of the air than any other? With the Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT, you don't have to choose. You get both.

Efficient - The Max Dry does pull more amperage than any other Santa Fe model, 8 amps. However, it uses that power very efficiently. When you look at how much power it uses versus how much moisture it extracts, you find that only the Santa Fe Impact is a more efficient dehumidifier. Removing 7.3 pints of water per kilowatt used, the Max Dry actually exceeds Energy Star requirements and can actually cost you half of what comparable models will.

Useful Features - The auto power restart, after an outage, seems like a small feature, unless you enjoy crawling down into a warm, humid crawlspace during the summer after a storm has knocked out the power. In that case, we apologize. But, if you don't enjoy that sort of thing, then you will be happy with this handy feature. The other standard feature that removes one persistent problem with dehumidifiers is the auto defrost. When the coils get too cold they can ice over and thawing them can take hours. As the temperature dips to the point where they can begin to ice over, the Max Dry turns off the cooling system and allows warm air to raise the temperature and prevent the coils from icing up. Both of these are simple but practical features that take some of the hassle out keeping your basement or crawlspace dry.

Durable - The steel body and frame make this dehumidifier resistant to temperatures as well as the bumps and bangs that can occur during installation. Internally, the MERV 11 air filter traps particles as small as one micron, and while this does improve air quality, it also helps to keep the blower and motor working better, longer. By removing the dust and dirt that can accumulate and ultimately effect performance, the filtration extends the life of this machine, and makes it one of the longest lasting solutions to removing high humidity and excess moisture. Backing all of this up? A full five year warranty on the refrigeration system and a two year warranty on parts and labor, one of the best warranties available.

What I did not like about the Santa Fe Max Dry

All that power comes with a price, and the Santa Fe Max Dry XT dehumidifier pays that price in size and weight. If you have a very low crawlspace or one in which it is difficult to maneuver, getting the Max Dry set up may take you some time. In general, I wouldn't recommend installing this model without someone to give you a hand. The weight is best handled by two people. The other big drawback with this model is price. It is not cheap, but that also means it doesn't perform like a less expensive model. It costs less to run and will likely last twice as long as comparable dehumidifiers.

When you need the most aggressive and effective solution for persistent problems with mold, insects, mildew and humid conditions in your basement or crawlspace, the Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT dehumidifier is an easy choice. It offers the best, with few compromises. For some people, this model is going to be more than what you need, in terms of coverage and water removal, and might be outside of your budget. To tame the largest spaces and most severe conditions while maintaining the health of your home, you really can't miss with the Max Dry.

Santa Fe Max Dry XT Dehumidifier Technical Specifications

Recommended For: Crawlspace / Basement
Model Number: 4031470
Coverage: 3600 Sq. Ft.
Water Removal: 155 pts. per day @ 60% RH, 80° F
Power Supply: 110-120v, 8 Amps (10 ft. long power cord)
Energy Factor: 7.3 Pints/kWh (3.5 L/kWh)
CFM Rating: 391
Noise: 68 dBa
Auto Defrost: Yes
Auto Restart: Yes
Effective Operating Range: From 56° F - 95° F (will operate as low as 41° F)
Air Filter: 16" x 20" x 2" MERV 11
Drain: 3/4 Inch Threaded NPT (8' Drain Hose Included)
Casters: Optional
Condensate Pump: Optional
Dimensions: 20.25" W x 21.75" H x 38" L
Weight: 140 lbs.
Warranty: 5 Year on Sealed System (Condenser, Compressor & Evaporator), 2 Year Parts and Labor

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The Ebac CD35 has a no nonsense durable design, and is very quiet, free of rattles. Achoo Allergy expedited the order and we received the unit in a very timely manner. I would recommend this unit for anyone needing a smaller capacity, well built dehumidifier.
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Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT (Item#: SF0004) $2,163.00

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