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Stadler Form Hera Humidifier - Black

  • Item #: SM0006

Stadler Form Hera Humidifier - Black

As one of the largest humidifiers Stadler Form has to offer, the Hera delivers exceptional humidifying performance all while offering an array of features. Key to the Hera is a large capacity reservoir that holds up to two full gallons of water. This means fewer refills and a longer run time for you. Like the William, Hera is an ultrasonic humidifier that gives you the ability to set your desired relative humidity level or allow for continuous use. With an output of up to three gallons per day, Hera can provide more than enough moisture to relieve the symptoms associated with dry indoor air (itchy, dry skin, coughing, dry sinuses, and chapped lips) as well as help to reduce airborne dust. If an ultra quiet, tower-style humidifier is what you want, look no further than the Stadler Form Hera humidifier.

Product Questions

Why can&#39t I use essential oil in the Stadler Form Hera like I can in the Anton? Isnt&#39 it the same internal machine, of an ultrasonic humidifier? And why doesnt&#39 this have a dual voltage capability like the Anton? I like the Anton, but I need to cover more area and dont&#39 want to run 2 machines.
Hera model worked well first year. We just put the unit back into service for the winter dry months. There is a new filter, de-scaled water hardness = 1 degree tank filled with fresh water. Place tank on unit, gurgles and unit runs about 15 min on Continuous opertion AND IT DISPLAYS NO WATER alarm and shuts off. Turn off the unit tip it forward and it runs another 15 min+/-. Anyone have a clue what to do?