Stadler Form Humidifiers

Stadler Form Humidifiers
Stylish and effective, Stadler Form humidifiers by Swizz Style provide targeted relief of dry skin, dry sinuses, and chapped lips during the winter months. For years, Swiss-based Stadler Form has provided uniquely designed room humidifiers, and like other brands, they come in a variety of sizes and colors while showcasing a few different types of humidifier technologies. Easy to use, each Stadler Form humidifier consistently puts moisture back into the air, helping to maintain comfort, soothe delicate airways, reduce airborne allergens and even protect wood furniture and trim from cracking and warping.

       Stadler Form Humidifiers
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Stadler Form Oskar Big
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Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier
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How Humidifiers Help

When temperatures dip, people begin using their heating systems. While some systems will dry homes out more than others, all of them, LP, natural gas, wood, coal, and electric dry homes out. This can mean waking up with a stuffy, dry nose, chapped lips, dry patching skin, aggravated eczema, or dried out, painful sinuses. Chronically dry conditions can also potentially inhibit the ability of the immune system. As the first line of defense, mucous membranes must remain moist to effectively trap dirt and particles before they make their way deep into your airways. So when they dry, they can lose some of their ability to filter out and trap particles.

In addition to effects on the human body, when the relative humidity in your home dips too low, this can actually cause wood trim and furniture to crack or split, and less moisture in the air means particles tend to stay suspended in the air. Not encumbered by moisture and settling to the floor, things like house dust remain airborne and are more easily inhaled.

From asthma and eczema to allergies, low relative humidity can have a negative impact and cause conditions to worsen - a dry cough from asthmatics, itchy skin of those with eczema and sneezing or sinus pain for those with allergies. Each of these winter time problems can be helped with the use of a humidifier. Humidifiers put much needed moisture back into the dry air in your home. Safely and effectively, humidifiers can bring comfort back and reduce symptoms from dry, winter air.

Types of Stadler Form Humidifiers

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Stadler Form Ultrasonic Humidifiers - Nebulizer CompartmentUltrasonic humidifiers have steadily gained popularity since they were first created. Not only are they safer than older, boiler-style humidifiers, but they are also extremely efficient and virtually silent. Most of the time you cannot even tell they are running except for the stream of mist coming out of the top. Stadler Form ultrasonic humidifiers follow this path, with an internal diaphragm that vibrates so rapidly that it literally turns liquid water into water vapor.

Like other ultrasonics, the Stadler models offer a variety of convenient digital features like a soft touch controls, LCD Display, built-in hygrostat, and a sleep mode. Additionally, these models use a patented Ionic Silver Cube to inhibit the growth of mold and microbes as well as a demineralization cartridge to remove excess mineral content in the water. Extremely efficient, this type of humidifier works well in the most severe conditions and can put 2-3 gallons of moisture back into the air in your home.

Evaporative Humidifier

Stadler Form Evaporator Humidifiers - Evaporative FiltersEvaporative models like the Oskar are a favorite amongst many people, for their ease of use and humidifying ability. This type of room humidifier uses a built-in fan and evaporative wick/filter that draws moisture up (capillary action) then disperses it throughout the home. Evaporative humidifiers are surprisingly simple but efficient in that the humidity level will rise and fall with the temperature. Additionally, as the drier air passes through the machine, the filters can actually retain some particles. While it will not replace an air purifier, in this small way, it helps keep your indoor air cleaner.

Choosing the model that is right for you involves weighing and balancing several factors, ease of use, style of humidification, replacement parts cost, where the humidifier will be used, and initial price. No matter which model you select, each Stadler Form humidifier will deliver soothing moisture back to your home.

Stadler Form Humidifier Hygiene

Keeping your humidifier operating at its best does require a little maintenance, and with an appliance that can contain standing water, there should be measures taken to ensure the water is clean and free of microbes. On the first front, cleanliness, the Stadler Form humidifiers use a couple different devices to keep mineral content out of the moisture being put back into the air in your home. For evaporative models, like the Oskar, evaporative filters or wicks help to trap mineral content. Just by the evaporative nature of these humidifiers, mineral content will often settle in the basin where it can be easily removed with a descaling agent or a simple mix of vinegar and water. With ultrasonic models, like the Hera or Anton, a demineralization cartridge neutralizes mineral content. Ionic Silver Cube Limits Microbes in Swizz Style Home HumidifiersJust remember that with this type of humidifier, you'll want to avoid using softened water as it can cause problems. For the ultrasonic models it is best to use regular, unsoftened, tap water or avoid the demineralization cartridge all together and go with distilled water.

To help keep all of their humidifiers free of microbes and germs that can proliferate in standing water, Stadler For humidifiers by Swizz Style use an Ionic Silver Cube. This tiny device emits silver ions that are a natural antimicrobial agent. Replacing this cube annually can help ensure germs or pathogens never make it into the soothing mist.

Stadler Form Company Information

Since 2008 Stadler Form has been designing and offering home appliances that blend functionality with ultra modern design and aesthetic appeal. Founded in Switzerland in 1998, each Stadler Form home humidifier has been custom designed by a specific Swiss designer, and unlike the bulky humidifiers of old, each humidifier is sleek, streamlined and designed to fit into the modern decor of any home. The result is an important home appliance that not only performs well but actually fits into the modern home. Engineered and designed in Switzerland, Stadler Form home appliances are manufactured in Korea, Hong Kong, or China.

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