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$219.00 - $269.00

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Sunpentown Dehumidifier

Each Sunpentown Dehumidifier is Energy Star QualifiedWith a range of sizes available, Sunpentown dehumidifiers offer the features and performance that you have come to expect from quality home dehumidifiers. Each provides the ability to control your indoor humidity level while eliminating mold, mildew and insects while some actually have a condensate pump built right in! So even when there's no floor drain nearby, you can port your Sunpentown dehumidifier and eliminate the need to empty a water bucket! Keep your humidity AND your power bill low with any Energy Star rated Sunpentown dehumidifier. Casters make each of them easy to move, and with three sizes and water removal capacities, there is bound to be a Sunpentown room dehumidifier to meet your drying needs.

Sunpentown Dehumidifiers Product Features

  • Soft Touch Push Button Controls with Digital Display with Current Relative Humidity Reading
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Plug and Play style operation for Easy Use
  • 50 and 70 pint models have Integrated Condensate Pumps
  • All three models can be ported with continuous drain water removal option
  • Casters & Built-In Handles for easy movement from room to room
  • Auto Defrost
  • Continuous dehumidification setting as well as Low and Turbo fan speeds
  • 1-24 Hour Timer
  • Washable, Coarse Dust Prefilter with cleaning reminder indicator (250 Hours of Use per Cleaning)
  • Auto Restart for use in case of power outages
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Sunpentown Room Dehumidifier Reviews
Sunpentown Dehumidifier

Sunpentown offers a variety of dehumidifiers to help keep your home dry and free of mold, dust mites and mildew, particularly during the more humid months of the year. We've selected three models that represent the best that Sunpentown has to offer. Each model is suited for different sizes of rooms or spaces but each has a variety of features to make it an ideal machine to keep your humidity in check and the excess moisture out of your home.

As the most compact, the Sunpentown 30 pint is the smallest unit we offer and is best suited for medium to smaller rooms and living spaces. It is lighter, more compact and can remove 30 pints of water per day while providing two ways to remove the water, continous drain or the integrated water bucket. The next two models, the Sunpentown 50 and 70 pint dehumidifiers offer coverage of a larger area and more water removal per day, but also come equipped with an integrated condensate pump. So when a floor drain isn't handy, you can still port your dehumidifier and push the water vertically, all without having to empty a water bucket. With the Sunpentown 70 pint dehumidifier (SD-72-PE) in hand, we tested this model to see how it would perform, and to see just how well the integrated condensate pump works. Here is what we found.

What I like about the Sunpentown Dehumidifier

Water Removal - One thing I noticed about the Sunpentown dehumidifiers is that they seem to be rated, in terms of coverage area, much more realistically than most other manufacturers. Rated for 550 Sq. Ft., the Sunpentown 70 pint works well in most large bedrooms, living rooms, or larger open spaces in the home. From 65 to 32 pints of water removed, extraction varied as we tested in a living room and basement. Neither were terribly damp, but during the spring months when rain can seem to drag on for days and days, indoor humidity levels tend to spike. In both instances, we were able to lower the relative humidity to 42% and 48%, respectively. Both of these fell within our target range of 40-50% indoor relative humidity, and with use in the basement, there was a noticeable reduction in the mildew odor that has plagued this space, and the moisture extraction is right in line with comparable room dehumidifier models.

Energy Star Qualified - Running a room dehumidifier all summer long has its benefits. From reducing moisture and keeping mold at bay to making your indoor environment more comfortable, dehumidifiers can do a great deal of good. One downside, though, is the cost to run a dehumidifier. This is why selecting one that is Energy Star qualified is important. Energy Star rated appliances, like Sunpentown dehumidifiers, mean lower annual operating costs, and this can mean more in your pocket for that summer vacation. Each Sunpentown dehumidifier is Energy Star rated.

Drain Options - Most people have indoor relative humidity levels that make emptying the bucket fairly simple and not too much of a chore. Once the humidity is driven down to where you want it, it is often easier to maintain this than to get you to this point in the first place. For other homes, humidity is a constant source of irritation, and this is where a direct drain option is ideal. Each of the Sunpentown dehumidifiers gives you the ability to connect a hose and allow the condensate to flow directly into a floor drain. This means no more heavy buckets of water to empty! In some spaces there may be no floor drain, and when this is the case, you have two options. Either elevate the unit so that water can be directly drained from a hose to a sink or even out a window, or purchase a condensate pump. With the Sunpentown 70 pint dehumidifier, the condensate pump is already in the unit!

Condensate Pump - First a note on setting up the condensate pump. It is not the easiest of tasks. While the Sunpentown 70 and 50 pint dehumidifiers allow you to use the bucket, use a continuous drain feature or use the condensate pump, set up for each of these is different. Pay particular attention to the user manual though, and you should be fine. Once we had the pump feature correctly set, we turned the unit on, set our humidity level and pressed the pump/continuous drain button, and we were all set. With this option some water will collect in the bucket, but after it reaches a set point, the pump kicks on then ejects the water out the drain hose. Take note that when setting it up or when just using the water bucket to collect condensate. The condensate pump can drop down some, so before use of when simply putting the bucket back in place, reinstall the pump. I cannot say that setting up the pump was the easiest of tasks, but once it was all in place, it worked well, and best of all it meant no more full buckets of water to empty!

Cost - The cost of the Sunpentown home dehumidifiers is pretty much right in line with other popular brands. Though, the addition of the condensate in the 50 and 70 pint models make this price even more attractive. A quality condensate pump will typically cost $70-120, so in getting the dehumidifier AND the pump, the price of these dehumidifiers is really a good one.

What I did not like about the Sunpentown Dehumidifier

We found two drawbacks with the Sunpentown dehumidifiers, first, these models have a lower CFM than many other room dehumidifiers you can find that offer the same water removal capacity. That might not seem like much, but it is the reason why Sunpentown dehumidifiers tend to cover less area than other models. Secondly, while the pump is certainly handy, it can sometimes be a hassle to get situated correctly. If you are simply using the water bucket, you have to keep and eye on it to make sure it doesn't drop down and reposition it when necessary. Overall, the pump is a great idea that could have been executed a little better.

Despite any hassles with the pump model or slightly smaller coverage area, Sunpentown dehumidifiers remain an economical, effective and practical way to keep your home feeling comfortable while reducing the chances of problems with mold, mildew or insects. The larger models work well is basements and can help to prevent wood from swelling, and help your air conditioner by removing that cool, sticky feeling that occur even when the A/C is on. The performance is right on par with comparable room dehumidifiers, and the features are practical, without any needless fluff. So, whether it is for use in a living room, bedroom, laundry room or basement, there is Sunpentown dehumidifier that can help you with your home drying and moisture removal needs.

Sunpentown Dehumidifier Technical Specifications

70 Pint 50 Pint 30 Pint
Price $269.00 $249.00 $219.00
Model Number: SD-72PE SD-52PE SD-31E
Recommended For: Single Room/Basement Single Room Single Room
Coverage: 550 Sq. Ft. 350 Sq. Ft 200 Sq. Ft.
Water Removal: 70 PPD
@ 60% RH, 80° F
50 PPD
@ 60% RH, 80° F
30 PPD
@ 60% RH, 80° F
Noise: 58.5 dBa 58.5 dBa 56 dBa
Auto Defrost: Yes Yes Yes
Auto Restart: Yes Yes Yes
Operating Range: 41 - 95° F 41 - 95° F 41 - 95° F
Air Filter: Washable Prefilter Washable Prefilter Washable Prefilter
Drain: Bucket/Continuous/Pump Bucket/Continuous/Pump Bucket/Continuous
Casters: Yes Yes Yes
Condensate Pump: Yes Yes No
Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 25 in. 17 x 13 x 25 in. 16 x 12 x 21 in.
Weight: 40 lbs. 37 lbs. 29 lbs.
Power Supply: 115v, 6.9 A 115v, 4.7 A 115v, 3 A
Power Consumption: 720 W 520 W 310 W
CFM Rating: 188 / 165 (H /L) 188 / 165 (H /L) 144 / 125 (H /L)
Water Tank Capacity: 1.85 Gal 1.85 Gal 0.8 Gal
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor 1 Year Parts and Labor 1 Year Parts and Labor

Sunpentown Dehumidifier Display Codes

Aside from letting you know what the current relative humidity is in the room and displaying your humidity set point, 35% - 85% relative humidity (5% increments), your Sunpentown dehumidifier may display certain codes from time to time. Here is a quick rundown of the codes and what each means.
  • P2 - Bucket is full, empty and replace.
  • Eb - Bucket seated incorrectly or removed. 50/70 Pint Only
  • AS - Humidity Sensor Error. Unplug, plug back in, and if error repeats, contact Sunpentown Customer Service.
  • ES - Temperature Sensor Error. Unplug, plug back in, and if error repeats, contact Sunpentown Customer Service.
  • EC - Unit malfunction. Please make sure the environment temperature is suitable for use (too hot/too cold).
  • E3 - Unit malfunction. Unplug, plug back in, and if error repeats, contact Sunpentown Customer Service. 50/70 Pint Only

Sunpentown Dehumidifiers Warranty

1 Year Parts and Labor

Additional Resources

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Sunpentown SD31E Dehumidifier User Manual    Sunpentown 30 Pint Dehumidifier User's Manual
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