Sunpentown WA-1220M Portable Air Conditioner

Sunpentown WA1220M Portable Air Conditioner


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Sunpentown WA1220M


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As a 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner, the Supentown WA-1220M is a basic cooling workhorse. This model features all of the standard features of Supentown portable air conditioners in a basic easy-to-use package. As an air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier all in one, the WA-1220M has two fan speeds or it can be set to continuous use. You control the temperature, timer, and fan speed with three simple dials. An activated carbon filter and washable large particle filters traps large particles and some odors, so this model also helps keep the air in your home fresher in addition to keeping it cooler!

During cooling, the WA-1220M employs Sunpentown's self evaporating process to remove nearly 75% of all captured moisture out of the room via the exhaust hose. Ideal for rooms 350 sq. ft. or less, the WA-1220M will cool efficiently in your home or office.

Sunpentown WA-1220M Product Features

  • 12,000 BTU cooling power.
  • Self-evaporating system.
  • LCDI (Leakage Current Detection and Interruption) Plug
  • 2 Fan Speeds
  • Fire resistant PVC plastic housing.
  • Activated carbon filter helps remove odors.
  • Washable air filter that collects dust particles.
  • Timer for up to 8 hours of cooling.
  • Extendable exhaust hose up to 5 feet.
  • Built-in water tank or extended water tube for continuous drain

Sunpentown WA-1220M Product Reviews

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Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Sunpentown WA-1220M Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is a perfect solution for a person that has a cooling application, but cannot use a window air conditioner or run existing central air lines to the area. It is great for a garages, sunrooms, basements attics, high rise apartments, home additions, offices or server rooms. The Sunpentown WA-1220M is an ideal model to "spot cool" or use as a more permanent cooling solution for spaces up to 400 sq. ft.

What I liked about the Sunpentown WA-1220M

The best part about this unit is easily the cooling ability. It was not very loud, but you could feel the cold air flowing at a distance up to about 15 feet. There were two fan speeds, but not a big difference in air flow. The 12,000 BTU's efficiently cooled our test are quickly, dropping the temperature in the room 5 F and 3% relative humidity in about 15 minutes.

With an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 12.63, the Sunpentown WA-1220M is one of the more energy efficient units available. This ratio is essentially a measure of cooling output in relation to the amount of energy an appliance consumes. Simply put, the higher the EER, the more output you get for each watt of power consumed.

The M in the name of this unit means that there are manual controls. The control system is better than I have seen on some other brands and overall is simple and very straightforward.

The exhaust hose was easy to work with and set up. I would recommend looking at where you want to place the unit before extending the hose to its full length. You could damage the hose if you are not careful.

For those who intend to move the unit from room to room, one positive that the Sunpentown models have over other manufacturers are the casters. We have tested several different models from multiple manufacturers, but the Sunpentown portable air conditioners are by far the easiest to roll from room to room.

What I did not like about the Sunpentown WA-1220M

One thing I do not really like about this unit is the foam window kit. It is easy to set up and work with the foam, but the foam is not very strong. I was worried a strong wind or rain might ruin the set up.

The lack of thermometer on the unit was a slight drawback. While home appliances typically have some measure of inaccuracy built into their humidity or temperature monitoring devices, it is convenient to have the actual temperature handy as a reference point.

Overall, I really liked this unit. You can really feel the cooling power in the air the machine generates, and by removing up to 65 pints of moisture per day you not only cool but dehumidify the room. Though there are a few drawbacks, but the positives outweigh the negatives by far.

Sunpentown WA-1220M Detailed Specifications

Recommended for: Those who want a reliable portable air conditioner.
Max Room Size: App. 350 Sq. Ft. (Ideal for 300 sq. ft. or less)
BTU's: 12,000
CFM: 306.28
Operating Temperature: 62 - 110 F
Fan Speeds: 2
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 12.63
Max Power Consumption: 950W
Moisture Removal Capacity: 65 PPD
Thermostat: Yes
Control Type: Manual Dials
Full Tank Indicator: Yes
Direct Drain Option: Yes
Remote: No
Timer: 1-8 hour
Noise Level: 54 dBa
Casters: Yes
Removable Air Filter: Yes with activated carbon pre-filter
Refrigerant Type: R22
Dimensions: 15.5" W x 15.75" D x 30.5" H
Weight: 70 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 78 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year limited
Certifications: UL, ETL


1 Year Limited

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Sunpentown WA1220M (Item#: SP0003) (Discontinued)