Eureka Power Paw Vacuum Attachment

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Power Paw
Item#: ER0003
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Buy Eureka Power Paw Pet Hair Attachment

Eureka Power Paw

Clean up dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, and other allergens in all those hard-to-reach places with this Power Paw universal vacuum attachment. The Power Paw vacuum attachment fits most leading brands of vacuum cleaners and allows you to deep clean carpet and upholstery. It utilizes two rows of teeth seated in two small strips of rubber to loosen pet hair while the rubber strips hold it. An air driven brush roll removes deeply embedded dirt and pet hair better and faster than other attachment tools.

The Eureka Power Paw is perfect for comprehensive dust busting on stairs and furniture, in automobiles, and in all those annoying crevices in your home or office. With an included adapter the Power Paw fits with most Dyson upright vacuums. Not compatible with Miele vacuum cleaners. For a Miele solution, consider the Miele handheld turbobrush.

Eureka Power Paw Product Features

  • Rows of teeth to loosen pet hair
  • 5.5" air driven turbobrush provides great suction when cleaning upholstered furniture or stairs
  • Attaches to the end of any 1.25" vacuum cleaner hose
  • Lightweight and very easy to use

For more information on dander, please visit our Pet Dander Allergy Solutions Guide.

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Love the Power Paw
Reviewed by:  from Vacaville, California

Warm weather always brings unwanted shedding fur, especially on upholstered furniture. To deal with this problem I ordered the Power Paw. It's a powerful little tool that made quick work of ridding the unwanted fur. Attachment comes with, so should fit most vacuums.
  Eureka''s Power Paw Rocks
Reviewed by: Molly's mom. from Corvallis, Oregon

I had just purchased the Eureka's Mighty Mite and then discovered that the difference between this one and the Pet Mighty Mite was the Power Paw. Price was really reasonable. As we have a really hairy, little dog, this turned out to be a wonderful purchase. The Power Paw's only negative is it is about 5 inches wide. Does an amazing job.
  Great for all pet hair
Reviewed by: S, Brown from Athens, GA

I have a German Shepherd and a medium haired cat who both love to sit on the sofa. The Power Paw got both types of their hair with ease. I can now sit on the sofa without getting all furry! Worth every penny!

Customer Q & A

Q1: my power paw quit working. do they wear out?can i fix it? do I need a new one?

A: How long have you had it and about how much, per week, did you use it? Typically this product needs to be replaced every 1-3 years. That time frame varies based on usage. I've had one in the past that served me well for about two years, and I used it, on average, 1-2 times per week for at least 30 minutes each time. The second one I had stopped working after about 10 months, and the last one is still working just find after about a year and a half of use. They don't really offer replacement parts for it though what often happens is either the belt that connects the air driver to the brushroll wears out or the tool actually breaks. Sometimes you might notice a noise and the brushroll not spin. This often means that small belt inside is shot and the noise is the slipping. The best thing with them is to make sure they stay clean of hair or thread. Hope that helps!

Q2: Will this Power Paw Attachment fit on my Eureka Sanitaire Model # S3191

A: There is an included universal adapter to fit Eureka and Electrolux models. You can measure the opening and if it's 1 1/4" it should most certainly fit.

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Eureka Power Paws Vacuum Attachment Reviews
Eureka Power Paw

The Eureka Power Paw is a simple handheld turbobrush attachment that fits most vacuum cleaners on the market today. The redesigned Power Paw features two rows of teeth that help pull up embedded pet hair. With the previous version, when I would come across hair that was deeply embedded I would scratch or rub the upholstery to loosen it then use the Power Paw to remove it. With this new design, the plastic teeth do that work for you. Ideal for those who love their pets but hate the hair and dander they leave behind, the Power Paw is an inexpensive and essential solution.

What I like about the Eureka Power Paw
  • The Power Paw is lightweight and easy to use.
  • The air driven turbobrush built into the attachment moves at a high rate of speed and is ideal for removing pet hair.
  • Two rows of small teeth help to loosen embedded pet hair.
  • When you compare the expensive of have your furniture professionally cleaned versus the low cost of the Power Paw, you see the Power Paw is an inexpensive and valuable investment.
  • With simply a Phillips screwdriver you can easily disassemble the Power Paw and remove any tangled hair or thread.
What I do not like about the Eureka Power Paw
  • Though the Power Paw is light, it is made of plastic and regular abuse or rough use can crack or break the housing. Once the housing is broken, the suction is no longer contained, and the Power Paw can lose its effectiveness.
There is little fault I can find with the Power Paw. For the vacuum I own, I have purchased two of them over the last three years. The second was purchased because I was entirely too rough with the first. By slowing down and taking more care when attaching and detaching the Power Paw I have been able to avoid my earlier mistake. As an owner of a perpetually shedding dog, this is by far the best tool I have found for removing dog hair from cloth furniture. Regularly used on my carpeted steps, as well as my dog's loveseat, this attachment is an indispensable tool for me to remove pet hair. I highly recommend this for any pet owner!


Power Paw (Item#: ER0003) $14.99

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